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Eamon for Atari ST

Update 08/27/2012: Thomas Ferguson also tracked down a second original Eamon adventure written for the Atari by the same author. The entire collection of  known Atari ST Eamon disk images (including full, plain text file extractions of the contents of each disk) will be available for download from this page very soon.

Both adventures have also been converted to Eamon Deluxe 5.0 as part of the Lost Treasures of Eamon collection which will also be available shortly.
-Frank Black

In July 2008, a new Eamon adventure for the Atari was found.

Paul Sanders wrote the following:

I have long known of a 'lost' eamon game - "The Crypt Crasher" - having found mention of it on Sue Medley's Syntax website from a listing of the contents on one of her old PD software disks ( http://www.syntax2000.co.uk/issues/09/pd.asc.txt ).  At the time, Sue was going through some personal difficulties and didn't have the time to locate it so I backed off, not wanting to pester her further.

Just today, I decided to look further and found it online at another source.  It is an ST disk image, but the image is viewable/readable as text.  Not sure if it is of much use, but thought you might be interested, for the sake of completeness, if nothing else.  I've attached the file, but you can also download it directly if you'd like: http://www.page6.org/st_lib/standard/st0185.php

Using the Atari ST "WinSTon Emulator" (with TOS) found here: http://www.zophar.net/atarist/winston.html

I managed to get "The Crypt Crashers and the Tomb of Horror" (by Michael Penner) Eamon up and running.  Have only played it for a little bit, but so far seems slightly above average.


Paul further extracted the files for anyone who wants to look under the hood. You can download the adventure and the extracted files here:

Download Crypt Crasher Files (102 kb)
Download Crypt Crasher disk image (360k)