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Frank Kunze's Eamon contributions

Frank Kunze had several Eamon contributions which may be of interest to Eamon enthusiasts. Besides Eamon Deluxe, Frank also developed a DDD 8.0 version which was never really released to the general public.

With Frank's help, some of the development tools are now available on this site for your use.

EamonFK Hard Drive Image - By Frank Kunze
(Download here - 3.4 MB)

The adventures on this hard drive image are all old adventures that Frank converted to a snazzy, all lowercase system. All but a few of these adventures have a MAIN PGM that he developed which has all of the Eamon version 7 features and more but runs as a version 6. This was based on an Eamon 8.0 system that Frank had previously developed.

He also included his UNIVERSAL dungeon editor and dungeon list programs, VERY useful tools that were taken from his Eamon 8 DDD disk. Eamon 8.0 never made it because it was finished when interest in Eamon and the Apple II was nearly dead. Tom Zuchowski of the Eamon Adventurer's Guild felt that version 7 was hard enough to get people to switch over to; and nobody was writing Eamons anymore anyway. Frank tested each of these adventures to make sure they run and return to the Main Hall properly.

Eamon DDD 8.0 (DD8FK.DSK)

This was Frank's Eamon version 8.0 dungeon designer disk that never saw official publication. He designed Fiends of Eamon, Heart of Gold, Edgar's adventures, Amateur Alley, and Quest for the Fire Dragon with this. For detailed program listings, go here.

Other Eamon 8.0 files (with descriptions by Frank)

CONVERT and CONVERTP: These are disk images which contain various programs for harvesting Eamon databases and hires screens. They are then dumped to the "printer" (which is actually a text file) so that they can be edited and converted to Eamon Deluxe. ConvertP is the ProDOS version. Go here for more information on these images.

UTILSFK was Frank's personal collection of Eamon utilities for standardizing Apple Eamon files and converting them to lower-case and Eamon 8.0. Go here for more information on this image.

FKJUNK contained the old DOS 3.3 Monster Battle II and some other stuff. Frank abandoned DOS 3.3 early on and moved all his work to ProDOS. This disk had the remains of his DOS 3.3 utilities. Go here for more information on this image.

Frank converted several Eamons to the Eamon 8.0 format. A 1.6 MB zip file containing these Eamons is available at: FKEamons.zip.

The following Eamons are on this disk:

DDD: 5, 6, 8
Eamons: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11, 20,32, 43, 60, 61, 74, 75,78,79,80,106,124, 148,150,157,158,194, 217, 225, 237, SD137, SD152, SD156, SD159. For a guide as to what Eamons these are, here is a list.

The Temple of Dread - By Frank Kunze

Frank also wrote "The Temple of Dread" for Softdisk 150. It featured a hand drawn bit mapped intro screen and an Ultima-style 1-key input, but Softdisk removed those two features before it was published. The original version is now available for download here.

The Temple of Dread DSK image

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