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Eamon AC - The Eamon RPG steps into a new language!

This webpage is dedicated to the Eamon AC (EAC) project - a successful port of Eamon to the ANSI C programming language.  EAC is a hybrid system - functionally, parts of Donald Brown's Classic Eamon and Frank Black Production's Eamon Deluxe have been integrated, but the system itself was written from scratch and contains many new features.

Eamon, with its record-oriented structure, is particularly well suited to the C language (though lack of string support may take getting used to).  Both Basic and C came into widespread use in the 1970s, and their feature sets overlap somewhat, but they are aimed at different audiences.  Adoption of Basic by hobbyists in the 1980s contributed to Eamon's popularity as a game development platform.  The C language, on the other hand, was designed as a portable assembly, and has a fairly steep learning curve.  By porting Eamon, many possibilities open up that have never been explored before.  The expectation is that custom adventure design with EAC will appeal mainly to advanced users or professional programmers.

The installer includes a Dungeon Designer, a Main Hall, an Adventure Runtime and The Beginner's Cave (as required for any true Eamon port).  Additionally, a Test Adventure is included which showcases the system in a more rounded way. The documentation set typically found in Basic versions of Eamon has been omitted; instead, a README file is provided. It is assumed you are already familiar with Eamon as a system and (for designers of custom adventures) comfortable stepping through it in a debugger to discover its naunces.  Here is a partial feature list for the game:
To play Eamon AC, you should have a Windows computer capable of running Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 RC (x64). Here are the system requirements for this redistributable.

To develop the Eamon AC system, or build custom adventures for it you should use Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition RC.  Here are the system requirements for this IDE.

And finally here is the Eamon AC v1.0 installer with full source code.  This installer is all you need to play EAC and build non-customized adventures.

For inquiries, bug reports or further assistance please email firstmethod@hotmail.com and include EAMON AC in the subject line!

This page last updated on 07/23/2015.