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Eamon Walk-Throughs

Eamon #7 "The Devilís Tomb"
Walkthrough by Tom Zuchowski

This isnít really all that difficult of an outing, except that there are one or two puzzles that will surely try your puzzling skills as well as your patience!


First, the hints, for those of you who want to try this on your own. These are largely repeats of the hints listed in the review:


You must often type in full commands with no abbreviations. However, when working with doors, use the object name DOOR instead of the doorís listed name.


The first door canít be opened, but there are two standard commands that will get you out.


The second door can only be opened, but it takes ALL of your strength to do so, even that strength you are using to carry your stuff.


Well, letís get started! This time out, weíll take the scenic route and hit almost all of the rooms. I will say to kill most of the denizens you see, but there is a chance that some might be friendly, so you might want to test them before attacking.


As the adventure opens, you find yourself trapped in a cell in the Devilís Tomb. Obviously, your objective is to find your way out, and maybe pick up a little treasure along the way.


First off, letís check the command list.  Our new commands are BET, OPEN, and READ. Given the age and level of this Eamon, odds are good that the new commands are special purpose and not general-use.


We need to do something about that door. Hmm, it wonít open, and you canít attack it. Letís try magic and use our POWER spell. It vanishes! (POWER is the intended command, but if your POWER spell is weak, youíll find that a minor programming bug lets GET work just as well.)


Go S into the torture chamber, then W into a cell, and get the diamond ring. Return E.


Continue E into another cell. Thereís nothing here, so return W.


Head S to a T-intersection. Turn E, and kill the zombie. Continue E and kill the lizard.


Letís look up those stairs: go N three times to a platform and look around. Thereís nothing here, so return S three times.


Go E into a cell with shiny blue walls. Read the word NEAMO on the floor. If you SAY NEAMO, you will be randomly transported elsewhere in the dungeon. We donítí really need to do that, so return W three times to the first T-intersection.


Go W four times. Get the painting and vase along the way if you wish. Thereís nothing here, so return E.


Turn S to a corridor with a hole in the west wall. Get the bow.


Go W through the hole and kill the torturer. Go U the ladder into a huge cavern. A book! Get the book and read it, and learn the spell TREZORE. (TREZORE is a very powerful spell that is very similar to POWER. It carries the chance of great reward as well as great danger. It looked to me like the odds may favor a harmful result. TREZORE is not needed, but it has a lot of interesting results. Use it at your pleasure and your peril.)


Go S to a 4-way intersection. Continue S into a cell. Thereís nothing here either, so return N.


Head W and get the ruby. Go N and kill the wildman. Thereís nothing else here, so return S and E.


Go E down the tunnel. Kill the Blob, then continue E to a T-intersection. Go N Ė weíve been here before, so return S.


Go E to the bend. Read the inscription Ė hmm, apparently we canít read inscriptions.


Go N into a cell and kill the infant. Get the old book. Sheesh, this canít be read either. Thereís nothing else here, so return S.


Continue S, then E, then S again. Go S into another cell. Open the box of TNT and find itís empty. Return N.


Go W into another cell and pick up the sling, then return E.


Go E down the corridor and find a golden apple. The apple is a trap that explodes when you pick it up, but the damage is minimal., and you do get to keep the apple.


Continue E to the end of a long hallway. Notice that south wall? Donít do a LOOK yet; weíll be back shortly to check that out. For now, head N up the corridor. Kill the tiger.


Go W into a fancy room, find nothing, and return E.


Go E into the casino, and find a scroll. Get the scroll. It will crumble to dust if you try to read it.


You can BET on the Wheel of Fortune if you wish. This is a very high-stakes game! You bet points of your hardiness, agility, or charisma, and you might die if you get a bad spin.


Return W and go N, then N again to find a dead end. Get the necklace, then return S three times to that wall we noticed.


LOOK, and find a secret passage south! In fact, youíve moved into the passage, and thereís no going back. You can get the trident, but it belongs to the Devil and it will burn you (a trap.) Also, if you try to ready it, it will burn you again and then disappear (another trap.)


Go E, and get the bottle. Read the bottle. Whatís this? It turns out that the bottle is filled with a harmful gas that will slightly injure you if you open the bottle (yet another trap.)


Go N into a small chamber, and kill the witch doctor. Get the shield and the gold spear, then return S.


Continue S into another small chamber. Open the chest, and get all. Return N then W.


Continue W, then S to an arch. It says ABANDON HOPE ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE. Well, that sounds both promising and dangerous. Letís check it out! Go S through the arch.


The Devilís Temple! Yow, there sure are a bunch of bad guys. Fortunately, they are rather cowardly. Clean them out.

There are exits in all directions, but Iíll save you a little aggravation right now and tell you that all of the exits are death traps, except for the way you came in, and the iron door.


That big bolted iron door looks interesting. OPEN doesnít work. POWER doesnít work. TREZORE doesnít work. Thereís only one way to get it open.  DROP ALL, then OPEN DOOR. Pretty obscure, I have to say.


OK, itís open. GET ALL of your stuff, and go W through the door.


Youíre out! Sell your loot, and head home!

Eamon #19 "Death Trap"
Walkthrough by Tom Zuchowski

We had a request for this Eamon. While it's an early one, it has a well-earned difficulty level of (9), and there is plenty of tricky combat plus some obscure puzzles to boot.

First, let's get up to speed on some features of this Eamon. In the early style, it uses a lot of randomizing; there are lots of monsters that may or may not be friendly, and results of an action can vary quite a lot from one try to the next.

This dungeon tailors itself to your character's weapons. During initialization, the MAIN PGM examines your weapons, and adds more and tougher monsters to equalize your big guns. If the total of your weapons' dice times sides adds up to less than 50, you get the "minimum" dungeon, but if it adds up to more, you get more and tougher monsters on an ascending scale. To give you a reference, the weapons used by "FRESH SAM" add up to 132. The extra bad guys are placed randomly. I can't predict what weapons you'll bring, or where the tough guys will be randomly placed, so this walk-through addresses the minimum dungeon only. There is actually pretty much everything you need here in the way of weapons and armor.

This Eamon is a straight kill'n'loot scenario with your only quest to escape alive. The entrance is sealed, so you need to find an alternate escape route. It turns out that a lot of the combat is optional to the basic route out, but we'll hit every room to let you know what you will see and do. We won't discuss treasure either, but please feel free to grab all you can carry. For simplicity, we'll assume that all the variable-friendliness monsters are enemies.


This is a tough Eamon to survive, so I suggest two MAIN PGM modifications before you get started: delete lines 1055 and 30130. Doing this will prevent the FRESH MEAT and saved game files from being deleted.  Thus, if you get killed or simply wish to restart while playing, all you need do is halt the game with a control-C, type CLOSE, then RUN.

So let's get started!

You begin the adventure hanging onto a sheer cliff face, and must climb up or down. Right away, you hit a stroke of good luck and find a climbing rope! GET the rope.

Go up twice to the ledge where you must use the rope to proceed. THROW ROPE. Odds are such that you may miss many times before you succeed. There is also a 10% chance with each throw that you will slip and die.

Once you secure the rope, continue up twice, then go SE twice, then E twice to the cave entrance. Go south and enter the cave.


Trapped! The entrance is no longer passable! Now you need to find another way out. There are three different ways out. The first is via the POWER spell. If you are asked to surrender and do so, you are returned safely to the Main Hall. But we are not losers, so we'll find a more honorable way out!


Go south to the T-intersection, then head east twice. A blue dragon with a bad attitude, and a magic ring! Before you do anything else, GET the ring.


Here is the first trick this Eamon throws at you. WEAR the RING. (Hey! There's no WEAR in the command list! This is not a bug. John did it that way on purpose. Gotcha!) This is a first-rate magic ring, and it boosts your armor to 100 (regular plate armor is 7). Not too shabby. But there is a catch: once the ring absorbs a certain number of hit points of damage, it vanishes from your finger. You can recharge the ring's power by periodically removing it from your finger with the REMOVE RING command. (Hey! There's no REMOVE command in the list, either!) There is no harm in wearing it constantly, but it's a good idea to recharge it pretty often. The ring's capacity is randomly set and can vary between 50 and 170 hit points.


(Here's a hidden testing feature: if you are wearing the ring and answer "T" to the POWER spell's surrender question, you are made pretty much invincible. But we aren't cheaters, either, so we'll work it through the hard way!)


Now that you are protected, kill the dragon. Take a LOOK around. A dark hole to the south! Go south into a closet. That south wall doesn't look too sturdy, so try going that way, too. You find a small white pill. This pill will heal all your hits one time (the command is TAKE PILL).

Go south and kill the wizard. Head east twice. Wow, who stepped out of the mirror? A clone of yourself! He'll have the same weapons and armor as you, and more will appear shortly, so you need to shut that business off right now. ATTACK MIRROR. Get that big mirror fragment, it may come in handy later. Go back to the T-intersection two rooms west of the blue dragon (W,W,N,N,N,W,W)


Go south, then west. Kill the hill giant, and get the shovel. Go back east, then go south twice, then SW to the 4-way intersection. Go NW, then DIG in the soft ground. A box, and a huge diamond! Go back SE. GO SE again, kill the warrior, and DIG. A skull. Return NW.


Go SW to another 4-way intersection, then go SE twice to a "very strange" four-way intersection. Go east from there. You meet the Lone Ranger, who will probably be your friend. If he turns out to be your enemy, be sure to get his pistol after you kill him.


Go back to the last 4-way intersection (W,NW,NW). If you killed the Lone Ranger and have the pistol, READY it now. Go NW, then north. Kill the Werewolf (the Lone Ranger used silver bullets, remember?) The Lone Ranger isn't a very good shot; if he is with you as a companion, you may have to "kill" the werewolf several times before he finally nails it permanently. Return to the intersection.


Go SW, then west. Get the wooden stake. Never know when you might run into a vampire. Go south. Wow. Here you find Odin's spear, Gungnir, guarded by a Viking. The Viking won't fight you unless you try to get the spear. Gungnir is a first-class magical weapon with 4D12 damage potential. The easiest way to get it (though somewhat cowardly) is to attack and kill the Viking before you touch the spear. Whether you get the spear or not, head back to the intersection. (N,E,NE)


Go back SE twice to that "very strange" four-way intersection. Go SW, then south, then east. Kill the black dragon and get the cannon. (Here is the second way out of the cave. If you return to the entrance and ATTACK ENTRANCE with the cannon as your ready weapon, you will blast it open so you can leave.)


Go back to the 4-way intersection (W,N,NE), and go east from there to where you met the Lone Ranger. LOOK reveals a secret passage to the east.


Go east twice to the tomb and kill the caveman. Go south twice to the trophy room, and east into a T-intersection. Go south and kill the mammoth, then return north.


Go north, then east into a 4-way intersection. Go east twice to a room with a statue. READ the door. You can't understand it, but you can make out the name MEDUSA. Medusa was the Gorgon who turned men to stone when they looked upon her. No doubt the fate of this stone statue here. Let's see if we can't free him-- keep trying POWER, and you will eventually hit a result that turns the statue into Perseus.


READY the mirror. Now you are gazing into the mirror, but still have your old ready weapon readied as well. Go south into Medusa's lair and kill her. Go back north.


Go north into the other chamber. GET the bottle and OPEN it. A genie! He's just a fighting companion, but the more, the merrier. Return to the last 4-way intersection. (S,W,W)


The four rooms to the south of the intersection are simple enough and don't require mention here. To the north are two doors; you can open them with an OPEN DOOR command. Behind the north door is an evil book. There is nothing to gain from opening the book, but if you do, you will find yourself facing four movie monsters and will need that wooden stake. Return south to the 4-way intersection.


Return to the last not-fully-explored 4-way intersection (W,S,W,N,N,W,W,W)


Go NE, then east three times, then north. You meet Unus, who is said to be indestructible. If you have trouble damaging him with your weapons, use your BLAST spell on him.


Check out that east wall: it's just paper. Go east twice. You'll pick up Lockjaw as a companion, which is good and bad, as Lockjaw may randomly teleport you at random moments. Go north twice.


You may or may not be able to get a bead on Vanisher with your weapons, but the BLAST spell works well on him also. Go north twice.


Uh-oh. This Baalzebul character is in fact as bad as he looks. I could find only one way past him, and that is to FLEE until I achieve the state where he didn't follow me and I am in a room ahead of him. There's no telling where you will be by the time you achieve this, but from this room head on north to the bend.


Go west twice. A dead end, but you can DIG here. If you DIG west several times, you will eventually break outside by the cave entrance.


And that's it. Head back down the cliff and return to the Main Hall, and collect on your bet!

Eamon #44 "Escape from the Orc Lair"
Walkthrough by Jared Davis

This Eamon is actually very simple, and has many secret passages discovered by LOOK, but as soon as you find them, you go through them immediately!

LOOK around first of all. Ah, you go DOWN! Now find a "T-intersection E-W & N." LOOK to go south. ATTACK SNARG and FLARG.

Go on South, West, and Up to find Corondol. Go Down and West. ATTACK BORK and CORK. Go South, South, South, and ATTACK the GIANT PIKE. Go South, East, and GET the RUBY. Go East to a big battle. Eugene may or not become a companion. Go East when all the enemy orcs are dead. Here are more orcs! Mork may become a companion.

Go North, East, and GET the CRYSTAL. Go East, and LOOK to go North.GET the COINS. Go South.

Go East, South, and ATTACK the enemy orcs. Go South, West, and ATTACK Klorg, Blorg, Mortimer, and Ferdinand. Go West, South, LOOK to get out! You can finish now or go back inside. I suggest leaving.

Thanks a lot!

Eamon #62 "The Caverns of Doom"
Walkthrough by Paul J. Hollander


Tom Zuchowski reviewed this adventure (EAG, Sep. '96).  He complained about the spelling errors and room connection errors.  I agree completely.  Tom also criticized the lack of a theme.  The Egyptian elements hint at an ancient Egyptian theme, which could have been very interesting.  But the monsters and artifacts from other mythologies bury the Egyptian elements.


Tom reported that the room exits were usually well enough marked.  I found the hallways to be well marked, but the room exits are not. Mapping was mandatory just to remind me where I entered a room.  This wouldn't be a bad problem if there was only a single entrance.  But 18 of the 100 rooms have unmarked exits in addition to the entrance.  Concealed doors should be visible if one LOOKs, but these are not. Bashing into walls looking for exits gets frustrating very rapidly.


Tom was unable to find an exit to the Caverns, and neither could I.  However, one room is named Exit Chamber, obviously marking where the exit should be.  After spending a few days with the Caverns, I decided to add an automatic exit (line 205).  I also modified the LOOK command (lines 6052-6058) to show all the exits.


Modifications to the Main Pgm:


205 IF ROOM = 96 THEN ROOM = 97 : NBTL = 0 :

    GOTO 100





6054 FOR D = 1 TO 6 : INPUT R2 : IF R2 THEN A$ =

     A$ + MID$(" N S E W U D ", D*2, 2)








I persistently try to read scrolling text.  This strains my eyes and has given me some bad head- aches.  So I added another modification to minimize the scrolling:


Line 300 becomes line 302, and a new line 300 is added.




Make the modifications to a copy of The Caverns of Doom.  There are still twisty passages, unfriendly monsters, and death traps. But with luck and a good healing spell, the adventurer can get out alive with a pack full of loot.


The adventure's primary objectives are the four stolen pieces of computer equipment.  One can leave the caverns with none, some, or all of them.  Other loot is usually less valuable, so if anything must be abandoned, the computer parts should be the last to go.



The following route seems the most direct to the computer equipment and the exit:


One enters the Caverns and walks south into a large cavern. Go west to the large room and make friends with Superman.  You need all the friends you can get.  Continue west then south into the green room.  Go south.  The cyber-nibble lies in the hallway.


After getting the cyber-nibble, continue south. Turn east then north into the staff room. Continue north through a one-way portal to a west- north bend.  Go north, then east to a T-intersection.  Continue east to another T-intersection.  Turn south and continue south all the way to the end of the hallway.  Turn west into the space room, where the cyber-bit lies.


After getting the cyber-bit, return east into the hallway.  Go north to the first T-intersection, then west to a four-way intersection. Turn south, then west, then north to get to another T-intersection.  Turn west, and enter the lava room.


Go south from the lava room to a four-way intersection.  Turn east into the secret room, and climb a ladder to reach the endgame beginning.  Go south to a four-way intersection. One of the hallways leads to one of the missing computer parts and another leads to the other missing part.


Take the east hallway for two moves.  There is a room to the south, where the cyber-byte is located. Get the cyber-byte, and return to the four-way intersection.


Walk west to the vertical chamber, and go up. Go east to a four-way intersection, and turn south.  Continue south through the chapel to the burial chamber, where mummies are prepared.  Go down, then proceed east through several rooms.  The hallway turns north to enter a four-way intersection.  Go north into the Egyptian room, and get the cyber-key.


You now have all four of the stolen computer parts in your pack, and you want to leave the Caverns.  Go north into the exit chamber, where you are spit out into the forest.  Stroll north until you reach the guild hall.  You've won, and the townsfolk reward you handsomely.

Eamon #74 "DharmaQuest"
Walkthrough by Tom Zuchowski


In this adventure, you have offended Hokas, and he sends you to another land to learn some manners and compassion.


First, the hints for those who wish to solve it on their own:


If you delete line 19050 from the MAIN PGM, you can restart a saved game more than once. You will need a separate "Save" disk . This disk will be formatted and erased when you save a game to it.


There are two ways to exit the adventure. One is through a simple magical portal, which can be done at any time once you find it. The other exit is more difficult to achieve, and gives a far more satisfying outcome. The maximum outcome ends with the gods boosting every one of your major stats. Those of you who use cheater-superman characters will not want to return to the Main Hall, as the reward maxes your main stats to 25.


Use the Ring of Asroth sparingly. You must kill some enemies in the conventional fashion in order to learn every clue you need to completely solve this outing.


There is a bug that deposits you in the Temple of Aphrodite if you SAY something that the program doesnít recognize. You will find things less confusing if you only SAY things you are reasonably sure that the SAY routine should recognize.


There is a random chance that you will be denied entrance at each of the four temples. There is nothing in these temples that you have to have in order to achieve the maximum outcome. If you want to complete all of the temples, here is a workaround:


1) If the statue disappears and your prayers are ignored, halt the game with a Control-C, then type:




2) Replace "R2=xx" with these values:


            Temple of Poseidon:       R2=39

            Temple of Apollo:           R2=45

            Temple of Aphrodite:      R2=63

            Temple of Artemis:         R2=52


Be aware that the gods cherish their pets!


OK, those are enough hints. Letís get started!


Many people that you meet have a random chance of being friend of foe. Take care of them as necessary if they are enemies. Note that there are some exceptions, listed below.


Note the new commands: PRAY, HELP


As you begin, there is nothing to see in any direction but north, so go N and meet Gwynnith. Continue N, then go E into a cave and meet Polydorus


Continue E deeper into the cave and discover TABLET1. EXAMINE TABLET1 (NOTE: you MUST use the FULL command! Command abbreviations often do not work with the EXAMINE command in this Eamon.)


You learn about 4 great wizardsí magical rings:

Ilgaardís opens locks and seals

Twalrepís cures wounds

Xantecís gives wisdom

Asrothís destroys all in its path


Return W twice to the canyon, then go N into the valley Climb U into a small cave and meet a hermit in trouble. HELP the hermit, and acquire the bronze Ring of Ilgaard. Return D to the valley.


Continue N to the river bank, then go N again into the river, and discover TABLET2. EXAMINE TABLET2, which reads:









That looks interesting! Weíll have to remember that.


Go W upriver and help a drowning boy. He tells you that death lurks west of here and east of the ford. Believe him, and return E.


Continue E. Here is the ford, so letís turn N. Continue N again into the village.


There is nothing of real interest in the huts; explore them as you wish.


Continue N into the Grove of Athena. Help the old woman, and acquire the golden Ring of Xantec. SAY XANTEC and learn how to use rings (I guess you already knew that, though, huh.)


Return S three times. Continue S to the south side of the river and meet Deiphobus. Then go W three times along the path.


Donít go D below the bridge. This is the same point in the river that laid W of the boy, and Death awaits there. Instead, go N across the bridge and meet Polydamus.


Continue N to the city gate. The gates are locked and you are blocked here. This looks like a good place to try out the Ring of Ilgaard Ė SAY ILGAARD. You find yourself on the Main Plaza, where you meet Memnon.


You will get yourself into some combat if you GET the statue of Patroclos. There is nothing to be gained apart from the thrill of combat and the chance to see a couple Effects. Itís your call.


Go N to the palace, then go W and find a crying girl who canít get her cat. HELP the girl. Have you noticed that none of these people in trouble quite seem to be what they appear to be? Return E.


Go N twice to the throne room, then N and meet Machaon.. EXAMINE TABLET3. Hmm. To gain the power, you have to not only possess the four rings but must also be noble of spirit? Well, we have been helping all of these people . . .


SAY XANTEC and learn of a secret passage down. Go D and meet Theoclymus. SAY XANTEC again and learn of another secret door down. Continue D and meet Xuthus.


You have found a gold box. SAY ILGAARD. Get the black Ring of Asroth and some other loot. Do not ever say ASROTH unless you have an enemy standing before you! Even then, use it sparingly. When you destroy an enemy, you also destroy whatever he is carrying; so only use it when you are sure you wonít want what they might have, or if you are perhaps trying to leave no evidence. I wound up not using it at all and didnít miss it.


Return U twice and go N into a courtyard. SAY XANTEC and discover another secret passage down.


Go D and discover a sarcophagus. EXAMINE INSCRIPTION. The Black Wizard! The tablet said that we need his name to forge the rings together. Letís see if we can find any clues in the sarcophagus. SAY ILGAARD.


Oops. Heís not so dead, after all. Kill him with your weapon. Do not use the Ring of Asroth! If you use the ring, you will never learn his name. As soon as he dies, note his name! It will appear just as he dies. You get just this one chance to learn it, so be attentive. Write it down, as it changes with each play.


Return U, S, and E. Continue E and meet Phaedra. SAY ILGAARD to open the silver box, and discover the silver Ring of Twalrep. If you are injured, feel free to use this ring as needed to heal yourself. You may require multiple tries before you become totally rejuvenated.


OK, weíve got all of the rings, and we know the Black Wizardís name. But letís hold off on that until weíre through exploring everything else.


Return W, then go N and meet Nemo. I expect youíll have to kill him. Continue E into the wizardís lair. EXAMINE INSCRIPTION over the door. Is this the exit? (Yes, this is the quick way out. But we are going for max points here, so donít go through it!)


Return W, then S four times to the Main Plaza. Go D to the Plaza of Temples.


Go W into Temple of Aphrodite and PRAY.


(If the statue disappears, this temple is barred to you. You can still proceed by halting the game with control-C and then typing:



EXAMINE INSCRIPTION over the east door. Big deal, danger, and glory, the usual stuff. Yada, yada.


Go E through the door. It becomes blocked behind you Ė youíre trapped! EXAMINE INSCRIPTION on the wall and find a riddle! Luckily, itís the old Sphinx riddle that weíve all seen on many an outing. Answer MAN and learn the magic word to exit (get it right the first timeóyou just get one chance.)


Get the gold ingots, then SAY NAUTA to escape the room.


Explore the south room if you wish, then go into the west room and meet Helen. SAY XANTEC and learn of a hidden door behind the mosaic. Go N and find yourself back in the little girlís garden. Return E, S, D to the Temple Plaza.


Go N into the Temple of Apollo, and PRAY.


(If the statue disappears, this temple is barred to you. You can still proceed by halting the game with control-C and then typing:



Go N, then W, and get the hamster. Return E. Continue E and meet Admetus. Get the chest if you wish. Continue N and meet Cassandra.


SAY XANTEC and find a secret passage down. Go D and find a crown. Get the crown. A python appears! Do not kill him. Give him the hamster and earn his trust.


Again SAY XANTEC and learn of another hidden passage in the floor. Continue D and meet Astynax. Go S and return to the Temple Plaza.


Go E into the Temple of Poseidon, and PRAY


(If the statue disappears, this temple is barred to you. You can still proceed by halting the game with control-C and then typing:



Go W and get the salt. Return E. Explore the south room and return.


Go E and meet Thetis, and then continue N. SAY XANTEC and discover a secret passage north, behind the mosaic. Get the golden cup. A sacred bull appears! Do not kill him. Give him the salt and earn his trust.


Go D into the pool, and find yourself in the small cave near the beginning. Return to the Temple Plaza (D, N, W, W, N, N, SAY ILGAARD, D)


Go S into the Temple of Artemis, and PRAY


(If the statue disappears, this temple is barred to you. You can still proceed by halting the game with control-C and then typing:



Go N, then E, and meet three Amazons (alternatively, you can go S and circumnavigate the island until you run into them from the other direction.)


Go S, then D and meet Andromache and Clytemnaestra. Get the jewels, then return U.


Continue U and meet Penthesilea and her leopard. EXAMINE INSCRIPTION on the door. It says THE FIRST SHALL BE LAST AND THE LAST FIRST. SAY DNEIRF AND ENTER.


Thatís simple enoughóSAY FRIEND and find yourself on the path outside the city.


OK, weíve done it all. Time for the finale. SAY the Black Wizardís name.


Lots of gods here. Letís try PRAY and see what happens.


Not bad!

Eamon #77 "Temple of the Trolls"
Walkthrough by Tom Zuchowski


We are on a Quest to have a superior weapon made for us by Grommick, the Trolls' master armorer.


If you want to solve it yourself, here are a few clues:


Look before you leap.


Ulik can be sidetracked easily if you do something unexpected.


The dead adventurer merits closer inspection than you might think.


The HANSWORD is a 2D10 weapon.


That's enough clues. Let's get started!


This walk-through will hit every room and feature, even the ones not necessary to complete the Quest.


The intro spoke of an old map that we had obtained. Let's try doing an inventory and see what we have. Aha. READ MAP.  OK, now we know what we will need to get our weapon made.


Go N, and LOOK around. You find a sword blank of excellent quality. How convenient! Get it.


Read the runes. What's this all about? Let's see if it's a magic word: SAY TREZORE. Yep, that's a good one!


(Note: there are a lot of Trolls wandering around this place. Many will be friendly, and many will not. I will mention them in this walkthrough and will leave it up to you to handle them as necessary. By the way, the KISS command is somewhat effective in winning enemies of the opposite sex to your side.)


Go N and kill the Sentry. GET BOTTLE. EXAMINE BOTTLE. Good, a healing potion. We'll want some light too. How about that torch on the wall? EXAMINE TORCH. Aha. GET TORCH.


Go E twice. Let's find out what that dead Adventurer is all about. LOOK. Aha. GET TOKEN OF PEACE. Let's look some more. EXAMINE CORPSE. He's got something in his hand! EXAMINE CORPSE a second time. GET SCROLL. READ SCROLL. This peace offering should be useful!


Go S twice. Let's check the hole for trouble and do a LOOK. A ledge! Go S onto the ledge.


Hmm, what's the point? LOOK. A secret passage West! Go W twice. Get the MAGIC AMULET. READ WALL. The wall says PRO EC  ME. Could that be PROTECT ME? Let's try it: SAY PROTECT ME. Not bad!


Go back E twice to the ledge. JUMP over the pit. (There is a random chance that you will fall into the pit below. This merely puts you into a different place in the map. This is quite playable, but we are not going to handle that possibility in this walk-through. If you fall below, you need to get back up top to stay with this guide. You can do this by halting with a control-C and then typing:



You encounter the king of the Trolls!


King Holfane is undoubtedly the desired recipient of the peace offering. Give the scroll to him, then give the Token of Peace to him. He responds favorably by teaching you a magic phrase. Remember it well! (This phrase changes each time you play, so there is no point in naming it here.)


Now what? This is a dead end. Try LOOK. A secret stair to the south!


Go S, S, W and meet Halfjac. Then go S and meet Wenda. Then go E twice and meet Timik. Go N and encounter Brodjac. Go W, W, S to the room where you met Wenda. LOOK, and find a hidden stair down.


Go D and meet Frong. Go N twice, and discover the room that is at the bottom of the pit you jumped over. Go W and meet Rupper. The BLANK 2 you find here is not as good as the one you already have.


Go E twice and meet Quater. LOOK and find BLANK 3, which is even poorer in quality.


Return W, S, S to the stair. Go E and meet Sanig. Return W then go S.


That stone slab door isn't going to move easily. Maybe that's what the magic phrase it for? Say the magic phrase that King Holfane taught you. The door opens!


Go S three times and meet Slavack and the slaves. LOOK, and find a secret passage west.


Go W twice and meet Neadie and Yeadie. Return E, then go S and meet Seargant (sic) Hawk, Troggie, and Soggie (dontcha just love the names that John came up with?) LOOK, and find a large iron key. GET KEY.


Return N and E and FREE THE SLAVES. They seem pretty grateful, huh. Get the loot, too!


Go S three times to the slave pen. Return N then go W, W, S, E and meet Harry. Return W, then go S and find an iron gate. You'll find that the gate is locked, and that we need different key.


Continue S, S, W and meet Trogg. Return E, then go E into the other room and meet Wangba.


Return to that last 4-way intersection by going W, N, N, N, N, E, E. Then continue E, then N and meet Hakkard. Return S, then go E, S, W. Nothcvvvvvvvv[pppcv xing there. Go E twice and meet Hiccut. Grab the chalice.


Return W, then go S then W and meet Tolos. Go E twice and meet Groggo. Get the magic powder and the grog. (The grog is a healing potion.)


Return W, then go S then E and meet Rimik. Go W twice and meet Bulik. Get the gold dust. Try LOOK. Yes! GET KEY!


OK, let's go back to that gate! GO E, N, N, N, W, W, W, W, S, S. OPEN GATE!


Go E twice, then S. READ ARCHWAY. It says "DANGER - DO NOT ENTER". Well, that isn't very helpful, but let's leave it for now.


Go W. Coal? What a waste of time. Let's look around anyway. GET COAL. Aha! GET RED DIAMOND! Now, that is a worthy bribe for Grommick!


Return E, then go E again and meet Truq. LOOK. Another secret passage! However, you'll want to ignore this one because all it does is dump you into a corridor halfway back through the dungeon, forcing a lot of useless backtracking. Return W.


Time to pass through that archway. Go S.  Oops, this Ulik character looks like trouble. This is a good place to consider John Nelson's brand of humor as it relates to the extra commands in the list. Let's try something outrageous and KISS ULIK. Well, it wasn't fun, but it worked!


Go S. If you find Ulik here, just kiss him again.


You finally meet Grommick. GIVE him the SWORD BLANK, then the MAGIC AMULET, then the RED DIAMOND. Grommick fulfills your commission and magically transports you to a forest.


There you find the HANSWORD, your new weapon. GET HANSWORD, then go any direction to exit the adventure.

Eamon #91 "FutureQuest II"
Walkthrough by Richard Davies

Your first action (after perusing the commands list) should be to SAY MCP. Youíll be able to read about the Planetary Data of the world youíre about to visit, the Lifeforms to be found there, and some additional commands that will help you. That done, you can terminate the session. GET ALL. SAY TRANSPORTER and youíll get sent to the planetís surface. That done, you should SAY SCT-11, and transmit CALIGULA, so as to have LT. SLADE transport down to back you up. (Keep trying until she arrives. You are going to need allies for this one. Lots of them.)

From here, go NE to the ruined camp. GET Z-SCAN and then SAY Z-SCAN to activate it. NW leads you to the sea shore, but itís a dead end, so from there return SE then SW to your starting point, and then go SE again. S from here leads to another dead end, while SE leads you into the grasslands and SW further into the desert. Incidentally, you can go in any other direction, but youíll end up hopelessly lost in the desert. (You can get unlost by a SCAN, and following the direction or directions indicated, but this may result in you ending up very far from where you wanted to be. Similar conditions apply in the swamp, as well as the jungle.)

Heading SW for the moment (youíll visit the grasslands later) and then SW again, you arrive at the exterior of a Krell base which you can and should enter to the SE. Here you meet your first enemies, and encounter one of the less charming elements of this adventure. The monster descriptions donít tell you what name you need to use to attack the darn things! Good thing youíve got a walkthrough, huh? ATTACK XESING, then go DOWN. There is a small chance that the next character you meet will be neutral or friendly, but you probably shouldnít take chances. ATTACK INTOK, and go DOWN. ATTACK FINGOR. SAY LINK, and youíll get some intelligence. Then go DOWN once more, and ATTACK XAIPEI. Once youíve cleared this location, GET the TOW-4 and the SAM-6, and remember their names. Theyíre crucial in a pair of forthcoming battles. Now head up to the comm center again, and SAY TRANSMITTER. When it asks you for the message, enter CALIGULA. You may have to repeat this several times, but you will eventually get some reinforcements. (You can try this at each of the four bases, and there are four additional characters whoíll be sent down.) Now get out of the base, and then go SW and then SE. Your Z-Scan will tell you that there are ruins to the SE. Letís check them out.

Enter the ruins by going S. Thereís nothing in the eastern room, but thereís an interesting inscription in the southwestern room. SAY SCAN, then SAY TRANSLATE, and youíll discover a way to awaken the Valdar, who are apparently in suspended animation, if you can ever find a way into their pyramids. The word changes from adventure to adventure, so thereís no point in noting it here, but you should make a note of it. Anyway, thereís nothing more to see in these ruins, so head out of the circular room by going N, then NW and NW. Then go SW again, and youíll discover the first of these pyramids, but you have no way of entering it yet. Follow the trail SE from here.

Uh-oh! A battle tank! Donít even waste time trying to attack this thing with your ordinary weapons. DROP TOW-4, and then SAY TOW-4, to dispatch it. Youíll then need to ATTACK MORG and ATTACK ZONTIN to finish of its crew. All right, to the W is another dead-end to the ocean. To the SE are foothills that lead up to another dead end at the SE. You can go S and find a pass through the mountains, but it leads through a minefield. You will be all right, but your allies will all be killed!

So from the site where you fought the battle-tank, head NW and then NE four times. Now head SE and then E and NE to check out the grasslands. You find yourself heading into a marsh which is every bit as easy to get lost in as the desert was. Head SE, and youíll run into three patrolling soldiers. (See what I mean about needing allies?) ATTACK RETIN, XAUTING and KAITU. Once this battle is over, head S twice.

You arrive at the entrance to yet another Krell base. Go UP to enter, and ATTACK WYR-001, the robot whoís guarding the place. Go NE, ATTACK USEL, and GET SAM-9. SW then E. As with most of the Wenru in this place, thereís a chance that MIRRIN will be neutral or even friendly, and (unusually) thereís a similar chance for JINGZHU. But nobodyís ever gone broke banking on hostility in an Eamon adventure. After youíre done here, one way or another, W then SE. ATTACK CRYXOR. SAY LINK, and get some really obvious information. NW then D and out of the base.

To the SOUTH youíll pick up a signal from the WEST, and find another pyramid. You will also find a Zungshh who has apparently never heard of the concept of ďthe enemies of my enemies are my friendsĒ. ATTACK SHISSH, then head E and S. Youíre confronted by a helicopter gunship. DROP SAM-9, SAY SAM-9, and then ATTACK KLAR. From here you can head SW or SE. For now, head SW.

Your Z-Scan will inform you of another set of ruins to the SOUTH. Go UP into them, and then go S. SAY SCAN. SAY TRANSLATE, and then SAY the word for brotherhood. (Which varies.) You find another computer. SAY LINK. SAY TRANSLATE. You get a list of numbers and terrains. (Again, the numbers vary from game to game, so make a note of them.) I wonder what they mean. Say, weíve found a pyramid in two of those terrain types, havenít we?

Letís backtrack a bit. Go U, N, D, N, NE, N, W. SAY the number in the list associated with ďswampĒ. Voila! Youíre inside the pyramid! Now, SAY the word that you were told would awaken the Valdar, and you get an ally of considerable worth, PíLOR. The obvious thing to do now is to revisit the pyramid in the desert. So head E, E, N, W, N, N, SW, W, NW, and SW four times. Say the number associated with ďdesertĒ on the list, say the battle cry, and welcome TíFING to your party.

Now itís time to head south again, but youíll want to avoid the minefield in the valley. So leave the pyramid by going W, then NE four times, SE, E, NE, S, S, E, S, S. From the site of your helicopter battle, head SE. Yes, another opportunity beckons to assist the Krell Empire in itís campaign of genocide against the Zungshh, so ATTACK TISSH. Go SW, and ATTACK TUSSH. (I could say something, but why bother?) Then head S. From this intersection, you want to head SW. While going SE also gets you where you want to go, youíll come under orbital bombardment and lose your allies!

S, SE, then SW. Youíre under attack by a Krell fighter! Again, donít even try your ordinary weapons. DROP SAM-6, then SAY SAM-6. Then ATTACK KOR-6 (the pilot). Since youíre here anyway, head SW into the wrecked pyramid. If you say the magic word or the number associated with ďplainsĒ, theyíll have no effect. Head SE from outside the pyramid, and then SE again. (Apparently, the author thinks that 5 degrees Celsius is very cold. Living in Canada as I do, I find this terribly amusing.)

From this junction, you can head SE to another seaside dead end, or SW to a dock (which is a location youíll eventually visit, but not now) or NE into another Krell base. ATTACK TSINGSEI. To the NW is an empty dormitory. Go NE, ATTACK CEXOR. SAY LINK, and youíll get the computer access code (which varies from game to game.) Since this doesnít reveal anything you canít get with LINK, I donít really see the point. In any event, SAY TRANSMITTER, and send message NERO, to get a very useful piece of equipment! Then head SW and then SE. Again, thereís a chance that the Wenru, MALIK, will be neutral or even friendly, but you might not want to take the chance. After youíre done here, head NW and then SW twice. ATTACK ACX-108, and descend into the boat. Go SE. This is a one-way trip!

All right, so youíre on Breisland. Letís check out the odd ice formation to the SE. Sure enough itís a pyramid. Say the number associated with snow, say the battle cry, and you recruit your last Valdar ally, GíLIN. Exit the pyramid by going NE twice, and then head E. ATTACK KREELOR and KATAI, then head SE and S, into the last of the Krellís outposts. ATTACK FLARG. Thereís nothing to the W. To the SW, you can ATTACK MAJ. KATANG. To the E, you can ATTACK RIK-23. But to complete your mission, you should go SE, ATTACK KRIN-8, SAY LINK to get the transporter activation code. If you havenít already, SAY TRANSMITTER and send CALIGULA to get all of your allies beamed down. Finally, SAY TRANSPORTER and enter the code.

You and your allies will be transported to a science station. ATTACK ALIN-12. Go UP and ATTACK SALGAR. Go UP again, ATTACK RXN-286, and GET ALL. Now go DOWN three times. ATTACK RHYGED and KAARIN. DOWN once more, ATTACK RYLIN. SAY LINK and you will find out the code for the security locks (which, you guessed it, changes every time.) Go DOWN once more, and head W. ATTACK GEN. KRALZ. SAY LINK, and you will discover the code for the force field.

Return to the small room by going E, and use the security lock code. (SAY whatever it is.) Finally! An opponent whose name is in the description! ATTACK KANG, and you are that much closer to finishing the mission. SAY LINK one more time, and you get the code that will access the mainframe. Go N, then SAY the code for the force field.

To be absolutely sure that you defeat the robot, DROP SSM-1 and SAY SSM-1. Whew! Okay, you cannot use LINK on the computer here. SAY COMPUTER and then enter the access code that you discovered in Kangís office. Then drop the NJ-5 that youíve been carrying around all this time, SAY NJ-5, and youíve destroyed the deadly weapon. Youíve accomplished your mission, so SAY SCT-11, and SAY BRUTUS!

Eamon #107 "The Last Dragon"
Walkthrough by Tom Zuchowski


First, hints for those who want to solve it themselves:


There is much important information in the introduction text.


There are three magic words or phrases for you to learn that can get you past certain obstacles. One of them also serves as a secret password that identifies you to potential allies, both animate and inanimate. A magic ring is required for some results.


If you find and read all of the clues carefully, you will know that the old dragon has lived a full life and is now in pain, and she deserves to die a noble death in combat. If you have properly interpreted the clues, you will also know that the world will be a poorer place without dragons in it, and you will have resolved to preserve the young breeding pair.


All bottles found are healing potions.


You donít learn of your true Quest until halfway through the adventure! A successfully completed Quest consists of whupping the bad guys and exiting the treasure vault in the company of both baby dragons.


NOTE-you need a blank disk for a saved game. The saved files are deleted when you resume the game, so if you want to preserve your saved place, make a copy of the Save disk.


Letís get started!


(This walk-through will not give you every single move as I have done with the most difficult ones. Instead, here are general guidelines to follow.)


You start on a beach. Board the ship and look around. When asked to pay, respond by saying QUAAL DRACIS. Remember that phrase!


As you exit the ship look for a torch. As you proceed further, keep a sharp lookout for hidden passagesĖ there are a lot of them! Also keep a lookout for hidden objects that can give you information about your Quest.


When you reach the dusty plain above the beach, explore to the east first. There is no key for the first door you encounter, so you will have to break it down. Same for the large chest you find.


By the time you leave the stronghold, you should have a good idea what Invictus is for, and should have found a lamp and a copper ring.


After returning to the dusty plain,  explore to the west. By the time you reach the cave entrance that is blocked by a light, you should have Invictus.


Your magical password will get you into the cave, but it will put you in one of four different paths. Each winds up in a room blocked by a golden light which can be passed via the usual means in this adventure. Note that one of the four paths can rob you of your personal weapons if you are injured by the unicorn.


The Last Dragon! By now you have learned to recognize that Vincingotrix is old and in pain, and is worthy of an honorable exit in combat. Ready Invictus and give it to her. After the Elf takes Invictus, remember to ready your usual weapon.


Go west through the secret passage, and discover dragon eggs! Vincingotrix was not the Last Dragon after all! Watch them hatch, then say the words that reveal you as a friend.


Now you have learned your true quest. Say the word, and be about your business!


Stay on the trails as you traverse the woods, unless you want to spend a little time being lost. Proceed to the spot where you kill Kinth.


First, explore to the east, and free Igraine, then return to Kinth and travel one move north.


From here, explore the path to the west. Use your magic to free Woglinthe from the ice and Lisolet from the temple. Ishi gives you a warning: what does it mean? (You will find out!)


Return to the main path and continue to Sauronís stronghold. Explore the upper tower first.


Sauron awaits beyond the bronze door in the lower level. You will find him a worthy adversary as he shape-changes several times and turns a companion against you before you defeat him. Remember that the whole purpose of this foray is to blood the pair of dragons, never forget that they both must survive lest the trip become meaningless.


After youíve killed Sauron, help yourself to the treasure in his vault. If the dragons are not with you at this point, summon them with the remaining magic word that youíve found no use for. They must be with you as you exit back to the Main Hall.

I really love this Eamon. Itís one of my favorites. I hope you had a successful Quest!

Eamon #108 "The Mines of Moria"
Walkthrough by Jared Davis


You start on a path south of the Main Hall. You can go back, but if you did, you might as well not have started at all! Go South, but not South again. There are quite a few instant death traps, and this is the first. Remember that this is Sam's first EAMON adventure. Early EAMON adventures had a lot.


Go East. ARGH! A dead end? Come on? Let's take a closer LOOK! A door! OPEN it! Oh, you can't! EXAMINE the DOOR! Yes! READ the WRITING! SAY "MY FRIEND." Go East again!


Get the Staff and Light it. Go East. Go South and LOOK. Get the Key. Go North and East. Here is a four-way intersection. To the north are some spiders. If you're aching for some stuff to kill, go ahead. But, other than that, there is nothing there. Go South. And South again! Okay, four orcs. Time to get your weapon!


ATTACK the ORCs. If you're strong enough, you should come out with minimal damage. If not, make use of the HEAL spell. Go West. Okay, here is a SERGEANT, LIEUTENANT, and an ARCHER. Get the Orc-brew when you've finished them off. Yes, it's a healing potion. You can also take their weapons. You can sell them when you get back to the Main Hall.


LOOK. Examine the desk. Open it. Get the key. Head back to the intersection. Go East twice. A gate and a crack. One of the keys you found will open it. (I'm not sure which one.) Go North a couple of times to meet a TROLL! Now to get some compadres! Go East and ATTACK the GUARDS. FREE the DWARF. It's Gimli! Go West twice to ATTACK some URUK HAI GUARDS. FREE the WIZARD. Ah, Gandalf! Head back to that crack.


JUMP over the crack! Go East! To the south is an army of ants protecting a box. Kill them and ATTACK the BOX until it opens. (There may be a key, but I never found it, or used it for this purpose.) When the box shatters, OPEN it to GET some DIAMONDS. (No use in the game, but worth mucho dinero when you return to the Main Hall.) Go North and JUMP over the trap door! (If you go east, you fall in. But it's easy to get back out. Just go UP!)


ATTACK the BAT. Go no further EAST, unless you want to die. Go North, and LOOK for a keyhole in the wall. INSERT the GOLD KEY and PULL the LEVER. I don't think Tolkien would've made an elevator, but it's okay. Go Down and East, and don't go south. It seems to be the pit from...upstairs? Go East and LOOK.


Go East and ATTACK the BOA, RATTLER, and COBRA. Get the Mining Tools. Exit and go South. Go East and head to the south. Hmm, a noise. Maybe you oughta turn back....


OR GO SOUTH TO MEET A DRAGON! ATTACK IT! ATTACK IT! ATTACK IT! Whew! You might survive if you're pretty strong! (Faints.)


LOOK for the ARKENSTONE and GET ALL. (You can't move the dragon.) Head back to the s/e/w intersection. Go East and OPEN the GATE. Go North. ATTACK those LIZARDs! (In my game, I only had to kill two. Gimli and Gandalf finished off the last one. Go EAST and MINE. GET the GEMS. Go back West and go North. If you want, you can go East and MINE to uncover a giant worm. Only if you wanna kill something!


LOOK. Go WEST. EXAMINE the PILLAR. Do you think something goes in that depression? It must be made be a dwarf, so it must be a dwarvish item. Hmm, what do you have that's dwarvish and only one piece? The ARKENSONE. INSERT it. READ the WORDS. (And you can get the Arkenstone back!) SAY NOW. Go West and LOOK. GET the KEY. OPEN the BOX to get DURIN'S AXE.


If you want to wake Durin, play the sequel, "RETURN TO MORIA."


Head back to the mines. Go North. MINE to go North. There is no turning back here. Be sure you've done everything above. Okay. Go East, East, and ATTACK the KRAKEN. Go Down and ATTACK the SHARK. (What is a shark doing in a subterranean river?) Go East, East, and DOWN. OPEN the GATE. Go East. To the north and south are orcs with names. No items. The same when you go East. Go East again.


Once again, only enemies to the north and south. Go East twice. DON'T go south. It starts a path leading to a death trap. Go EAST. ATTACK the OLOG and URUK. GET the NECKLACE. Go West, and North. ATTACK the VAMPIRE. (Note: Vampires are part of Middle-earth! Read "Silmarillion!") Go North to meet an orc named CLUMSY. (Whenever I played, Clumsy became a companion.)


Go East and ATTACK the ORC PATROLMAN. Go East and ATTACK HANK. Go East and ATTACK AZOG. GET SKULLCLEAVER and the bag of GOLD. Congratulations! You've just avenged Thror! Now you'll have to JUMP over the crack to the South. Continue South.


Go East onto the Bridge of Khazad-dum. A Balrog!


Let me tell you right now, there is no point in trying to kill him. Remember the book? Or that movie from 2001? BLAST the BALROG! The bridge collapses and the Balrog goes bye-bye! Continue East twice out of Moria. Go North and climb Down. Go East.


Try to OPEN the GATE. No good. What does it mean "It will open when you approach?" Go East. Oof! Can't do that? Maybe a word can open it! But what? What have you had since the beginning? No, it's not your weapons! READ the LETTER. SAY ELBERETH. Go East.


Welcome to Lothlorien. You can go North to a tavern, but there's nothing but an interesting room description. You can't get the drink they give you. Go South (twice from the tavern) to meet an elf who wants to exchange gifts. Sounds good. Now, how do you exchange? What's another word for exchange? No, it's not GIVE! (Won't do you any good anyway.) The word is TRADE! TRADE with him for PURE LEMBAS and a WOODEN CARVING. GET ALL of them. Now go North and East.


Hey, Galadriel! She must be the person you GIVE the LETTER to! So, GIVE the LETTER TO GALADRIEL! She sends you back to the Main Hall.

Eamon #109 "The Forest of Fear"
Walkthrough by Jared Davis

Head on East into the forest. Hmm, singing to the East? Go on! Uh-oh, a battle! Two orc patrolmen and two wargs! Attack 'em. Get their weapons if you wish. They will sell for cash back in the Main Hall. Go on East. More sounds to the East? Go on East again and climb Up the trees. Ah, you meet Legolas! He's a new companion, armed with a bow and arrows. I might as well tell you now, you CANNOT heal your companions. Go ahead Down out of the tree. Go South.


Go East and South until you run into some spiders. Attack them and head South to fight some more. Get their hoarde of treasure. Go South again to run into a bear! Attack it and do a quick look. Get the ring. Go all the way back to where you were at the beginning of the paragraph. (It's easy, go North until you can go no further, then go West.)


Let's head West! We're combing Mirkwood! Go West until you meet the Biker Scout. (Hmm, "Lucas is gonna owe me overtime for this screw-up?" I'm not familiar with Star Wars, so I wouldn't know.) Go West and South. Go East until you can go South. You will meet Treebeard, quite a good companion. Get the ent-draught. Comb to the East.


Go South into the lake to attack a Kraken. Go East to fight more Spiders. Go South.


Attack the spider. Comb to the west, attacking any enemies along the way. When you've gone as far as you can, go South twice to cross the bridge. Head South a couple of times to fight some Wargs. After beating them, head North twice. Comb to the East, attacking all enemies along the way. When you've gone as far as you can, go West and Up.


Attack the Fell Beasts. Go Down and East. Go South twice to meet a dragon. Attack it. (You have to beat it.) Go South and you will be outside Dol Guldur.


Go South and attack Draugluin. Go West into Dol Guldur. The door locks behind you. Look for a torch and light it. Go West into the hallway.


Go Up the stairs. Attack the bat swarm. Go North and Up. Attack the wight. Get the chest (you don't have the key yet) and go Down and South twice. Go Up and attack the wight. Get the chest. Look and read the writing on the wall. Go Down and North. Go back Down the stairs.


Go East to the entrance. Go North and West and attack some orcs! Go West and attack some Uruks. Free the warg pack to fight them. Head back to the entrance and go South. Go as far West as you can. Go back East and look for a key. Go West and look for a passage Down. Go that way.


Follow the tunnel to some stairs and go Down. Go West and attack the enemies. Go West twice to find...


...The Lord of the Nazgul, the Black Captain. Attack him. After he's dead, get everything, but do NOT eat the magic food. It is poison. Head back to the intersection and go South twice and attack the troll. There is only one cell to visit, and that is the one to the west. Attack the guard. Get the whip and key. Head back the four-way intersection. (E/N/N)


Open the gate and go North twice and kill the slaver. Head north and fight the guard. Get the chain and free the ranger, who is Aragorn. Head ALL the way back to Dol Guldur's entrance. Open the door.


Wait! Remember those chests you got upstairs? Open them and get everything inside of them. (And them as well. If the key doesn't work, drop the chests and attack them until they shatter.) Head East out of Dol Guldur. Head South twice.


Before leaving, loot the cave to the East. Then leave the cave and go South.


Eamon #114 "Thror's Ring"
Walkthrough by Tom Zuchowski

First, for those who want to solve it themselves, here are some hints:


This Eamon makes full use of the "embedded" type of artifacts that are mentioned only in the room descriptions.  It also "nests" some embedded artifacts; these are not mentioned in the room descriptions but only in the descriptions of other artifacts.  For example, there is a lamp in the Southron camp in the glen near the start.  You will do well to learn how to work through the descriptions and find that lamp; it's the key to how this Eamon works.


There's no HEAL command and the Miruvor won't go real far, so go easy on it.  POWER is good for getting you out of serious trouble and has no downside, but it won't last long either.


There are several traps and such in there, but there are warnings, so watch for them in the room descriptions.  Eventually you'll have to brave most of them to find the key to the Quest, but with just a bit of luck you'll carry through all right.


You NEED your companions.  Each has special abilities that you lack. Take good care of them, and they'll take good care of you.  The Miruvor and Power spell are meant for the good of all, not just you.


As noted in the BUILDER'S NOTES, the doors are not "real" artifacts, but they work just like real ones.


A very early SAVE is a good idea.  If you get in serious trouble, it's a lot quicker to restart a saved game than to start from scratch.



Let's begin the Walk-through:


In case you didn't get it, the Quest's object is to recover a magical ring of great power from an abandoned underground stronghold that is now overrun with every type of Evil.


This walk-through doesn't hit on everything in the dungeon but concentrates on the shortest path to success.  There are alternate paths, and there's a lot to see and do in rooms that are not or only briefly mentioned.


First, note well what you're told by the Lady in the introduction.  She's given you a healing potion, and somehow enhanced your POWER spell, but it will now work just five times.


Once the adventure starts, check out the command list.  No HEAL spell!  Try the INFO command.  Note the other new commands, and examine the Miruvor to find out how many doses it contains.


Begin the journey.  Go North into the glen and kill the Southrons.  Examine the camp.  The camp's description mentions a tent, so let's examine that too.  The tent is real!  Open it.  A lamp!  Get it.


Proceed West to the Dimrill Dale.  The Mirromere is pretty, but that's all.  Go North.  Oops, you can see in the distance that the main gate is heavily guarded.  Let's look around for another entrance.  Go back South.


An unguarded side door!  That's more like it. Go West and enter here.  Dispatch the Uruks.  Grab the torch and light your lamp.  Head North, then cross the bridge.


(If you try foolish things such as stepping off into the chasm, or try paths that look "most unwise" like the path north of the gate, your companions will usually save you. The more times you risk death, the less the chance of surviving such actions, but odds are good that you'll make it to the end.)


Nothing on the west side worth noting. Head on West up the stair.  Try North from the top of the stair.  Nope, no good.  How about South?  No good either.  West it is.


North and South from the next room are also dead ends, so it's West down the passage some more.


(If you're exploring as you go, be sure to keep your companions healthy, or at least alive with the Miruvor. Besides their considerable fighting prowess, their presence will greatly ease certain aspects of play. In a real pinch, resurrect them with the POWER spell.)


North was definitely a bad idea!  How about South?  A chest!  Examine it.  Read the runes.  Hmm, whatever is in there sounds like a magical weapon, so let's get it.  It's locked!  There must be a key somewhere, so let's move on down the passage and look around some more.


Next down the passage is a south room covered with carvings.  Better EXAMINE CARVINGS; such relief could cover...a secret passage!  Head South!  Oops, a cave troll!  Kill him.  Let's postpone further exploration from here for now and go back North through the carvings again, and go West down the passage.


Hmm, the stonework isn't so good here.  A secret passage?  EXAMINE CRACKS.  Yes!  Go South.  A hidden armory!  What, more poor stonework?  Go West into the twice-hidden armory. A look around just reveals an old steel mail shirt.  What's the big deal here?  There's something else to notice about this room-- it doesn't list any room exits.  Try going West.


You find a mail shirt made from mithril, a metal both wondrously light and strong.  Examine the medallion and read the runes.  Dragon fire?  A magical shirt!  Get the shirt and wear it.


But wait, wasn't there more here?  Examine the bones.  Keys!  Get the key ring, and head back to the chest.  Open the chest, get Yrchost, and ready it.


OK, we're loaded for bear now.  Head back West through that door by the cracks.  Take a look north and south.  Nothing south, but an odd hole in the floor to the north.  Head on west out of the chamber.  Open the W DOOR and continue West.  Check out the Chamber.  Another hole!  Continue West.  Yrchost glows!  A warning?


Boy, that door sure looks dangerous.  It turns out, however, that you can't progress further until you go through it.  Go West through the door.


YOW!  This is no place to be!  Wait a minute, what's that on the floor there?  Grab the hook!  The fighting won't last long at these odds, so invoke the POWER spell!


Hnh.  That wasn't so bad.  Let's go try out that hook on those holes.  The command is PUT HOOK IN HOLE.  The one in chamber two doesn't pan out.  Back to the first chamber.  A stair!  Down we go, all the way to the bottom.


Proceed to the first intersection.  Avoid any direction that refers to a "maze of tunnels"; it's not kidding.  The maze is rather large and quite pointless.  Go West twice, then North twice.  Yrchost glows!


A dragon!  Looks like time to earn your pay.  Make sure that you're in pretty good health, wearing the mithril shirt and have Yrchost readied, and go East through the door.


Attack Mograf!  If you're swinging Yrchost and have Galehir at your side, the battle should be a short one.  Darn, the stupid dragon fell on his hoard.  Oh, well.  EXAMINE HOARD and get the good stuff.


Time to head for home.  If you're inclined to check the other rooms, there's a huge mithril ingot and a hand-barrow down in the mines, too.  Then head back up the stairs.


Oh, no, someone has closed and locked the east door!  We'll have to find another exit. Go West and take that south exit we skipped earlier.


Go South through the Records Chamber, then East as far as you can.  Another locked gate.  Go back West once, then North. The Defaced Room!  Go North through the wall.


Now we're on the other side of that locked door.  Retrace your steps back to the beginning, and return to Forest Lothlorien.  You've won!

Eamon #115 "The Ring of Doom"
Walkthrough by Jared Davis

You start in Ithilien. Check the vocabulary. Uh-oh! No SAVE! This means if you die, you'll have to resurrect your character in the Main Hall and start at the beginning. Now check your inventory. Shards of a sword called Narsil that can be reforged...somewhere, the One Ring, some Lembas (Healing item), a flask (for what?), your weapon(s) and gold pieces. Okay, let's get started.


Go South a couple times to meet Gollum. He should become a companion. Try to keep him alive. Now, LOOK around. A secret passage west! Let's go!


Cool, a secret cave! Let's go through the door. Okay, now that you've met the Rangers of Ithilien, they want you to meet their leader. Go UP the stairs. Faramir should join you. Go back to Gollum's Pool. Now South.


A couple of Haradan scouts. Well, let's get busy! ATTack the HARADAN SCOUTs. They should die quickly if you and weapon are good enough. Get their weapons if you want. You can sell them when you get back to the Main Hall. Continue South. When you meet more enemies, ATTack them, too. When they are dead, LOOK for a passage East.


But is there anything to the south? Yes! A Mumak, who, even if you have a "super weapon," takes a bit to kill, and some more Haradan Warriors. They will drop nice items when dead. You can go south once from there, but any further will take you into the desert, where you die.


Anyhow, now for the passage East. Go East, South, and UP the stairs. Now go further UP. Go South. The entrance to Cirith Ungol is to the East. Let's go!


Ooh, kind of dark. Do you have a torch? No? Neither do I. Head back west, and do another Inventory. What IS that flask for, anyway? EXAMINE it.




Say "GITHONEIL A ELBERETH." Yes! A light source! Now go in. Go East to where two Uruk sentries wait. ATTack them. Go East.


Four way intersection. Go South to meet Sam, who has a friend he has to rescue from "that tower!" He's a great companion. You can go North a couple times to a storage room, but all that's there is some junk, a secret passage east when you look, and in there is garbage and some empty chests. Oh, and a LOOK around reveals some gold. Worth money at the end, and it's worth it. Go back to the intersection and continue East.


ATTack the SERGEANT and the ORCS. Go North, East, South. Hmm, South leads to a giant spider named Shelob. Kill her. Go North, then East.


A blocked tunnel? You sure? LOOK! Go UP.


Now go East, to run into a BIG battle. ATTack Gorbag, then the Orcs. GET ALL. Go East, East, Down, North, ATTack the PATROL.


Go W, say "AIYA ELENION ANCALIMA." Go W, W, ATTack the Guards. Go N and ATTack all the enemies there. GET ALL. Go South, then UP.


ATTack the ORCs. LOOK. Go South. REFORGE NARSIL! GET ANDURIL! Go North, North, Up, ATTack the Lieutenant and the ORCs. Go South. Go Up. ATTack the ORCS. It is likely some of your companions will be killed. LOOK and go UP. ATTack SHAGRAT. FREE the HOBBIT. Here's Frodo! Backtrack out of the Tower.


Uh-oh! The Watchers won't let you leave! Repeat "AIYA ELENION ANCALIMA." Go East, East, North, North, ATTack the TROLLs. Go WEST, North, Up, ATTack the Nazgul.


Go Up, East, South, South, West, North. ATTack the Witch King. Get his crown. Go Up. Gollum bites off your finger and grabs the Ring. He falls in the Crack of Doom! The Ring is destroyed! You mission is over! You are returned to the Main Hall.


There's more Nazgul and some Variags to battle, but I side-stepped those.

Eamon #116 "The Iron Prison"
Walkthrough by Tom Zuchowski

Your mission is to enter Angband, the stronghold of the evil Morgoth, and recover the blessed silmarils for the Valar.


For those of you who want to try it on your own, there arenít a lot of hints to give for this Eamon. It is very hard because of the many traps and strong enemies you will encounter. This Eamon dates from a time when Sam believed that any good Eamon will kill the player several times before he wins through to the end. The theory was that, as you got killed, next play you would know to avoid that room or that trap.


(Historical note: as I recall, the original version of this Eamon was literally impossible, with many bad-guy Hardiness ratings in the mid to high hundreds, and I knocked a zero off most of these ratings for the EAG release. Arguably, the difficulty could have been dropped to perhaps (8) at that time.)


Actually, it isnít all that difficult if you use a moderately strong character with some good weapons (like Fresh Sam) and line up your friends early on. But if you intend to play it without the benefit of this walk-through, you can expect to be killed out a minimum of two or three times and perhaps many more. There is no SAVE!  Keep a good map so you can remember what rooms to avoid!


Here is my only true hint: be on the lookout for a magic stone. It will be well-hidden, but it is the key to easy victory over Morgoth.


Letís get started!


This walk-through pretty much hits every room that offers a reward not too far out of line with the associated combat difficulty. It avoids the death traps and the side trips that offer high-risk combat for little reward.


First off, letís enter a bogus command such as ĎXí to see the command list. There are two new commands, THROW and PULL. And SAVE is missing! Letís be careful out there.


Go N, then W, then U twice, then E, then U again, and meet the Great Eagles. They are friends, and are very good company in a fight.


Return D, then go E, then N, and kill the white dragon. LOOK, and GET the white crystals.


Return S. then go D. Kill the blue dragon. LOOK, and GET the blue crystals.


Continue D, and kill Celegorm. I played this several times for this walk-through, and Huan was always friendly. GET Angrist (4D4) and the Miruvor.


Go W, then N to the stronghold. Kill Carcharoth. Be sure to GET the torch. If you continue N, you will quickly find the first death trap, a pit. Instead, LOOK around and find a lever. PULL the lever. Oops, youíre trapped, but now the way is safe.


Go N. Itís dark! LIGHT the torch. Continue N twice more, and kill the guards. Then go N once more to the 4-way intersection.


The iron doors block the way north, so go W, and kill the vampire. GET the ring and the iron key, and return E.


OPEN the doors. Go N, then D, then N, and meet Luthien.


Go W, then N. OPEN the bag, then GET ALL. Return S and E. (If you go S instead of E, you find the second death trap, a 1000-orc army!)


Continue further E, then S, and meet Super Orc. (I donít know what heís doing here, as he is totally out of place in this deadly-serious Tolkein outing, Thatís not Samís normal style. But he is another friendly companion. Note: youíll want to be careful when attacking orcs with Super Orc along. If you type ATTACK ORC, and they have all been killed, then olí Supe gets the hit!)


Return N, then W to the 4-way intersection. Go N twice and kill some orcs.


Continue N twice, and kill the balrog. Get the steel key and Demonflame (2D10).

Return S, then go E, then N, and kill the troll. Attack the chest several times until it shatters; open it and get the jewelry.


Return S. Open the steel doors, then continue S and kill the troll. Ignore the rocks. LOOK and discover a secret passage down. Go D, then S and get the lamp. Then go E, kill another troll and get the gold ore. Return W, then S, kill more trolls and get the gold nuggets. LOOK and find a secret passage to the south.


Go S and LOOK, and get the mithril. Thatís it. Now return N, N, N, U, N, W to the four-way passage.


Continue W. LOOK, and find a secret passage to the north. Go N to a storage room. LOOK again, and find a secret passage down. Go D and kill the troll and orcs. GET the diamonds.


LOOK and find another secret passage down. Go D, then N, and kill the orcs. Continue N, then go E and kill more orcs. GET  the strange brew, a  healing potion. LOOK. READ the sign. Balrogs! Weíll pass that one by.


Return W, then go N twice, and kill the sentries. LOOK, and GET the black key. OPEN the gate.


Go N though the gate. LOOK around and find a lever. PULL the lever. LOOK again, and find a secret passage down.


Go D, then N, then W. Kill the slaver, and free the chained man. (He is Beren, a very important character in the story.) LOOK around. EXAMINE the corpse. Hmm. EXAMINE the skull. Aha. OPEN the skull. GET the magic stone!


Return E, then continue E, and kill Gothmog. Get the key he drops, and Bloodfang (3D8).


Return W to the tunnel, then go N, then E, and kill Thuringwethil. Get the gold key and the cloak.


Return W to the tunnel, then continue W into the other room, and GET the chained lizard. Donít free it. (Strangely, the lizard is a pretty good treasure.)


Return E to the tunnel, then go N twice to the stone door, and OPEN it. Go W into the room with the bubbling stuff. (It has no use that I know of.) LOOK and find a secret passage down.


Go D and kill the breeder. LOOK, and get the key. Examine the oak boxes, then OPEN them, and GET the potion.


Return U and E. Then continue N and kill the sentries.


OPEN the gate and go N. (There is some very good treasure to E and W, but you have to fight some big dragons for it. Feel free to take them on, if youíre up for it.)


Go N again, and kill the balrog. LOOK and find a secret passage north.


Go N twice, and kill Sauron.


Go N again. You meet Morgoth! THROW MAGIC STONE. (You must use that exact command, or it doesnít work.)


Morgoth dies! The Valar arrive! You win! If you got the mithril, your reward is Druinval, a quite valuable 4D8 magic sword that you were already carrying if you were using Fresh Sam.


See, it really isnít that bad if you manage to miss the Bad Stuff. There is one other death trap involving poison darts that we avoided.

Eamon #120 "Orb of My Life"
Walkthrough by Tom Zuchowski

This is one of the "Life Orb" Eamons from the contest that the NEUC ran way back when. Your mission is to recover Sagonne's life orb.


Like many of John's Eamons, this one is both very simple and very complex, and I don't really have any suggestions to offer, except one. If you are playing the DOS 3.3 version, you might want to go in before starting and make sure that line 29050 in the MAIN PGM has been deleted. With this line deleted, you can restart a saved game more than just once.


Oh, and be sure to bring an industrial-strength magic weapon along!


I should probably add that you will want to read the descriptions most carefully. This Eamon doesn't have a very involved plot, but it relies heavily on hidden and embedded artifacts, and there are clues about things like avoiding death traps and how to do away with powerful enemies.


Let's get started!


First thing, examine the bed. Sagonne lives pretty good, huh. Examine Sagonne himself. A letter! Read it. OK, we now know that two important spells exist.


Take a LOOK around. A secret passage! Go E. This is a library, so let's try EXAMINE BOOK. Found one! READ BOOK. Hmm. It looks like we'll need something that can "bend light and space" to fix the problem.


We're done here. Go W, then S. READ SIGN. That might well be a "sign" that the woods are a death trap. We'll keep that in mind.


Go D into the temple, then N. Fight the Priest (why are priests always bad guys in Eamons?) LOOK around, then GET the plate & cross.


Go W, then LOOK. A secret door! Go W, then GET the idol. Return E to the pulpit.


Go E, then E again. LOOK. Another book! GET it and READ it. Aw, it's just a treasure.


Go E three times. Kill the high priest. GET and READ the Holy Book of the Slo-Ven. Hmm, that might be useful information.


LOOK. A note! GET and READ the parchment. This word "ROVATHA" just might come in handy. Go back W, then N. Skip the door to the north that goes outside. At best it just wastes your time, and at worst you die (remember the sign?)


Go E. Kill the serpent and get the ruby, then go E into the fountain. That deep part looks promising; let's try going D.


Looks good. Go N twice. LOOK around. OPEN the box, then GET the orb.


Go E twice. Kill Broglia, then get the key and chest. LOOK around. A prisoner! Free the bound Centurian (sic). A "Guilded Might" warrior. He might be useful.


Go back W twice., then go U to the surface. EXAMINE the log and GET the Key of Isk.


Go W. Kill the pike, then go W twice more. Heed the description's advice and don't go under the bridge. Go N onto the beach.


Go W, then N, then W, then N. Free Harold. Go back S and E. Go E down the tunnel.


A gate of light! Open it. Ow! that didn't work. Try LOOK. Wait a minute-- the blind priest walked right through! Let's try something different. CLOSE your EYES and try going NE. No resistance...OPEN EYES. It worked!


Go S, then E. Kill the falconer. GET the PERCH. LOOK around. those shelves look interesting; EXAMINE SHELVES. A secret passage! GO S, then E. LOOK. EXAMINE the TABLE. GET the TARP. Sheesh, stuff everywhere you look! OPEN the CRATE. Whoa, a Cloak of Levitation! OPEN the GOLDEN BOX. GET the cloak, ring, and key. Go back W, N, W, N.


EXAMINE the BLUE PAINTINGS. Go NE , then EXAMINE the other BLUE PAINTINGS. They seem to suggest that a demon can be destroyed with the BLAST command; let's keep that in mind. Go NE, then W. Nothing here. Go back E, then go E twice more. Blinded! Try going E again. LOOK, and GET the staff. Go back W three times to the intersection.


Go S. You've found Sagonne's friend, Tolor! EXAMINE the CRYSTAL BALL. Hmm, a vortex of some kind is causing the trouble. EXAMINE the bear-skin rug. A note! READ the PAPER. It says VORAKA MEDE and ERADA VALA. Can these be the two magic spells we need? (NOTE: these magic words change with every game, but I'll list the words I saw for you to cross-reference with the words you see.)


EXAMINE the FIREPLACE, and go S. LOOK. GET the Jaded Talisman and the globe. WEAR the Jaded Talisman. EXAMINE that globe. Hmm, it seems to be saying that it won't support weight. Could your Cloak of Levitation be the 'Cloak of Tolor' the globe mentions?


We're not through here yet. Let's try reading the symbols on the walls. OK, this looks like some very important information! We've got the Staff of Light, we're wearing the Jaded Talisman, and we have a Guilded Might warrior along. And we know where to find a bright light!


Go back N, then go E into the magic study. LOOK. READ the BOOK OF TOLOR. You see the word ZABATA.


Let's go see if we can get something happening back at the bright room. Go W, N, E, E. CLOSE your eyes, and SAY ZABATA.


Well. THAT got results. (This might be a good place for a SAVE.) Now is the time to WEAR CLOAK OF LEVITATION (even if you did it earlier, do it again now.) Go N. Whew, this isn't much of a bridge, is it? Go N again.


The Demon depicted in the painting! You'll find that he is VERY tough to kill, but the paintings gave the clue-- BLAST DEMON. He crumbles to dust!


Go N, then W, then SW, then S, where you meet the Siren Witch. It looks like she may be some real help, so let's find her scream for her.


Go N, then W. Uh-oh, these giants will be more than you can handle. But as the description says, this is a dream land, and these are dream giants. OPEN EYES. They disappear! But CLOSE your eyes again real quick; this insanity business looks bad.

Continue W twice more. Kill the Prince of Darkness. Be about it smartly, because he will call up companions. GET the cloak. Hey, this cloak appears to affect dimensional boundaries. This could be the gizmo described in Sagonne's book!


Go back E, then go S three times. Go SW and meet Tobias, Lord of Poverty. That might be a clue; GIVE him 100 GP and see if you can buy him off.


Go W twice, and meet the elders. They don't seem to like you much. Take a LOOK around-- a wooden box!


Here you have two options. If you have the Emerald Key of Isk, you can trade for it. If Hero is with you, you can use the ROVATHA command and he will fetch the box for you.


Let's see what we've got here. OPEN WOODEN BOX. Yeek! CLOSE WOODEN BOX! Let's go find the hag! Go E, E, NE, NE, SE, N, E, E, S. GIVE the WOODEN BOX to the SIREN WITCH. She gave you something; do an INVENTORY to find out what it was. The Jewel of REOME! EXAMINE it. Our ticket home?


OK, let's see if we can end this. Go N, W, W, S, S, SW, W, W and return to the clearing.


Now it gets hairy. Ready your best magic weapon. WEAR the CLOAK OF DARKNESS. It makes you invisible, but at a price. You will gradually weaken. Watch for injury messages to yourself and HEAL at the first sign.


Go W. You encounter two very heavy bad guys, but your invisibility allows you to let your companions enjoy their attentions. Somewhere along the line they will summon an ally or two, so get to work and slay them!


Go N. The ORB!!! Darrk Ness thinks he's got you beaten by that force-field, but he doesn't realize that the Cloak of Darkness allows you to bend dimensional obstacles. GET the ORB!


That got his attention. You've got to kill him before you move on, as the programming tends to get squirrely if you don't do so. Once he's dead, SAY VORAKA MEDE (remember, your magic words may be different.)


Whoa. The vortex! DROP the Cloak of Darkness. SAY ERADA VALA. The dimensional hole is repaired!


But there are no exits from here. Well, the hag gave you the Jewel of Reome; let's try SAY REOME. It worked. Go any direction. You've won!

Eamon #124 "Assault on Dolni Keep"
Walkthrough by Jared Davis

Although this can be one of the hardest EAMON adventures out there, when I finally solved it, I realized how simple it was! Obviously the true mark of a great EAMON adventure!


Oh, and this is ONE way to finish, not necessarily the best. Probably the best is the one where you get rescued. However, I took so long finding THIS way to finish, I'm not even going to bother!


Now for the solution...


Go east. There is no way I know of to keep Gorim from falling or getting the tinder, flint, or torch from him. But it doesn't matter. Climb down and meet with Gorim. Head north until you reach the Keep Wall. Then head east twice. You can scale the wall! So go up.


Attack the orc sentry. Go west. Hm, Galehir is very good with a bow. Continue west to the grate and go down. Clinging onto the grate, go east to the riverbank. See, you didn't even have to get wet! Go east behind the wagon. Go ahead north into the Keep.


Wow, you've made it into the Keep and didn't raise an alarm. But quickly dispatch of these guards! Head north twice and get the torch off of the wall. Head south and east. Answer yes to the question. Go east again and dispatch the six orcs here. Light the torch. Head back to the main passageway. Go north three times. Cross the bridge to the west.


Here's something that I suggest you do now. Get the keystone. Destroy the bridge. (And Gorim approves!) Continue west into the oval room, which is so large, it counts as two. So go to the west side of it.


FROMIR!!! And an evil orc, so dispatch of him, and do NOT flee! Free Fromir and get all. Give Fromir his ring.


Now to escape! Head east and drop the rack. Go up! Now to set the rack on fire! Drop the straw and light it! Go up!


Follow the crack until it comes to an ewud. (East, west, up, and down intersection.) Go down, it's the only way! Follow the fissure south. You can go down to an area you've already been to, or wander around. The point is to get out, so go down. You're back in the room where you lit the torch. So, carefully go in reverse all the way back to the beginning and go down! You'll win!


It looks as if your reward depends on HOW you managed your adventure. In this solution, you get 5000 gold pieces.


Okay, getting out, I'll simply sum it up in easy directions. w/w/w/s/w/s/u/u/e/e/e/s/yes/w/w/s/look/u/w/d

Eamon #126 "Pyramid of Anharos"
Walkthrough by Tom Zuchowski

This is a worthy quest for the hardened Adventurer! It's a puzzle-rich outing with minimal combat. Not only are there plenty of puzzles to solve, but you are on a tight timeline no longer than the contents of your water bag.

Everything hinges on water consumption, and there is very little margin for error. Normally, anyone could expect to die and restart several times before winning. Your armor and your companions are also a drain on your water. So here are the hints for those who wish to solve it themselves:


Hire the best guide and follow his suggestions. Any≠thing you see off the guide's recommended path is likely a mirage. Get off his path, and you become lost and will waste much water before you find your way again.


You and your guide will consume one unit of water per turn. If you are wearing armor, you will sweat so much that water consumption might double or more. There is only one place in the entire adventure where armor is desirable, so take it off until you need it.


You will be unable to find your way in the desert until you get Anharos to show you the way.


The protection of Terza should be sought as well.


Let's get started!


First things first. You're sweating all your water away in your armor, so take it off! DROP your armor, then GET it again for later use.


Follow Omar's (you did get the best guide, right?) advice and go east, then SE. Kill the Dust Devil. Again follow his advice and go S, E, and E.


A great pyramid! Read the glyphs on the door. SAY FOR ANHAROS, then go east. GET a torch. (Actually, there are two torches. I only found a need for one, but feel free to grab both if you wish.) Light the torch and go east. Uh, oh. Those flattened bodies and dark stains indicate that there is probably a heavy deadfall trap ahead, so we'll just turn around right now. Go back outside and around to the south side of the pyramid.


Once you reach the south side, take a LOOK around. That loose stone looks interesting. It's far too large and heavy to move yourself, so let's try the same trick that got us in the main entrance: SAY FOR ANHAROS. It opens!


Go north, then west. Kill the guards and get the pike.


Go east twice. That rope looks like it might be usefulĖEXAMINE it to see if it's realĖit is! GET the rope, then return west to the center chamber. Go north three times.


Go west into the storeroom and LOOK around. Get the tunic. Go east twice and LOOK around again. Get the amulet, and WEAR it. Go back west to the center chamber.


Go north. A huge statue! Maybe there's something up there? EXAMINE it. Maybe you could hook one of the teeth? THROW ROPE. Climb UP the rope, then go south into the statue's mouth.


Hmm. That moat looks fishy, and the corpse with the flesh eaten away is a clear warning of danger. EXAM≠INE the moat to get a closer look at it. Whatever it is, it isn't water, so let's play it safe and not try swimming in it. That pike should make a pretty good vaulting pole, so let's use it to JUMP across the moat. (Simply type JUMP.)


A wall of flame! You don't want to end up like the burned corpse. That tunic you found is a real heavy fabric and should offer some brief protection from the flames, so WEAR TUNIC, then go south into the fire.


Yeah, that worked well. DROP the tunic to conserve your water consumption. Go south. But now we're facing some sort of electrical discharge, and that corpse bears signs of electrocution. Perhaps that amulet will offer some protection? Let's try it! Go south. It works!


Oops, another corpse, this one clawed badly. Read the glyphs engraved in the floor. They say, THOSE WITHOUT HONOR PASS AT THEIR PERIL. Now go south. You face an avatar of Alaxar! If you don't get the answer right, your Quest ends here. It's looking for a worthy trait, so your answer is HONOR.


A stair! Go up, then north. A pool, and none too soon! Get water from the pool to refill your water bag, then return back south for a look around. Try south into the black room. Whoops, that's no good at all. Return north and relight your torch.


Examine that pedestal. Remember that the desecration involved the theft of the Diamond of Purity, so that depression in the pedestal is certainly where it must belong. Read the glyphs. They say to "follow the light of the spectrum and reach he who lies above." That's the key here. Go into each of the colored rooms, in this order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Now, go back north into the white room.


A column of water reaches to the room above!  SWIM, and it will carry you up there. Go north.


Looking around, you find that this Inner Chamber contains the Queen's remains. We're looking for An≠haros, so continue north.


This sarcophagus bears the Seal of Anharos-- pay dirt! Take a LOOK around, and find a hidden door in the mural. Open it. Read the glyphs on the reliquaries. Yep, as you would expect, they contain Anharos' in≠ternal organs. (If you don't know, this really was stan≠dard procedure for mummification.)


You remember that Pindar Rambis said that Anharos will "reveal the gem when he is made whole again." Open the sarcophagus, and put the reliquaries inside.


Anharos awakes! Listen to what he says, and make note of the map he etches on the sarcophagus lid.


Now we know where we are going! SWIM back down the waterspout and refill your water bag, then leave the pyramid, using all the protections you used while getting in. (Don't forget to take the tunic off after passing the flames.)


The map departed from the east side of the pyramid, so that's where you'll want to start from; go east and north to get there. Then from that point, go east six times. Ignore the crazed hermit if you can, or kill him if you must.


You arrive at the Obelisk of Terza. If you've been paying attention, you've noted that you are walking in the Desert of Terza, and that she is the goddess of pain and purification. It could do no harm to get her protection. Read the glyphs on all four sides, enduring the pain. Her protection comes at a price, but you can stand it! Heal yourself when done.


Now go south five times, to the Riff camp. It is your option whether to aid Farouk along the way, but I would do so. Pat, er, Alaxar, has a history of reward≠ing good behavior. Be warned, the aid will cost you 20 units of water, but you should be able to afford it if you've been sticking to the plan here.


A spring! Refill your water bag. You can expect some fighting here too. With the spring nearby, here is an excellent place to don your armor for combat.


There are a couple of ways to go from here. If you go to the west then south, you have to kill all the Riff children (which is rather distasteful to classy Adven≠turers.) If you go straight south, you have to kill the women. If you go east, then south, you have to kill the men. The choice is yours. I've tried them all and prefer dealing with the women; it's the straightest path to your goal.


Kill the sheik and his aide. You're through fighting now, so drop your armor to remove it and conserve water. Examine that carpet. Read it. It says, "SOAR WITH ALAXAR." What's this, a magical flying car≠pet? Get it!


Still nothing to be found. LOOK closer. You find an onyx case! Get the case and open it. The Diamond of Purity! Get it! (Just so you know, if you aren't enjoy≠ing Terza's protection at this point, the diamond will sap your strength and kill you in three or four moves. Remember the Sheik's sickly condition?)


Your water is probably running low by now, so go back to the spring and refill your water bag. Now it's time to try out that carpet. SAY SOAR WITH ALAXAR, and return to the pyramid.


Re-enter the pyramid, and return to the Pedestal Room. Put the Diamond of Purity in its niche on the pedestal. Order is restored in the universe! Your Quest is complete!


But you're not done yet. Return to the pyramid's se≠cret entrance (use the carpet), and SAY FOR AN≠HAROS to re-seal it.


Then use the magic carpet to go home!

Eamon #127 "The Hunt for the Ring"
Walkthrough by Tom Zuchowski

This Eamon was chosen for a walk-through because it includes several fairly obscure puzzles, and  also has the potential to be pretty deadly.


Not much to say in the way of hints that wasn't said in the review. Pay very close attention to the information that people give you. Be on the lookout for embedded artifacts. Don't explore the cave without a light source in hand.  If you are familiar with the LOTR story, you may do better, as Sam uses many of the events therein.


Let's get started!


First, let's do an inventory. Yep, you have the magic ring Narya that Gandalf gave you. (You can wear the various magic rings, but they are greater than you and it's generally a bad idea to do so.)


Go North, then West and meet Cirdan. GIVE Narya to Cirdan, and pay attention to his advice.


Go East twice, then South into Buckland where you meet your friend, Merry. From here, go East to avoid the road as Cirdan advised. Go East twice more, and kill Old Man Willow.


Continue East, then go North and meet Tom Bombadil. (Tom's advice will only come into play if you go into the fog and become a prisoner of the barrow-wight. This is an interesting side event, but it is not necessary to the Quest and involves unnecessary combat.)


Go North, then East twice, then South, then East into Bree. Go North into the Prancing Pony and meet Strider, another companion.


Go South, then East, and kill the midges. Continue East, then North to again avoid the road. Go East, then South to avoid the Trollshaws (another interesting side-event.) Go East three times.


The Nazgul! If you haven't read the books, the Nazgul are very bad customers indeed, and there is no way you can defeat them. FLEE!

Aha. A magical event saves you. Perhaps we are nearing Rivendell, our first goal. Go East. Nothing here, but the Misty Mountains are to the east, which puts us in the general area we are seeking. Let's take a LOOK around. A secret passage East! Go East into Rivendell. (There is an intermittent bug here. If you get the message that you canít turn your back with enemies present, halt the program with control-C, then type NB=0:POKE51,0:GOTO100 to clear it. Or you can simply FLEE once.)


Go East twice more and meet Elrond. Say GITHONEIL A ELBERETH, as Cirdan instructed, and Elrond will advise you. Get the miruvor. (Another note: The miruvor doesn't heal all that much, and it only works twice. You will likely need to cheat once or twice to recover your health or healing ability to survive. Here's a short refresher on the method: after halting with a control-C, you can restore your health and beef up your HEAL spell by typing this: MD%(0,13)=0:S2%(2)=2000:POKE51,0 :GOTO100.


We're through here for now. Go West three times, then South twice. Kill the Crebain. Continue South twice more and kill the Dunlandings. Then South twice yet more, then East, and kill the Uruks.


Here is Isengard. If you've read the books, you know that this is the entrance to Orthanc, Saruman's lair. Saruman covets the Ring and may know or have something useful. Go North and kill Ugluk, then Up twice and kill Wormtongue. LOOK around, and go Up again. Saruman! Kill him.


This room is just loaded with Stuff. LOOK around. GET the key. EXAMINE the crate and closet. OPEN the crate. OPEN the closet. EXAMINE the shelves and cushion. GET ALL.


We're done here. Go Down three times, then South to leave. Go East into the Gap of Rohan, and kill the Orcs. Go East twice more, then South twice to Minas Tirith. Go West, then Up and meet Denethor.


Denethor is suspicious of you. You'll have to prove yourself to him. Hmm. You found a valuable heirloom of the men of old in Orthanc; could that do it? GIVE Elendilmir to Denethor. He rewards you with access to their records. Youíll want to EXAMINE BOOKS. EXAMINE SCROLL. READ SCROLL. EXAMINE MANUSCRIPT. READ MANUSCRIPT. GET ALL, for future reference if you need it. Now we're done here. Leave by going Down twice, then East.


Now, what?  Well, let's look at what we learned from the visit to the archives: not much, except the seemingly useless factoid that Hobbits will respond to a call for a drink. That was a lot of bother for so little information. Is it a clue to our next step? We'll save you some time here and tell you that the call achieves nothing in Hobbiton. Let's try to find another land of the Hobbits. Go North twice, then West, then North twice into Fangorn (the Ent will not attack you.) Go East, then North four times into the Gladden Fields.


Hey, there are burrows here. The manuscript said that Hobbits lived in burrows. Is this the spot we're looking for? Say HO! HO! HO! TO THE BOTTLE I GO! Weagol appears! GIVE the pipeweed to Weagol. (There is a screen pause in the text that follows, but the YOU SEE text will shoot the second screen off the top, so be ready with the control-S key and halt it after a half-dozen lines so you can read it first.) She rewards you with reminiscences, a coat, and a torch. GET ALL.


So, what good were those reminiscences? We need to put some pieces together here. Look at where you are: the Gladden Fields. You know that the Ring was captured in the Gladden Fields shortly before it became lost. Weagol went on about this Gollum character who found some sort of "precious" item. Let's go find Gollum!


Go West, then North twice, then Up and kill the Goblins. Go West, then North into the cave. A dead end? LOOK. A secret passage!


Go North and kill the Orcs. LOOK and find another secret passage. Go West, then North.


It's dark, and you've lost your companions! LIGHT your torch, then go Down.


You meet Gollum. Agree to the riddle contest (type Y with no return.) The answer to the riddle is FISH. Be careful with your typing, you only get one chance!


Gollum "leaves" you for a moment. While he's "gone," LOOK around.


What's this? A small ring. GET it and WEAR it.


Gollum rushes past you as if you are invisible! (You are invisible. This small, nondescript trinket is the Great Ring you are seeking.)


He thinks you've gone for the exit. Follow him by going South.


Remove the Ring. It is far more powerful than you and will turn you to Evil if you leave it on.


We are nearly done. All we need to do now is deliver the Ring to Elrond.


Go East, South twice, East, Down, South eight times, West three times, North six times, and East three times.


Give the Ring to Elrond. Your Quest is complete!

Eamon #128 "Quest of Erebor"
Walkthrough by Jared Davis

First of all, here are some notes:


When you get into a battle, some of the dwarves will sometimes run away. You can COUNT them to see who's missing. In order to find them, go in any direction from the scene of battle. COUNT DWARVES to see if they're back. If not, go back to the scene of battle and try another direction. There are supposed to be thirteen dwarves: THORIN, BALIN, DWALIN, BIFUR, BOFUR, the infamously fat BOMBUR, NORI, ORI, DORI, FILI, KILI, GLOIN, and OIN. (What a mouthful!)


The Woodman who you can rescue and Beorn are not important to get, but they are nice to have in combat.


There are extra battles to be fought outside the Lonely Mountain. None are important, but if you take the WAIN in the northernmost battle, it's worth quite a bit when you return to the Main Hall.


Now for the solution...


After the long list of the dwarves, you will see that one member of your company isn't here. Bilbo. He's over to the east. Please note that if you go west here, you end the game.


Now go East, and you will find BILBO and a DOE. Also note that instead of listing all the dwarves, it just says "The Dwarves are here." As far as I know, the doe is of no use, nor is it harmful, so leave it alone.


Go North a couple times to meet BEORN. SAY HELLO or SAY HELP, and he will follow you. Or attack you.


Now go South. And then East into the forest. You will immediately meet two wargs and three orcs. I suggest ATTACKing the WARGs first. After they're dead, ATTACK the ORCs. After they're dead, look around for any missing dwarves. Head East from the scene of battle to...


...go to another one. A warg is attacking a poor guy. So, ATTACK this WARG. Now, TAKE the WOUNDED MAN. You can go South, then East, to a village where a woodman is. GIVE WOUNDED MAN to the WOODMAN, and you have a new ally! Now, go back West, North, then West to the scene of your first battle.


Head North for another battle with a BUNCH of ORCs. Oh, and three WARGs. Attack either the WARGs or the ORCs first. When you're done, probably a lot of dwarves have run off, and many of your companions have been injured.


Well, you can only go East, South, and North. Go South and North first to pick up any dwarves that ran off, and then go East. Go East again, and you meet a BEAR you have to ATTACK. Now, head North, then East. Here is the infamous black river. Go South and LOOK for a BOAT. TAKE the BOAT. Go East. In the boat some of the dwarves will fall in the river, so you have to TAKE ALL of the sleeping dwarves. Then head East, and WAIT until all the sleepyheads wake up. Then head North.


Head East to lose ALL the dwarves. Go South, ATTACK all the SPIDERs, LOOK, get the SHOVEL, then head South and kill all the spiders. Go East and kill the spiders here. Get Sting and DIG and GET the HOARD. Go West and North twice. LOOK for a secret passage East to get into the Elvenking's Halls.


Head East. further east, the Elvenking is partying. But, nothing important there. Unless you want the ELVEN KING'S TREASURE. But then, that'll make 'em mean. It might be wiser to...leave it be... If you did go, go back West. LOOK for a way Down.




Now that you're down here, go East. Unless you took the treasure...


Go east, ignore the elves, go north and have a LOOK around. Get the bottle. (Note: it might not be a good idea to get the barrels...) Go South twice, go Down, go East twice to the end of the hall, then LOOK for a passage Down. Go North, North, then West. PUT the BOTTLE ON the TABLE to get the butler and guard "stoned." LOOK for the TRAP DOOR, then OPEN it. TAKE the KEYS, go East, S, then OPEN DOOR, and go West.


Here's Thorin! He's asleep, but just GET THORIN! Go South, Up, OPEN DOOR, and go North. Here are more dwarves. GET ALL of them! Go South, West, OPEN DOOR, North, GET ALL of the dwarves here, South, West, OPEN DOOR, N, GET ALL the other dwarves, then go South, then Up, then North a couple of times and TAKE BARRELS. OPEN BARRELS, and PUT THORIN IN BARREL. The rest of the dwarves will follow suit, as will Bilbo. Go back to the platform with the (now open) trap door and DROP BARRELS, then go Down.


Go East three times and OPEN the BARRELS. Go East into Lake Town. Go North to meet Bard. You can give the Northmen some money to join you. Go South and East twice to get to the Desolation of Smaug.


Now the important thing is to get inside the Mountain and kill Smaug. You can just go North from here until you get there. There are other things to do as well, though, so I will go into those.


Go East to meet three SAGATH warriors. Dispatch of them. Go North into Dorwinion. You can get some grapes here. Go North again to get some presents from the Dorwinion people. You can also hire one of them, but not the other one, unless the other one is killed. If you try to hire both, the first one you hired will always get the gold. Go North a few times to fight some WAINRIDERS. I suggest ATTACKing their CAPTAIN first. Here LOOK and go East twice to meet Dain and his army. You can keep going North and fight some BALCHOTH, then go West.


There are two ways to enter the Mountain. There's the main entrance and the secret side door.


From here you can go back Down, East, South, South, and West to get to the main entrance. Go North twice to enter the Mountain. Go North and Up. Go North and LOOK for a passage West. GET ALL the things in here. Exit and go North. SAVE here! Go North to meet SMAUG!


From the Far North, go as far West as possible. ATTACK the ARMY of Orcs and Wargs. Go South and Up the Mountain. Look and go Up. Look for the key. (Get it!) WAIT three times and PUT the KEY into the HOLE. Go East and Down to meet SMAUG!


Here is a bug that sometimes happens. It will prevent you from leaving or FLEEing. After Smaug is dead, leave, then go back. For some reason, doing a LOOK here before leaving the first time will make the program think Smaug is still alive. You cannot FLEE Smaug, and you cannot leave a room with enemies in it.


ATTACK SMAUG. After he is dead, go South to avoid the bug. Go back North and LOOK for the ARKENSTONE and GET it. Head back to the bridge. PUT the PLANKS on the BRIDGE. Go West twice to return to the Main Hall.



Eamon #129 "Return to Moria"
Walkthrough by Tom Zuchowski

This is a very tough Eamon on two levels. The first is the puzzling, which is complex and often deadly if you don't correctly figure it out. The other is the combat, which is rich, varied, and at times very difficult to survive. This Eamon dates from a time when Sam believed that a proper Eamon required many plays to survive; thus there are many avoidable foes and death traps that can only be found the hard way.

I know of no way to avoid nor to survive the encounter at Balin's Tomb. As near as I can tell, it is a slow death trap by combat unless you are using a superman character carrying tactical nukes, and even then your companions will not survive. And yet, there is no way around it that I can discover. I do not know what Sam's intentions are here. Perhaps it is a puzzle that eludes me.


Here is a way to cheat past that encounter: when you go west from Balin's Tomb and are jumped by all those bad guys, hit control-C at the YOUR COMMAND? prompt to halt play. Then type in this command (you can type it in without any spaces, but I include the spaces here for clarity):


FOR I = 1 TO NM: MD%(I,5) = MD%(I,5) * (MD%(I,5) = RO AND MD%(I,14) = 3 OR MD%(I,5) <> RO): NEXT: NB = 0: POKE 51,0: GOTO 100


Poof, they disappear!


I have little in the way of hints for this. Read carefully. Save often. Try examining the stuff you see in the descriptions. Examine all artifacts that you find in rooms. Read carefully. Save often.


As Sam recommends in his Author's Notes, you will want at least one magic weapon capable of at least 20 hit points. This is not an adventure for lightweights!


Sam's obscure hint about "ATTEMPTING" something refers to the fact that you can heal your companions (eg: HEAL GIMLI). It isn't too hard to keep everyone alive if you temporarily stop the game with a Control-C and boost your heal ability enormously by typing


You may wind up needing to do this more than once if you start getting a lot of NOTHING HAPPENS messages.


You will encounter several groups of multiple foes. One way to divide their numbers is to FLEE. Usually, only a few of the foes will follow you. Then you can kill them and return to the room of the original encounter to finish the rest.


The descriptions are rich and full, and well worth careful reading even without the vital clues supplied.


The command parser supports "A" as shorthand for "ATTACK". At the same time, it often requires that you type in the full object name. Be sure to type the full name when doing EXAMINEs!


One startup note for the ProDOS version: if you answer "N" to the 5.25 disk question, it assumes that all of the files are in the same folder.


All right! Let's get started!


This Walk-through will assume that you are reading carefully and thus will understand the reasoning behind the moves outlined below. Also, it ignores passages that contribute nothing except unnecessary combat to the Quest. Feel free to explore the unlisted passages if you wish, but only if you are spoiling for a fight!


OK, our Quest as outlined in the detailed intro is two-fold: bring back mithril for the repair of the gate, and revive Durin the Deathless.


The adventure opens in a dark room. Light your Lantern. Go South three times, then West into the Reception Room. Kill the bat.


Examine the chandelier. Aha, our new light source. Get it and light it.


Continue West twice more. Ignore the web. Go further West into the circular tunnel. Turn North, then West. Kill the spiders.


Continue West, then turn South twice. Kill those spiders, and get the greasy slime. Light the web.


Continue South, and find yourself out of the spider tunnels and into Dwarven works. Go West twice. Take the stair Up twice, and kill the Wargs. Go East and find the Mirrormere.


Examine the Mirrormere. Examine the stars and find a magical Crown of Stars. You know this crown; it was Durin's! Get the crown.


Return West and Down twice, and then continue Down again. Go West three times, then enter the room to the North. Kill the Uruks.


LOOK around. Get the iron key. Go South to exit the room.


Go West, and kill the Gate Keeper. Open the gate. Continue West, then turn South twice, then West twice. Kill the Orcs.


Continue West, and kill more Orcs. Examine the beer. It is a one-time healing potion; get or drink it as you choose.


Continue West twice more and enter the kitchen. Open the cupboard, and get the Orc Brew. This is another healing potion that works three times.


Return East, then turn North twice, then East twice more and enter the Armoury. Examine the molds. They might be useful, so get them.


Return West. Examine the dead operator, and get the small key that you find.


Go North into the storage area, then turn West. LOOK around. Put the small key in the keyhole. Examine the box, then open it. Pull the lever. (Going down!)


Go West three times and enter the Chamber of Mazarbul. Examine the stone block, then examine the runes engraved on it. It's Balin's Tomb! Examine the chests, and the book. Read the book. Note the magic word "CARASH".


Save the game!


Go West. As you try to pass the door, you are jumped by overwhelming odds! I know of no way to survive this combat. Use the cheat outlined at the beginning of this walk-through.


You're still in the Chamber of Mazarbul. Go West twice, then North. Examine the rope and the winch. Go West, and examine the rope and the pulley. Put the rope on the crate.


Return East, and pull the winch. Go South, then East, then North into the booth. LOOK around. Put the greasy slime on the lever. Pull the greased lever.


Go Down, then West, then North. Open the crate. Mithril ore! Get the large rocks.


Go South. Open the stone door. That didn't work. LOOK. The door has no keyhole; is it magical? Say CARASH. It opens!


Go South. Examine the pool. (It doesn't say so, but it's full of acid, and you will die if you enter it.) Examine the plug. Pull the wire.


Continue South twice more, and encounter the most complex puzzle in the dungeon, with four death traps to avoid!


Examine the blanket. A spike trap! Get the blanket. Examine the mithril armour. Another trap! Get the mithril armour, and wear it.


Return North, then go East. Examine the red spot. Looks innocent, doesn't it? It's not. LOOK. Put the blanket on the hooks. Get the gold vase and let the blanket save your life.


Go West twice. Examine the pillar. The last trap! Put the gold vase on the pillar, then get the diamond vase. Open the diamond vase. Get the steel key and the serum. (The serum significantly enhances several character attributes; use it if you wish, but also be aware that it is the most valuable loot that you will find and is worth some serious gold.)


Return East, then North twice, then go West twice. Open the steel door. Continue West, then turn North into the stone workroom.


LOOK around. Get the explosives and the black liquid. Examine the smelting pit. Obviously, this is where we refine the mithril, but we need heat, and it won't accept our large rocks.


Return South, and go West. Examine the mallet. This looks like the way to make small rocks out of big ones! Get the mallet, and ready it. Drop the large rocks, then attack them.


Get the mithril ore and the mining tools. You're done with the mallet, so drop it and ready your combat weapon!


Continue West, then North. Get the mining cart. Continue North. Ants! They will be a serious problem if you don't solve this puzzle. Put the black liquid in the ant hole.


Continue North, then West. Dig. Get the coal. Return to the smelting pit. (E,S,S,S,E,E,N). Put the mithril ore and the coal in the smelting pit. Put the molten mithril in the molds, then get the three mithril bars you created.


Head South, then West twice, then North, then West twice. Dig, and go South. Dig and go South again, and find yourself at the lip of a tremendous chasm. Head Down.


When you reach the bottom, go East three times. Kill the lizard-thing. Then go North twice to a dead end. LOOK around and find a secret passage East!


Go East and kill the worm-thing. Continue East, then South to another dead end. LOOK and find a stone wall. Light the explosive (it won't harm you; you don't even have to drop it.) Go East through the hole you blasted.


Examine the Dwarf statue. Note the missing axe part. Put one of the mithril bars in its place. (There is a spelling problem here that is easy to overlook; note the misspelled DISSEMBLED AXE.) Examine the curtain, and open it. Another lever! Pull the lever. The statue moves!


Go East and find a Dwarf lying in state. Put the crown on him. Durin awakes!


Now we head for the exits. Go Up five times and encounter a Balrog. Kill the Balrog, and get the key. Return Down once and open the gate. Go West through the gate.


You've fulfilled both of your Quests!

Eamon #130 "Haradwaith"
Walkthrough by Andrew Davis

First of all, a few notes...


To start off with, before beginning the game put all your gold in hand in the bank as at the start of the game all your money is stolen except for 20 gold pieces. As you play, you will notice that now and then a "hallucination" will pop up, don't pay any attention to them. Also after you find the TIMBER, don't sell it as you will need it to repair the ship after a battle.


Now for the solution...


Head East and kill the nomad, then go S and then East twice. Kill the Variags and collect their JEWELRY. From here, go S,W,S,S, and heading west 2 times from here gets you to the road to Umbar.


However, we're not going to Umbar right now, going south twice more leads you to 2 nomads and a oliphant, a large elephant-like creature called a mumak in its description. Kill them and go east to the oasis where you find 3 more nomads.

Examine the oasis and then drink. The water heals you, which is very good if you have a weak heal spell. You can also take it with you...


From there, go West and find some Haradan Scouts. Hmm, scouts! For who? Anyway, kill them and GET their LIGHT ARMOUR and put it on. Then walk S twice and E once to find a scroll. GET and READ it and find out the Haradan's battle plans.


Venture S and find the Haradan vanguard made up of 2 mumak, several warriors and their captain. If you survive, GET all the battle armour and wear one, removing the light armour first if you wore it. Be sure to HEAL afterwards!


West is the south end of the desert and the path into the land of the Harads. Head S twice reaching a jungle. Now go W and S and meet a tiger! Kill it and take its pelt. From here go W and fight two savages.


Take a LOOK around, hmm what's this? An emerald! GET it.


Now, let's go back to the beginning of the jungle (E, N, E). Continue to the east twice and then go north to enter Haradan City. Let's go W and N to the king's palace.


Enter the throne room to the W and kill the king and his guards. Get his treasure.


Go back E and take a LOOK around. What do you see? That's right, a secret passage N. Let's go that way.


Heading N twice gets us to a T-intersection. Now we go west, and find the king's secret barracks. Kill the soldiers and the sergeant. Get the mining equipment. Return E and then N. Kill the miners and then MINE. Get the gold ore. Leave the mine.


If all the items you are now holding are weighing you done, you can go east here and meet a merchant who will be glad to buy anything you have to sell. If he says he "just got a big shipment of that," (although sometimes it doesn't make sense...) it's best not to take his offer and just wait until you return to the Main Hall.


From the merchant, leave town by going S twice. Now we head E and kill the snake and S to kill the wild Mumak and GET its tusks. Enter the small town and go E to the lumber yard and get the TIMBER. Go S to be joined by a captured Mumak. Return N.


Now lets go on to Umbar (In case you're not sure, go W, N twice,W four times and N 7 times and then enter by going W twice). The captured Mumak will wait outside of Umbar. In Umbar, head W to a T-intersection. If you go S and E, you meet a magician who will sell you a strength potion for 3800 gold pieces. If you EXAMINE the BOOKS here you can TAKE them, but don't READ them as it's a death trap.


Go back to the T-intersection, and then N. Enter the building to the north, tthen E and S, attack Arval and his Black Numenorean guards. GET and OPEN the vases. TAKE the olives and spices. Leave the building and go W, where a lieutenant will attack you. Kill him and go N to the bar, and meet Malatar and Caliph. The bartender will give you tips if you buy a drink for 10 GP, but he mostly just tells you of the army in the desert which we already killed.


Leaving the bar and heading W will take you in front of another merchant's shop. Go N and sell enough things to get 3800 GP, then return to the magician and buy his potion. Drink it and you will feel stronger.


Proceed to the town square with is just W of the merchants shop. Go S and enter the dark hall. Bribe the guards (or kill them, your choice) and go E. Then go S and kill the Numenorean, and welcome the Haradrim into your party. Go U and kill the captain, Numenorean lord and messanger.


Leave and go S and enter the warehouse. Examine the barrels and open them. Wow, whale oil! GET ALL. (Selling the gold ore, tusks, and whale oil will probably give you enough for the strength potion, if not sell some armor too.) Head W twice and kill the dock workers, open the crates and find dried fish. Get them. Now go to the ship by heading E, N 3 times, W and S.


Now, lets SAIL. It may tell you that you don't have enough crew, but ignore that and sail anyway. As you sail W, you will encounter 2 ramships and a galley. ATTACK them. I prefer to salvo them as it seems to work better than ramming them. After they're defeated continue to SAIL. You will then come up to a battleship and a flagship. Sink the battleship and board the flagship.


Kill the captain and go E and kill the Corsairs. Now go down and W and kill the lieutenant. Go E twice and kill the admiral and his buddies. Get the plans and go back to your ship. SAIL and you win.

Eamon #132 "Rhadshur Warrior"
Walkthrough by Tom Zuchowski

First, for those who want to solve it themselves, here are some hints:


It's a pain, but you'll probably want to have the Seeker scan each room and then check for advice as you go along.  Rooms that you really want to do this include:

            Before the Main Gate

            Beneath the sewer grate

            Before releasing Threndor

            In the secret room beneath the jail

            In the Mystics' Dream Room


Be sure to read your encounters with Zarg very carefully to find what the upgrades do and where to get them. You only get this information once.


Pay attention to your typing when dealing with Zarg. If he gets angry and leaves, you won't get the upgrades and information he has.  And you need them!


The Mystics are very tough opponents. Be sure to bring along at least one major magical weapon.  There are two 2D5 swords, 'Exeter' and 'Soul Catcher'; give one to Timur and one to Gareth.


The SAVE routine requires a blank disk.  To restart a saved game, boot the 'save' disk.


If you use a too-strong character, the program will assign you a set of characteristics more to its liking.  But don't worry, you'll get your original stats back at the end.


Try to preserve the Power Pills in case the Seeker gets wrecked. For the same reason, rescue Threndor before confronting the Mystics.


The Life-Orb may not be where you expect it.      



Let's begin the Walk-through:


This is another one of the "Life-Orb" series of Eamons that resulted from an NEUC contest held long ago.  Your mission is to enter Zagora and recover Threndor Tokas' Life-Orb.  Note the names of the secret allies and the passwords.


Follow your Seeker's advice and avoid the main gate.  Go around back and enter through the sewer.  You'll have to attack the grate to bust it open.


You might want to take a LOOK around the sewer as you pass.  Follow your Seeker's advice and don't go past the overhead grate.  Go up.


You meet Zarg.  Smile.  Pay close attention to what he says.  The map can be rather confusing, but Zarg gives pretty good directions if you want to stay on mission and not do any random exploring.


The city map is roughly star-shaped with streets radiating from a central plaza.  A rough layout:

            Temple is on Glory to the NW

            Blood Guard is on Assassins to the NE

            Mystics' Hall is on Triumphs to the E

            Vulgar Unicorn is on Merchants to the W

            The brothel is on Dreams to the SW

            The city jail is on Tears to the SE.


Before you get down to work on the Quest, go down the Avenue of Tears to the city jail. There you'll find some allies.  Check the first floor, then upstairs, then the basement.  Be sure to open the desk in the commander's office.  LOOK around in the basement, too.  Use the candle if you need light.


Go meet Zarg in the electronics shop. Smile.  Pay close attention to what he says.  No-rooms!  A worthwhile upgrade.  You can choose to pay Zarg or you can go get the treasure he wants.  We will assume that you will want to save your money and buy him off with the treasures.


Can't find the Eyes of Rhatek?  Did you LOOK in the Treasury Room where the eyeless statue is?  Bust the box open.


Go meet Zarg in the Alley of Beggars.  Smile.  Answer his second question with "G" or "T", and he'll grab his payment.  Pay close attention to what he says.  Another Seeker upgrade.  Combat capability!  You can never have too many allies in combat!  (Note: actually there is a minor bug that gives the Seeker combat capability when he gets the first PC board, but you need to do this in order to get the next board, which you really want!)


Get the PC board.  GIVE it to the Seeker.  Now you can scan for No-rooms!


When you get to the Vulgar Unicorn, go upstairs and go straight back to the rear bedroom.  A woman!  Morraine?  Give the password.  LOOK.  Get the lamp and light it.


Go to the east bedroom and kill Mortan.  Be sure to use a long enough name that you don't attack Morraine by mistake!  LOOK.  Open the saddlebags and get all the coins.


Go meet Zarg behind the brothel.  Smile and give him his treasure. Pay attention to what he says.  Yet another upgrade, and a really good one, too! Healing capability!  You can only heal yourself though meditation which cannot be done during combat. This would be very good to have!  The Mystics won't be pushovers.  Get the board and GIVE it to the Seeker.


There's nothing in the brothel worth messing with.  But if you do take a look around, don't drink Tamsin's wine!


Go to the Slavers Guild on the plaza.  Bust the cabinet open and open the chest with the key.  Get the ingots.


Go meet Zarg at the Vulgar Unicorn.  Smile and give him the treasure.  What'd he say?  Threndor has been kidnapped!  Get the board and GIVE it to the Seeker.


The Blood Guard barracks is on the Street of the Assassins.  Go there and fight your way in.  OK, you know that Threndor is here somewhere.  Maybe in a No-room?  Scan the place as you move about.


Be sure to LOOK in the office.  You might find something that will be useful later on.


A No-room off the armory!  Kill the guard, then consult with the Seeker.  Of course, it's right,


Threndor needs his Life-Orb to survive.  Leave Threndor for now.


Nothing much left to do now except confront the Mystics in their hall. Wait a minute. We haven't checked the Temple or jail for No-rooms yet.


You'll find a No-room in the Temple that con- tains a 2D5 sword named 'Exeter'.


And you'll find a No-room in the basement of the jail that contains the Life-Orb!  The box opens with the hexagonal stone.  Be ready for some trouble; there may be a traitor in your midst.


Go back and get Threndor, and give him his orb.  He's not much of a fighter, but if the Seeker gets wrecked, you won't be able to rescue him.


OK, the going gets tough now.  Time to check out the Guild of Mystics.  Head over to the Avenue of Triumphs and fight your way in.  This is the Mystic stronghold, so be sure to scan as you go.


A No-room off the Dream Room!  Hmm.  A pool.  Examine it.  A "goodē Mystic!  Swear vengeance.  The gift from Harol is a set of Power capsules.  These capsules will each make you invulnerable for the next 6 moves.  Don't take a second pill when one is already active-- it will kill you!


LOOK in the vault.  Fight your way up, and up again.  Xenon doesn't fight, but asks you to serve him.  Don't do it!  He's "reallyē tough, so take a power pill, and fight.


Break down the large door, and pass through.  Oh no!  This looks really bad.  Better consult with Seeker for some advice.  Call upon Rhadshurad by speaking his name.


Whew!  That was close.  (Mardak has a Hardiness of 200!)  LOOK, and go down.  Enter the magic gate.  You won!  The Orb is recovered!  Threndor is rescued!  Harol is avenged!  You lived!  It's Miller time.

Eamon #145 "Buccaneer!"
Walkthrough by Adam Myrow

First of all, you need to understand what the introduction has to say. You are going to a public execution because you think that the pirate Henry Le Marque will reveal the location of some hidden treasure when "faced with the gallows." Remember that this is a medieval setting and public hangings of pirates were big events.

Here are some hints for those that want to solve this Eamon without the complete walk-through.  This Eamon requires a lot of gold as stated in the intro. However, if you find yourself short on gold, there are some provisions for getting more. It also requires that you pay good attention to detail. Every detail is important.  You will be retracing your steps a lot.  Finally, you need to realistically think about how you would prepare for sailing a ship on the ocean.


Now, we shall begin the walk-through. Note that you may do things in a slightly different order if you wish. However, the order given here will work fairly well.


Go south until you come to the intersection of Sea Lane and Captain's Walk. Go east along Captain's Walk, noting details as you go. In particular, note the place that looks like a government building, and the Cartographer. Be sure to also note Ubask and his occupation. A mage may not seem important now, but he'll certainly prove useful. The last thing to note is the undertaker (where Le Marque will probably go) and the Chandler. By now, you should be at the intersection of Captain's Walk and Anchor Way. Since the jail yard is north, go that way.  It looks like you made it to the execution in time. Let's see what Henry Le Marque says.


Wow! Talk about weird last words. Now what was that about treasure? Sounds like Le Marque has some good stuff for the taking. However, his little poem sure doesn't make sense. You could write it down, but fear not!  Your character has done this for you. The locals think that Le Marque's treasure is on an island. How does one get to an island? Why, they use a ship, of course. Before you go running off to lease a ship however, you might want to stock up.

Exit the jail yard by going south. Go west once and south again. This should place you in the chandlery. A clerk will inform you of what he offers. You need fruit, food, and grog. The command to use is PAY CLERK, 3 times. Each time, you'll be asked what you want to buy. You won't lose any money if you make a spelling error. You'll just get a message to the effect that the clerk has no idea what you mean. Get used to the PAY command. You'll use it a lot.


Now, go through the south door of the chandlery and enter the shipwright's. Again, you need to PAY CLERK. Buy the caulk, pump, and the canvas. Exit through the north door to return to the chandlery. I will discuss the docks when you are ready for a ship.


A good start, but what about that riddle? Well, do you remember that Ubask guy? He is a mage. Let's give his slogan, "What man has devised, Ubask knows", a test. Go west twice after exiting the Chandlery. Now, go north. You should be in Ubask's home. Ubask is famous for breaking codes. Just what you need! Pay him and see what he has to say.


Well, that explanation of the first part of the riddle makes sense. Note that you were handed some information about the island. To check this out, LOOK UBASK'S ANSWER. This sounds like a perfect place to bury a treasure. It's time to move on in your search for goods.


If you wish, you may go back east and explore the marketplace and the other buildings. You will find some people who can set up trading lots for you. I wouldn't pay them until you have a ship. Also, trading is totally optional and will not be covered here.


Go west after exiting Ubask's house and then go north. You should now be at the cartographer's.  You most definitely want a map. So, PAY APPRENTICE, and when asked what to buy, enter SEA CHART. Another important item taken care of.  You might want to save your game now, to be safe.


Now, exit the cartographer's shop and go west.  You can explore each and every building if you wish. You will find a tavern to the north called "The Crow's Nest." More people who can trade with you plus a few ship's officers are here. You may also try to GAMBLE if you are short on gold. Go west once again on Captain's Walk and try going north. Some regular crew members.  Since you will be leasing a ship, it would be a good idea to write their names down.  You can't hire them until you have a ship, and it's not a good idea to hire just anybody.  You'll see why in a little while.


Now, go south twice from the inside of the club to enter that official-looking building you saw earlier. You simply PAY CLERK here and buy the various pieces of paperwork one at a time. Make sure you have everything to avoid any legal trouble later.  That means the docking permit, trading license, and the harbor pass. If you are sure you won't be doing any trading, you may be able to skip the trading license.


Next, go west until you return to the intersection of Sea Lane and Captain's Walk. Enter the building to the west. This should be the Temple of Weyren. A priest is asking for an offering. Go ahead and pay it. You got a blessing. If you LOOK BLESSING, you discover it to be a prayer for when you get in trouble. You might find a use for it.


Since we haven't been on Sea Lane, let's explore it. Go east to exit the temple and south to start walking along Sea Lane. Once again, note details. Since you've already been in the Port Authority, check out the Registry. A clerk here can help you (for a fee of course) find out about sailors. Let's practice with the sailors here. PAY CLERK and when asked, enter each of the sailor's names here. So, Red and Ivan might work. Maybe it's time to finally get a ship.


Exit the Registry, go south twice, and you are on the first of many ships to choose from. Go east along the docks and explore each ship one at a time. Which one you choose depends on what you want to do. If all you want is to get the pirate's treasure and run, the cutter might do. However, if you want to do any trading, you might want a bigger ship. Of course, if you want to fight with other pirate ships, you need some guns on your ship. I personally like the Packet. Its only drawback is the large crew requirement.  Pick the ship you like before continuing. If you haven't been doing occasional saves, save your game now!


Now that you have a ship, it might be a good idea to both continue preparations and start hiring crew members. Return to the Registry and hire Red and Ivan. Next, go back north past the intersection of Sea Lane and Captain's Walk.  You might want to use the "LOOK" command to refresh your memory as to what's here.


Let's start by going west into Arkad Trom's shop. As you may have guessed, PAY ARKAD for the spyglass, sextant, and compass. You've already been in the other building but you might want to check out some of the potential crew members by returning to the registry and asking about them.  This is the boring part of the game but it is realistic. The Crow's Nest, the Steerage, and various other taverns hold crew members and officers. You may also gamble in all of the taverns if you are short on gold.


While you are hiring crew, work your way back to the intersection of Captain's Walk and Anchor Way. Start south down Anchor Way. Keep going, (exploring as you go) until you come to a building with "mystic ruins" to the east. Enter it. What, somebody else wanting more money?  You may as well pay the attendant. He might tell you the future, or at least something useful.


What was that? Where did you hear the word "soul?" Why, the last line of Le Marque's riddle says "but the precise spot hides in my soul." Since you were hearing and copying, it's possible that Le Marque actually meant "sole."  As in the sole of ones shoe. There must be some important information in the sole of Le Marque's shoe!


Where would his shoes be? They are in the undertaker's shop. Head back to the intersection of Captain's Walk and Anchor Way. Go west and then north. That should put you in the undertaker's shop. When there, PAY HAGGIS. You are now viewing Le Marque's Corpse. You need to SEARCH CORPSE. That is a rather strange message. It may become more clear when you reach Cormorant Island.


There is one more thing to buy. Continue on Anchor Way until you come to the pawn shop. Enter it and buy at least the shovel. You may wish to buy everything else just to be on the safe side. At last, assuming you have your crew hired, you are ready to set sail. Go to your ship and type VOYAGE.


OK, after all that, we are on the water. Here is a brief explanation of sailing. Once out on the open sea, you get coordinates to tell you where you are. They are given in a west by south format. That means that the further you go west, the higher that number gets. Likewise for going south. Going southwest will increase both numbers. Before going too far, you should LOOK SEA CHART. Note the location of Cormorant Island. Also, give the STATUS command a try.


If you see any ships, what you do is up to you. Just don't attack unless you are told that the ship is flying the "Jolly Roger." Ship to ship combat will not be covered except that if you find yourself fighting hand-to-hand, and you see the message "<crewman> is sabotaging your ship," kill that traitor quickly to minimize the damage! That's why I recommended that you have some cannons.


Sail southwest so that you are as close to 9 west and 10 south as possible and maneuver around until you have landed. Notice the driftwood and go south onto the beach. It turns out that the driftwood is an oar. Type  LOOK OAR to get more information.


So what's the big deal? Well, type READ and notice what that message you found on Le Marque's sole says. The first two letters are "or." That could be another homonym trick, and "or" actually refers to "oar." What about the rest?  Well, if you read it carefully, you will notice that all of the remaining letters are either n, s, e, or w. It is a sort of map!


Use the PACE command and enter each of the letters following "or" at the prompt. That is the "see essene" part. Now, dig with the DIG command. Nothing but some skeletons are here! Dig some more. You dig up a wooden chest. Now try opening it. It's locked, so attack it and when it shatters, open it. What? All there is here is a stupid message about a practical joke!


Never fear, you haven't wasted your time. This is just another of Le Marque's tricks to stop you. Dig yet again. Now you found a strongbox.  Do just like before. Attack it until it breaks and open it. There is your treasure! Pick it up. Congratulations! You've got what you wanted. You may now either explore the other islands, or go home with your treasure. If you decide to explore, you are on your own.


(Editor's note: Adam outlined the steps to fulfill the basic Quest, but there is quite a lot more to do than listed here. As Adam stated, the other things are optional, but they will add a lot of enjoyment if you are having a good time with this adventure.   - Tom)

Eamon #147 "The Dark Brotherhood"
Walkthrough by Tom Zuchowski

First, for those who want to solve it themselves, here are some hints:


As Pindar Rambis tells you, this is a battle between Good and Evil, and you are on Good's team.  This means that you do not want to be doing things of a questionable nature.  If you do bad things, your soul becomes tarnished and you become easier pickings for Mlat in the ultimate confrontation. Probably the safest rule to follow is to do nothing that does not seem noble to you.  You will have to do some bad things to achieve your goal, but they will hopefully be offset by your good deeds.


Note that your blessed weapon will have special capabilities and is the ready weapon of choice, but it will decidedly not be up to the task of doing battle with a god.


A disguise might save you a lot of trouble in Mlat's temple.


This Eamon is loaded with hidden and embedded artifacts. Be sure to read the descriptions very carefully, and LOOK at anything mentioned that seems remotely interesting.  This will enable you to find things that you need, like a lamp, a key, an ally and citizens who need help; and it will also prove to be a rich reading experience, greatly adding to the ambience and to your gaming enjoyment.



Let's begin the Walk-through:


Pat has programmed a number of alternate ways of doing things.  To the best of my knowledge, the following is the most trouble-free route to your goal of recovering the legendary Shroud of Phrax and returning it to Him.


The first thing to do is take a LOOK around.  LOOK at the lamp and get it.  In fact, make a point to LOOK everywhere you go, and LOOK at anything that looks interesting in any description.  You'll enjoy the depth of the reading experience and find all kinds of interesting stuff.


Go south into the temple and listen to Pindar Rambis.  Note what your ready weapon is, because that is the one he blessed.  You'll find that


it's pretty much impossible to dispatch the Undead with anything but a blessed weapon. (I was intrigued by the blessing.  Does anyone else read it as sounding like, "Lotsa hooey, Bud's own goody?"  Pat has planted several puns and jokes in this Eamon, if you watch closely for them.)


Go North, LOOKing as you go.  Heal the Dragoon.  Don't try climbing on the rubble.  Go back South to the Plaza.


Go West down the Avenue of Swords. You'll find a couple of companions, but nothing else of note.


Head East on the Avenue of Temples.  Wear the ring.  If you got the lamp, you don't need the torch.  If you are stuck with the short-burning torch, it can be randomly renewed with POWER, but it's not really a very good tool.  Ready the crowbar and ATTACK the rubble to open a hole.  Ready your blessed weapon, and go East through the hole.  Get the board and continue East.


Try to GET the burning timber to rescue the trapped citizens.  Your efforts don't help them, but your soul gets credit for the effort.


Head East.  Kill the fiend first, because it can sap life force (hardiness) permanently!  Don't go North into the Phracian Fields; the Undead will (literally) have you for lunch.  Stay out of the forest, too.


Go South into the crater.  (I hope that you are continuing to LOOK at everything!)  The sign removes all doubt that this is the remains of Mlat's temple.  Light the lamp and go South into the temple.  Go West and wear the robe.  Go South twice.  Drop the board to the East, and go East twice.


Hmm.  A wooden floor here.  Check it out and open the trapdoor.  Go Down.  Say MLAT to get past the Templars.  Go North and check out the mines. Kill the overseer so you can get his key.  Get the climbing rope.  Free the human Thralls.  The humanoids won't like you, so leave them chained up.  Don't pass the grate at this time.  The bone golem will ignore you. Leave the mines.


This time, go West from the Templar guards and investigate the place. If you don't want Mlat to get your soul, don't indulge in any of the vices available here!  In fact, you will lose one or two of your companions to vices if you wander from the hallway (the "straight and narrow", if you will). Once you get to the Room of Supplication, kneel on the rug.


Go West and look around the rooms here. Read the book and the missal.  Check out the shrine and the face, and read the shrine.  While standing before the shrine, say I AM ONE WITH MLAT.


Whoops, trapped in a killing box!  Fortunately, your robe disguise saves you. Go South and look around these rooms.  Leave the Brothers alone, and they won't recognize you in your disguise.  Read the tome. LOOK while at the altar. A secret passage South!


Now would be a very good time to do a SAVE.


Go South.  Ignore the torturers and leave the victim alone.  Go West.  Uh-oh.  These guys see through your disguise, and they're spellcasters!  Say RAMBIS to get some help, and start slugging.  Be sure to keep your health up; those spells hurt a lot!  If Rambis' avatar gets killed, you can again SAY RAMBIS to conjure up a new one, but if you've still got all your companions, he should survive.


Another face.  Say I SEEK THE CARESS OF MLAT.  LOOK at the well.   DROP the rope.  Remember the passage from the tome?  This is your weapon to face Mlat with!  Get the Sword of Virtue and ready it.


OK, time to face the music.  Go Up, and be sure to get the rope. Go East. Ignore the Gatekeeper.  Attack Mlat!  The Sword of Virtue does the hard work here.


Hey, we're back at the shrine.  The Shroud!  Get it, and then leave the Halls of the Brotherhood.  Again say I AM ONE WITH MLAT to rise through the floor.  Return to the grate in the mines and go through it.  Go North to the brink of the chasm.  Ready your blessed weapon, then drop the rope.


Kill the Crypt Terror.  Go North, and kill the Lich.  Go North again.  Yow! What's this fungus?  You can't kill it, so get away from it! Go East.


A grove.  Phrax himself!  He takes the Shroud and gives you a gift.  Wear the Hand of Phrax.


You find yourself in the Phracian Fields.  Go South onto the Avenue of Temples, and head to the Main Hall on the Avenue of Swords.  Answer <Q> and quit the game.  You've won!

Eamon #150 - Walled City of Darkness
Walkthrough by Tom Zuchowski

Looking back over past issues, it is starting to look like pretty much everything significant has been said about designing and authoring new Eamon adventures.  Therefore I am starting a new column to replace the "Dungeon Designs" column.  In the future, you will randomly see this column or "Dungeon Designs", depending on what I come up with to write about.


In this column, I will walk you through every point of difficult Eamons, from first entry, through every puzzle, to final solution.


One of the most difficult Eamons that does not include a solutions program and only a few vague hints is Eamon #150: "Walled City of Darkness"


First, a clarification: whenever you want to restart a saved game after you have quit playing, you must first run the program WALLED CITY OF DARKNESS from the DOS 3.3 prompt, let the game fully start up, then type RESTORE at the YOUR COMMAND prompt.  Also, before you start play, be sure to have an extra formatted disk handy for the SAVE data.




If you want to solve the adventure yourself without following a step-by-step cookbook walk- through, here are some things you should notice:


The Nameless' reaction to your weapons

The tailor's sign

The mural

The fragment

The gardener's comments

Ali's warning

The statues

The low rail

The reliquary

How is the beer?

The Glass Warrior's weapon has an entire special

    effect of its own that describes it in

    meticulous detail

What is the blacksmith doing?

How do you banish darkness?

When does the feel of Lumen's temple change?


You may find the Astrologer's forecasts to be very helpful, though he may push you towards a different order of events than the walk-through below does.



There are many different paths you can take in adventure.  The following walk-through takes you down the most efficient path that also touches every clue you must have.


Since he summoned you, the first thing you want to do is find Hokas.  You know he's supposed to be near the south gate, so head straight down the avenue to his house.


OK, now you know that Hokas thinks you can save the city.  Be sure to heed the parting warning that Ali gives you!  On your way out, go around back and check out the chicken house.


At this time, it wouldn't hurt to explore the city and learn what shops and temples exist.  Make note of what each shop carries in stock; there are many clues scattered here.  Hokas said that the gods hold the tests to reach godhood, so the temples will be where the action is, but the shops will provide the means.  Go cruise the shops.  Here is what you should notice:


Tailor shop: read the sign

Glassblower: glassware to order; plate glass

Silversmith: silver goods to order

Astrologer: forecasts (hints) for sale

Pub: "uncommonly good" beer for sale

Stables: help wanted

Blacksmith: working on a sledgehammer

Leather shop: leather shield handles on wall

Apothecary: (is a chemist/druggist)

Potter: ceramic goods to order

Pawnbroker: buys and sells goods

Carpenter: woodwork to order


Enter the ruined temple and check it out.  Note that this god has the same name as the city-- this must have been the temple of the city's patron god.  Try to pray.  Read the fragment.


Go north into Temple Passage and examine the mural on the wall of the ruined temple.  Here you will see the four artifacts you must have to reach godhood.


Go into the Temple of Bo.  Pray, and enter the glowing wall.  There you will find a white light and a pouch to hold it.  Note that there are seven pockets in the pouch.  Try to get the white light.  OK, you need some way to grasp the light.  Did you read the sign in the tailor's shop?  You need a glove.  But you have no money!


There are two ways to get money: you can work for it at the stable, or you can sell some of your weapons.  Work in the stable will damage you physically, so sell a couple of your weapons for some ready cash.  Remember that the intro says that you will get your weapons back at the end, and also remember how the Nameless was amused by your magic weapons.  In fact, your personal weapons will prove to be worse than useless against the foes you will face here.


Go have the tailor make you a glove (BUY GLOVE), and put it on.  Go back to the Temple of Bo and get the white light and pouch.  You'll find that you can only hold one light at a time, so put them in the pouch as you get them.


Enter the Temple of Meteor, pray, and enter the wall.  Get the yellow light.  Note the rail.  Read the inscription.


Enter the Temple of Sylicat, pray, and enter the wall.  Get the brown light.  Proceed carefully down the tunnel.  Note the statues; one will show you how to approach the cockatrice safely.


You'll need a mirror, and a way to hold it that doesn't expose any part of your body.  Go buy a mirror from the glassblower.


The glassblower doesn't sell mirrors, but he told you what you need to know.  Buy some plate glass, then go to the apothecary and have it silvered (BUY MIRROR).  Nuts, he's got no silver nitrate--go get the silversmith to make you some, then go back and get the silvering done.


Remember what happened to the statue--you'll want some straps mounted on the back of the mirror.  Go to the leather shop for that.


You can now approach the beast, but how can you kill it without exposing yourself to its gaze?  Do you remember what the gardener said?  Go get a rooster from the chicken house.


After you've dispatched the cockatrice, drop the rooster, or he'll drive you nuts. Hmm, the niche is empty.  Look under the stone serpent.  An odd silver hammer!  What could it be for?


Enter the Temple of Salam, pray, and enter the wall.  A sea of fire!  You'll have to find a way to cross before you can see what the glittering creature is all about.  Get the orange light.


If you went down the stairs, then you are in need of some healing by now.  Oops, the HEAL spell doesn't work.  Have you checked out the Prancing Unicorn yet?  The barkeep wasn't kidding when he said that the beer was uncommonly good since Hokas put a word on it...


Enter the Temple of H'oh, pray, and enter the wall.  Another obstacle.  Get the green light.


Enter the Temple of Gyx, pray, and enter the wall.  Hmm, no light here, so let's check the place out.  The guards will let you pass if you show your reverence with prayer.  You'll find a reliquary (container for holy relics) on the altar.  It must contain the object of worship, so open it and look.


Blue boots!  Wear the boots.  But the guards won't let you pass.  Remember the mural?  Lumen was walking through the air!  Go up, and leave.


You can walk through the air now!  Go back to the Temple of Salam and check things out.  A Glass Warrior!  If you attack him, you'll find that your weapon does more harm than good.  Note his weapon, then flee and leave the temple.


How can a Glass Warrior be defeated?  It has no vital parts, but it would be brittle.  Perhaps it would succumb to blows from a heavy hammer.  The silver hammer is far too small and light to work, but you remember that the blacksmith was making a sledgehammer!  Go buy it.  Return to the temple and destroy the Glass Warrior.  Wear the goggles.  You're halfway there now.


Enter the Temple of Fisic, pray, and enter the wall.  Get the violet light.  Check out the next room. It is supernaturally dark, but the goggles enable you to see.  A Shadow Warrior!  Flee.


Enter the Temple of Dis, pray, and enter the wall.  Get the red light.  Now you have all seven!  Enter the red structure.  Whoa.  Niches!  You know what goes in niches.


You can enter any wall, but if it isn't glowing you wind up back in the gigantic room.  You must "enable" a wall by putting the same color light into its niche.  Use full terms like RED LIGHT and RED NICHE here.  (I apologize for the clunky user interface in this part.  I had to minimize code size at the cost of usability.  I simply did not have memory space to do a nicer job.)


The red structure is a maze!  But you only get one use of each light per attempt.  How to find the correct path among thousands of alternate possibilities?


Remember the inscription on Meteor's pinnacle? "When the walls confound you remember these words: 'Reverence Brings Out Virtuous Greatness Within You.'  Once their beginnings are found you will prosper."  The beginnings of the words are the letters RBOVGWY.  This is your road map.


Traverse the maze.  A Light Warrior!  He has a blue wand!  Another piece of godhood?  Enter the wall and leave.  Hey, the Temple feels different now.  Oh, no, the lights are missing from the pouch!  Try praying.  The wall glows!  The gods have accepted you as a candidate.


How can you possibly damage a creature made from light?  Well, one way to break up light is with a prism.  What if you had a sword made from glass?  The glassblower can make one if you have a mold.  The potter can make a mold, but needs a pattern.  A real sword can serve as a pattern, but results in such a delicate weapon that it breaks when you try to use it.  Remember the Glass Warrior's weapon?  It showed what shape your glass sword must have.


Go to the carpenter and have him make you a sword (BUY SWORD).  Go to the potter and buy a mold (BUY MOLD), using the wooden sword for the model.  Go to the glassblower and get a glass sword made (BUY SWORD).


Return to the Temple of Lumen, and destroy the Light Warrior. Get the blue light.


The enemy of darkess is light.  Return to the Temple of Fisic.  Ready the blue light and destroy the Shadow Warrior.  Wear the gauntlet.


You now have the trappings of a god and have assumed some godlike traits.  But if you go to the Nameless' temple, you'll find that you're still not ready.


Remember the fragment?  It described the forging of a "blue light" into "the weapon of a god". Go to the Temple of Lumen.  Put the blue light on the anvil.  Ready the silver hammer and attack the blue light twice.  You are now a god!


Go to the Nameless' temple.  Enter the wall, and cross the chasm.  Battle the damned souls.  You are yet too weak; flee and leave the temple.


Did you notice the result of the prayers that were offered in the street?  Walk around, and you will be not only renewed but strengthened by the power of their prayers.  After a while you will see that you are not being further strengthened.  Time to do battle!


Destroy the damned souls, then go back and renew your strength.  Now is a good time to do a game save before the final confrontation.


(Side note: your hardiness is now 500, and the Star Wand is a 12x12 weapon, and you will need every bit of it to defeat the Nameless.)


Defeat the Nameless and free the bound being.  It's Lumen!  Decide whether to return to the Main Hall, or to stay in the city forever.


There are two different endings, depending on which you choose.  If you choose to stay, the game ends without a return to the Main Hall.  If you choose to return to the Main Hall, you revert to your pre-godhood state.


There is quite a lot of programming to cover many possibilities.  If you try to do things in a different order or in a different way, the result may differ as well.  (For just one example, there is a way to enter the Nameless' domain before you reach godhood.)  But this is a very forgiving Eamon; there are no unwinnable dead ends and you should have little trouble staying alive.


You might also find it interesting to consult the astrologer regularly just to see what he has to say.  You'll have to sell all four of your weapons to do this, but they aren't good for anything anyway.

Eamon #159 "The Bridge of Catzad-Dum"
Walkthrough by Jared Davis

READY KATANA. Go Down and go East until you get to CATZAD-DUM. ATTACK the Gardener in the Water. GET the clippers and the hand. LOOK and READ the inscription. Hmmm, what does "AYS-AY EOWM-AY NDA-AY NTERE-AY" mean? Rearrange the letters in "EOWM" and SAY the Word it makes. Go North until you get to the stairwell.


Go down. Hmm, a smell of pork? Go north to fight some porks. (Get it? Orcs+P=Porcs, hard "C"=K, Porcs=Porks!) Get the Axe and sword. Go east twice and south. Get the books. READ them if you want. Go east twice to the theological department. Get the book and read it to discover the true nature of these cats. Go North and kill the Pork. Get the Sword. Go back West to the intersection where tou killed your first porks.


Go North and West. Kill the Pork and get the tire iron. Go Down. Go Down. Go Down. Hmm, "An elf, a dwarf and an adventurer much like yourself pass through. They ignore you completely, as they seem to be intent on some 'Thror's ring' or something." Oh, well. Go Down.


"WELLINGSD-AY FO-AY HET-AY ICHR-AY." Go West three times. Go North and kill the perverse pork. Get the bicycle chain. Go North and READ the inscription: "Tickss-ay nda-ay toness-ay aym-ay reakb-ay ym-ay onesb-ay, utb-ay hipsw-ay nda-ay hainsc-ay xcitee-ay em-ay." Leave and go West. Go down to meet Sam Ruby. Don't bother with him. Go Down and kill the Pork. Get his bicycle chain. Go South until you find a mummified cat. You can get it. Go South. To the East is more mummified stuff and a scratching post. Go South and Up. Go South until you run into the Fellowship of the Ring.


(An old man, all dressed in grey with a great beard, walks in, carrying a gnarled old staff emitting a bluish glow. Not noticing you he shouts behind himself, "It's OK guys!" Then with a flurry of many feet, 8 other people of various races enter. There are two other men, an elf, a dwarf and four short little furry-footed fellows. One of the men says to the greybeard, "Damn it all. I told you we should have taken a right at the Burger Ki--", breaking suddenly as he notices you. The others turn and examine you with surprise. The old greybeard says, "Don't worry about him. He's just another one of those Dungeons and Dragons toe suckers." With that, they turn and walk off.)

Go South and Down. Go East, despite the smell of Porks. Read the Funny message!


(Looking up the hole you see a bluish glow and hear several voices, and presently a tiny head and shoulders are silhouetted against the dim glow. All of a sudden you hear a hollow whistle and a pebble clangs off from your helm.


Angered, you growl and ready your weapon, and notice the silhouetted figure is gone. Echoing down the hole, you hear the angry thundering voice of the old man. "You little bastard!" he screams. "That's the last rock you throw on this trip!" With that a struggle is silhouetted and you see a tiny body falling faster and faster towards you. Ducking out of the way, you note it was one of the four furry-footed fellows, as he splatters in a burst of crimson, thoroughly plastering the walls with gore.)


Go North and Up.


(As you poke your head up out of the hole in the floor, an entire troop of porks, at least 30 of the pig-snouted horrors, push past you. Ducking into the alcove, you examine them. They wear byrnies of scale or chain mail and plated thigh guards, and carry Schmeisser submachineguns. On their belts are bicycle chains, tire irons, and potato masher grenades. On their helmets crouch iron frogs tipping top hats; and on each link or scale of their mail is engraved "Porky, the all-wise and most compassionate". Their leader, the foremost, wears a banner mounted on his back reading "Your pearls or your life". None notice you, even for your glowing hand, they are too intent on stroking their Schmeissers. And then, they pass on down the hall towards some grisly chamber.)


Attack the Porks. Get their weapons. Continue East, killing Porks and getting their weapons. You get to Fugu. Kill his gunners, then his porks. The b'aalhop appears! GET ALL, then ATTACK the B'AALHOP! Attack more gunners! Attack those porks! Get All and go East across the Bridge. Attack the bridge. Ready a sword and go East to meet Fugu! Attack him, then type DEFLECT. He should kill himself. If not, ATTACK HIM. Go South to leave.


After selling your weapons, you will see this message: As you are about to leave this strange land of Middle-West, you meet a stranger group of travellers. You recognize the seven bedraggled figures as the group you passed in Catzad-Dum.


You notice the old man is missing, and out of curiosity ask what became of him.


The elf says, "He did not survive, as he fell into the shadow..." He quickly is interrupted by one of the men, who bitterly mutters, "It was his own damn fault. We should have taken a right at the Burger King!"


You bid them farewell and sail for the Main Hall via the Bay of Belfalas, the Gulf of Lune, and the Panama Canal.



Eamon #161 "Operation Endgame"
Walkthrough by Tom Zuchowski

I debated for a while about doing a walk-through for this Eamon, because, like all of Sam's best Eamons, it includes a SOLUTIONS program that gives hints about how to proceed. But in the end I decided that this Adventure is a special case. Everyone agrees that it is one of the very few that get better each time you play it, and that knowing what is coming does not detract from the sheer joy of playing such an excellent creation! Not to mention that this is a pretty difficult Eamon even with the SOLUTIONS to help you.

For those who want to play it themselves, here are a few pointers. SAVE OFTEN.  Every ten moves is about right for me.  This Eamon is very unforgiving.  The clues are there, but you will overlook a lot of them the first time through.

Your men have their own medikits, but they won't use them unless they are at death's door. You will do well to keep them at least moderately healthy. But your kit only has 15 uses, so use it sparingly.  With nice judgment and just a little luck, it's not too hard to get out with all team members alive.

Watch your ammo situation! It's easy to miss the message. If you have your gun readied, you will attack multiple times.  If you start attacking just once, you've run out of ammo.

This is not a normal Eamon where you can explore anything and everything. Stay focused on the mission and don't explore randomly.

Read the intro very carefully. You might want to take notes. Read everything carefully. Take nothing for granted.  In this game, you are the commander of the best Special Forces team in the world, embarking on what is for all intents and purposes a suicide mission. There is zero margin for error, but, again, the clues are there.



Let's get started!


I don't promise that this is absolutely the  best possible set of moves, but it will get you to the end alive and with mission accomplished.


OK, you're on a suicide mission that will make the difference between winning and losing the war. You've got a really good team; with these guys it might be possible to carry out the mission and make it out alive.  Your men are the best! Start off by reviewing their gear. EXAMINE each of your companions, and INVENTORY yourself. EXAMINE your own equipment as well.


There's a tower in the distance. EXAMINE TOWER. No good, it's too far.  GIVE ORDERS to Tech to use his binoculars to examine it. The sentry has gotta go.  GIVE ORDERS to Mean to use his SVD sniper rifle.


Go south.  A fence.  Hmm, it's made up of thin, parallel wires that wouldn't stop much unless it was lethally powered.  Let's give the fence a pass and go in the front door.  We won't want to make a ruckus until we find what we've walked into, so ready your knives with the ARM command.


Go east, then south into the outpost. Check upstairs. Nothing. Check downstairs. Go south. Breakers! Kill them, then CLEAR the area to remove evidence of your presence. (This is a secret infiltration. You will quickly learn that leaving dead bodies in your wake is a no-good way to sneak through an enemy compound!) Read the paper on the wall. Good news!  No relief until tomorrow; that gives you time to complete your mission before these soldiers are missed.


Go back upstairs and through the south door, and kill the Breaker. CLEAR the area. Go down and kill the Breakers. CLEAR the area. This might be a good spot to do a SAVE.


Take a LOOK around to get a broad layout of the base from here.  Give orders to Tech to check out the airfield, road, and river with his binoculars. There's an awful lot of light right here.  We don't want to get pinned down by a searchlight while on the side of a cliff, so let's look around some. Go west. Nope, this is lit too. Go back east twice.


It's dark here. That's more like it. EXAMINE the cliff. It's high and sheer, so USE your climbing gear. Go down and note that overland escape will be impossible this way.


The river would be a good way to move, but it is fast moving and those rocks don't look so good. Let's move west and look for something better. The river still looks dangerous, so go west again, then move south into the shallows.


Climb up into the bridge supports. You can climb across the river through the supports without being seen. Move south.


What did Tech say?  What did he mean?   Let's think about this a moment.  Many possible escape scenarios might involve hot pursuit as you high-tail it out of the fort.  The only way out you have seen is across this bridge.  The arch is very thin here... GIVE ORDERS for Tech to set a demolition charge here (USE EXPLOSIVES).  Note the button number!


Go south, then east into the shallows.  OK, lots of cover here among the anti-invasion obstacles. Go south. So far so good.


Not so fast. Anti-invasion techniques commonly include land mines. GIVE ORDERS to Tech to sweep the ground with his mine detector. Then go south and sweep again. Aha. Thought so. Go south into the trench. This looks like another good spot for a SAVE.


It won't do to attack the pillboxes.  Even if you take them, we can't have that kind of ruckus just yet. Let's WAIT a while and see if any opportunities turn up.


That truck looks promising.  You'd be seen hanging onto the sides, so Check out the underside. Yeah, lots of room there. ENTER UNDERSIDE.


(Note: from here on in, the enemies you encounter may vary from what I may mention.  Just take them out and clear the area as you progress.)


Any false move or excess noise now will almost certainly put the base on alert and scrub your mission. It makes no sense to check out an open, guarded storage area or to walk down the main road in these circumstances, so duck west into the alley. It wouldn't be terribly bright to enter a barracks full of soldiers, so keep looking. Go west again, then south twice, then east once.


A maintenance building.  That look promising!  Go south, then down after clearing the area.


Yuck. It sure stinks like a sewer down here. Just what the doctor ordered! Examine that pipe. Remove the grate by attacking it. If you haven't been doing regular SAVE's, this might be a good time for one.


Enter the pipe, and move south four times. Those light rays must mean there's something up above. Attack the ceiling and go up. Go south twice. Read the diagram. OK, now we've got ourselves a road map! Be sure to note the turns you need to take (R,L,R,R,L).


Go east out the door. Go south (R), then east (L) three times. The alert sounds! Somebody must have stumbled over some of your past handiwork. The boys have it right, it's time to lock and load, so ARM to ready your M16.


Go south (R) twice. The tempo is definitely picking up now! Go west (R) twice. Go south (L). USE the control box to open the security door, and go south. USE the control box to close the door, and then destroy the box to disable the mechanism. Now it's a race to finish the mission before the door is opened!


Go up onto the walkway. USE the lever to open the blast doors. Go south twice. Have Tech set two explosives charges. Go back north twice. Close the blast doors. Give orders to Tech to use his detonator to blow the two charges set on the missile. Mission accomplished!  But it ain't Miller time just yet!


What's that smell?  Gas!  Did you note the vent at the top of the stairs?  Go find it, and USE HANDLE to close it.


The door opens!  You face overwhelming odds, and have no escape route.  Unless you want the game to end right here, you'll have to surrender.  But it ain't over yet-


Interrogation.  Note where your gear is.  After they leave, examine your chains.  Maybe you can break them. ATTACK CHAINS.  It worked! Go north, then east. EXAMINE the door to find out where you are. Go east again and examine the doors. C-148! Go north.


Take out the Breakers with hand-to-hand combat.  Go east and get your gear. ARM yourself with your M16. Take a moment to use your medikit on anyone who is injured worse than "lightly wounded". This is a good spot for a SAVE.


Now it gets confusing. You have lost your compass and are turned around in an underground complex. The direction you believe to be North may or may not be it in reality. The important thing now is to run down corridors and look for an exit.  The complex is small, so that will do for an improvised plan of action.  You will be engaging in a lot of combat, so watch your ammo!


Go west, then south back into the corridor. Go east three times, then south. Go west twice.


Blocked by the security door!  Set an explosive charge against it (USE EXPLOSIVE).  Go back east twice and north once to get some protection, and USE the detonator to blow the door.


Go south, then east three times. Go south, then west. OK, now you've got your bearings! Go east.


Not good. Wait a minute. The Breakers are using that overturned truck for cover, and its underside is facing

you.  A truck's gas tank is often on the underside- ATTACK TRUCK.


Go north three times. There's that vehicle storage area you saw on the way in!  Go east, then north to try to find a vehicle. ENTER TANK and escape.


Go north. USE the detonator to blow the bridge.  The airstrip looks like your best opportunity for escape; maybe you can steal something. Go north, then west, then south, then west.  A helicopter! ENTER CHOPPER.


Remember the base layout? To rise would be suicide.  Go east twice.  You made it!

Eamon #166 "Storm Breaker"
Walkthrough by Richard Davies

While Storm Breaker comes with a Solutions program on the disk, I found that following the advice therein was a surefire route to incredible frustration. Key information is left out, and the player is encouraged to take actions long before the character is properly equipped to perform them. So here's what I found to be a far easier route to a successful conclusion.

After arriving in the storm-wracked city, having a word with the locals (TALK DOCK HANDS) and seeing nearly all your worldly possessions destroyed, you find yourself stranded with only the clothes on your back and between 20 and 24 gold pieces. One quick hint on exploring the city: By going west from the southern residences, and then north, you can quickly cross from the east side of town to the west. You can do the same thing in the northern residences. Other than that, since the city itself is entirely safe, you can and should just explore freely and familiarize yourself with it.

Having done so, your first step should be to visit the bank. No, not to rob the place, though you're definitely demonstrating the appropriate attitude. TALK BANKER, and you'll be given a menu of options, one of which is to take out a loan with some very favorable terms. (Basically, you pay no interest whatsoever. Given that you just showed up out of nowhere with nothing, how this bank makes money is a real mystery.) Choose this option, and you'll be given 50 more gold pieces that you're going to desperately need.

With your borrowed money in hand, head down to Maker Street, and buy a sword, a bow, and some arrows. You still can't afford any armour, though. If you haven't already, now visit the magician's store on Thinker Street and TALK MAGICIAN. The fact that he demonstrates his wares, rather than expecting you to know what you want to buy, is quite a change from the way that the rest of the merchants in this place behave, so BUY FIREWORKS. Head to the city gates and visit the adventurer's supply store. You should buy some torches (at least one, and two is a good idea) and a tinder box.

Now that you don't feel quite so under-equipped, visit the palace and talk with the people that you meet there, so that you can get some idea of what you're up against. You should also visit the Museum and TALK CURATOR. He'll tell you all sorts of useful information. Since he encourages you to take a look at his exhibits, and makes a point of mentioning the dagger, why not EXAMINE both of them?

The curator talked about the ruins. That seems like a good place to start looking for information about the bad guy. Visit the gatehouse, and, as the guard suggests, SAY RUINS to be shown how to get there. From your new starting point, head S, E, and E again. Light a torch, and head E twice more to run into your first fight. Have at the foul thing!

Oops. You can't hurt it, but it can hurt you. So you should FLEE as soon as you're injured. (Remember to XTINGUISH as soon as you're back in the light. You still don't have so much money that you can afford to waste it on torches.) Head back to town, and visit the physician. TALK to him, and after he takes your money, he'll tell you that he can't do a thing for you. (This is why you should run as soon as you're even lightly injured. The more damaged you are, the more it'll cost to get this message.) So now what? Well, since he describes your wound as "unholy", maybe the holy can help. Go to the white temple and TALK CLERIC.

Okay, you're back up to strength, and you've got a lead on what you need to protect yourself from such creatures. As long as you're in the temple, why not PUT your SWORD in the HOLY WATER, and see if that helps make it more effective against them? To find out about dragons, head for the tavern, and GIVE some GOLD to the BARD, and tell him that you want to hear about a RED DRAGON. He'll sing a song that will tell you about one such beast, where you can find it and (most importantly) who can help you to defeat it. Head for the gate again, SAY WEST HILLS, and walk along the trail until you meet a pair of dwarves. TALK DWARF, and then tell them what you want to fight. You'll be allowed into their home, and allowed to TALK some more. They'll explain what they want from you in exchange.

Leave the dwarves' hall, head N and then UP into the mountains. Follow the trail that you find until it leads you to the giants' castle, and go UP to get inside. Once there, go N, N, U, W, and S. Kill the giant with the keen sense of smell, and go UP one more time. So that's the guardian the dwarf smith mentioned. And if you try to attack it with your sword, it'll probably move until you can't reach it. So try FLEEing, READYing your bow, and returning to the fray. Unfortunately, your arrows can't hurt it. What you need is a distraction ... and those fireworks you conveniently purchased should make for a heck of a distraction. LIGHT FIREWORKS, and you'll kill the monster with one shot. Unfortunately, all that noise alerts the giants to your presence. If you can survive one round of attacks that mostly miss, you should be all right.

Pick up your reward (a shield that will protect you from the dragon's firey breath) and head back to town. Once there, unless you're really hurt, you should SAY HIGH CAVES to the gatekeeper, and go fight the dragon. Follow the trail, remembering to light your torch. Fortunately, not only is this a very small cave system, this is a really stupid dragon. (A smart dragon would realize that your shield is protecting you, and not waste time with the breath weapon after one time.) After defeating it, you should get all the treasure you can carry. Sadly, right now, that's limited to the talisman, which will be revealed after the first time that you try to GET TREASURE. Anyway, GET TALISMAN and WEAR it. Return to town, get fixed up if you really need it, and then visit the bank. The banker will buy your dragonshield for a nice amount, and you'll now have enough carrying capacity to haul the rest of the dragon's treasure back as well.

You're definitely no longer penniless! While you're at the bank, withdraw 350 hard-earned gold pieces from your account, and go buy a suit of armour as well as the healing potion that the physician has been pushing on you. Make sure to wear the chain mail before you return to the ruins. (You might also want to pick up a full set of torches -- you can carry up to six at a time.) Retrace your steps, and now have at the foul thing. You'll find that you can damage it (thanks to the bath you gave your sword) and that it doesn't inflict unhealing wounds (thanks to the talisman) and that it's much more likely to not do any damage at all (thanks to that sweet sweet armour).

After dispatching the first shadow, follow the widening cavern by going N twice, then turning E and going E again. You'll run into a wraith. While its ability to cause fear will impact your ability to hit, you can still fight. Once it's dispelled, head E, then S, then E twice more. Attack the group of monsters that you find here. If necessary, use the healing potion. Once you're past the ghostly trio, go north five times until you find some scrolls. You won't be able to make sense of them, but you probably know someone who can. However, you're not done here yet. Explore the rest of this huge room, and you'll find a lost treasure that you can sell to the bank. Trust me -- you'll need it!

After returning to the city and selling the found treasure, visit the Museum and SHOW SCROLLS to CURATOR. He'll translate them for you, and in the process develop a key so that you can translate any more writings of this nature that you'll happen to find. He'll also give you a recipe that he found in the scrolls. (Don't bother trying to read it. The artifact information points to the wrong description, and the right description isn't to be found either. It still works when you show it to the right person.)

From the story you've just heard, it's clear that the master of the black tower has done worse things than just setting in motion forces that lost you everything you owned, but doing that would be reason enough for you to go and do battle with him. The curator mentioned that he found the dagger where they were building the black temple. Remember what the noble you met at the palace said about there being people in town who were on the Storm Bringer's side? You think there might be a connection between the black temple and the black tower? )(If not, do you think there might be a connection between the fact that it's raining and the fact that you're getting wet?) Anyway, since the curator will probably be busy going over his new find, he probably won't mind if you "borrow" the dagger.

Before you go any further, consider buying another dose of healing potion if you've used the first one up. Then visit the black temple, and EXAMINE the curtain mentioned in the description. This reveals a passage going W (or going UP if you're returning from this direction.) and then S will take you to an unusual sealed door. EXAMINE CIRCLE, and you'll get an idea of how it opens. Take another gander at the dagger you "borrowed". It seems like a match, but if you try it, you'll find that it's become too rusty to function. If you visit the blacksmith on Maker Street, and SHOW DAGGER to him, he can make a more pristine copy that will work. Return to the temple, PUT KEY in CIRCLE, and head into the caverns beneath the city.

Travel down the tunnel that you find there, but avoid the "maze of caves" for the moment. At "the end" of the tunnel, head E. Fight your way through the two heavily guarded temple rooms, reflecting as you do that the author of this adventure would have had you doing this much earlier, and doing so without armour or healing. Once you've killed everyone you've found down there, pick up the valuables that you find, take a quaff of your healing potion if you need it (you probably will, if you haven't used it after the first room) and then USE LEVER to reveal a passage leading E.

Follow the passage and then head up the stairs. Do not try fighting the guardian that you find there. You'll have to face him soon enough, there's no need to do so prematurely. Just go up the stairs, and go north from the top. You'll meet your adversary, but you cannot reach him from where you are. You also cannot successfully shoot at him. If you're still in good shape after your earlier battles, you can try to head up to confront him face to face, but you definitely won't be in good shape after you try to do so. Discretion is the greater part of valor, so head back south and then down.

However, the guardian intends to teach you a thing or two about fighting. Again, if you're in good shape, you might be able to fight him for a round, but it's a losing proposition. So FLEE, but pay attention to his parting taunt. It tells you more than he probably intended. Remember how the scrolls spoke of a warrior sent to confront Turlos? Well, now you have an idea of where he wound up. If necessary, get yourself fixed up, and then head N into the aforementioned "maze of tunnels".

Light up a torch. Go E, E, S, E, E, E, E. You come into a cave that shows evidence of having been shaped for human usage, which also has a draft. Head E up the stairs, and then N. In the strange cavern, you'll find that you cannot move the lever and cannot, despite the room's name, move N. So head E onto a platform. EXAMINE BRAZIERS. If you hit the pipe (ATTACK PIPE) you'll summon a monster. Again, you aren't able to effectively fight this monster, so FLEE. Then head W and you'll be back in the room with the draft. Investigate the draft by heading S three times. From that junction, go E and you'll discover a very useful shortcut between this section of the caves and another area.

Returning to the junction, go W and you'll find evidence of the warrior's fate. Follow the passageways until you reach the cave where you find his remains. The scratches on the wall of this cave are writing that, thanks to the Curator's key, you are now able to read. Do so, and take note of the skeleton's TATTERED VEST. Actually, forget about taking note. Take the vest itself. Is this the shielding that the writing mentions? Obviously, "our friend" is the monster in the caves north of here. It's supposed to give up a treasure of some sort when shown "red glory". Whatever that means, it probably has something to do with the braziers on the platform.

Go get them. They're kind of old and rotten-looking, aren't they? Much like the dagger and the key, they could use replacing. So go back to the surface, and after visiting the bank to sell your recently acquired valuables and pick up some more funds, visit the lampmaker to buy new lamps. (SHOW BRAZIERS so that he knows what to make, and then take the braziers (and the dagger) to the Museum. There's no reason to do this, but I suspect that the Curator would appreciate it.) Pick up your lamps and then go buy some oil at the whaling warehouse. You should get the larger quantity. (You won't need all of it, but it's quicker than buying the six individual flasks that you will need.) Then go back to the strange cave, DROP LAMPS, PUT OIL in LAMPS, LIGHT LAMPS, and ATTACK PIPE.

The monster returns, but having been shown red glory, it reveals red treasure. Go W then N from the platform and you'll find a crystal. Take a look at the tattered vest. Yup, looks like the crystal was part of the shielding mentioned by the warrior. Head up again and visit the mason to buy a hammer and chisel, then return to the crystal. READY HAMMER, ATTACK CRYSTAL, and get everything that's produced as a result.

Return to the surface, and go to the bank to withdraw around 500 gold pieces. Your next few steps are going to cost a lot of money. Good thing you got that treasure, or you could never have afforded all of this. First, visit the gemcutter to get the crystal cut in a pentagonal shape, as the scrolls indicated. (Note: after you do this, be sure to refer to the crystal as PENTAGONAL CRYSTAL, not just CRYSTAL.) Then see the clothier and SHOW TATTERED VEST to get him to make one just like it. He'll send you to the jeweler to get fixtures added to the crystal; SHOW PENTAGONAL CRYSTAL. Then go back to the clothier and SHOW PENTAGONAL CRYSTAL again.

However, your vest is still not quite identical to the original. Now's a good time to show the list to the alchemist, and see what he can make of it. He requires an ingredient from the south marshes, and it's up to you to get it. First, drop your armour off at the bank, as you won't need it for this part of the adventure. Basically, you need to reduce your load to around 40. Then, after a short trip to the fisherman's supply store to pick up a net, visit the woodworkers' guild to buy a boat, and head to the South Marsh.

As soon as you get to the marsh, READY NET. Then go S, W, and S. If you're lucky, the snake will show up at once. If not then, paddle around any direction but N. Once you see the snake, ATTACK. You'll catch the snake. Be sure and pick up the venom that you milked before you head out of the marsh. Also be sure that you have at least 100 gold pieces left before you visit the alchemist to GIVE VENOM to him, otherwise you'll have to go through this whole thing a second time. Finally, drop the boat anywhere. You won't need it again.

After you have the white paste produced by the alchemist, PUT POWDERED CRYSTAL into WHITE PASTE. After doing so, remember to pick up the RED PAINT produced. Pick up your armour and anything else you might need from the bank, before heading for the limner's store. SHOW TATTERED VEST to LIMNER, and then SHOW RED PAINT as well. WEAR VEST over your armour.

One more stop before you head for the final confrontation. The warrior referred to the guardian as "one who kills all he sees". But what if he couldn't see? When you spoke to the magician, he blinded you with a device that he called a lightball. Go to the magician's store and BUY LIGHTBALL. It's expensive, but it's worth it, as you'll find out when you descend into the caves for your third encounter with the guardian. USE LIGHTBALL, and he'll be blinded, allowing you to strike freely! This is the only sure way to kill him.

With the guardian defeated, head up the tower to have your final confrontation with the Storm Bringer. The vest protects you from his electrical attacks, allowing you to close and face him in hand to hand combat. You are almost certain to win this conflict, but be careful, and SAVE before heading up. Enjoy the fruits of your victory.

Eamon #194 "Attack of the Kretons"
Walkthrough by Tom Zuchowski

Be sure to read the Authorís Notes in the introduction. They contain several very important tips.


For you who wish to play this without using this walk-through, the intro tips cover most of what you need to know. But I will add a couple of items:


First, at any given point in the play, the TALK command will generally give you a tidbit of information about someplace else. You will do best if you follow up on what you know before branching elsewhere. Cover the city first. After youíve done what you can there, you will have some clues about where to go next. I recommend that you explore the mountains to the north first thing after leaving the city.


Second, this really isnít a terribly difficult Eamon, with perhaps two exceptions. Towards the end you will come to a place that you canít escape from, and you will quickly die there unless you use a specific artifact. This artifact is of the "embedded" type that can only be found by examining the stuff that the room description tells you about. Do not proceed to the final confrontation with the god of cheesedip unless you are carrying the Wand of Water and Frost.


There is also another wand that can make short work of a formidable adversary.



Letís get started!


You start out without a weapon in hand; so ready one of your weapons.


There is one new command: TALK. Weíll be using it a good bit.


Examine the lump in your seat. You find a sack of gold! Get it. What the heck, get the cheesedip, too.


TALK IRON MIKE and learn of the Sage.


TALK MINSTREL and meet Groo, your companion for this outing.


TALK OLD CRONY and learn of lights in the woods.


TALK GROO. Well, what would you expect?


INVENTORY GROO. Hey, he has a secret message. Request it from him and read it. (Itís just a joke.)


Go E into the menís room, find nothing, and return. Go N into the Bazaar.


TALK CHEESY WOMAN and learn that the Sage had a problem with the witches Arba and Dakarba.


Go E to the end of the street. You can safely ignore the rioters. Check out the rum shop to the S, and return N.


Go N into the Princeís court. TALK PRINCE. Nuts, heís passed out. Get the Orb of Evanyur. Huh. If we need it, apparently weíll have to get permission from the Prince. Obviously thatís a waste of time right now, so return S and W to the Bazaar.


Continue W to Skid Row. TALK DRUNK and learn that the Sage was taken by a bat-thing. It sounds like there might be some connection with those witches, huh.


Check out the cheesedip shop to the north, then go W to the city wall.


Go W over the wall. Whoops! FLEE N. The Kretons donít follow. Whew.


Go N twice, then W twice, then U twice, Then W. (Thereís a joke at some craggy features.)


Read the sign. Aha. Looks like weíve found the witchesí lair. Continue W into the cave.


Go N and meet 10 orcs! Wait a minute; they donít seem disposed to fight. TALK ORCS. Yep, looks like weíre safe. Check the rooms to W and E.


Continue N into the captainís room and meet Chichester, another ally. TALK CHICHESTER, and he gives you a bronze key (it appears in your inventory.) Return S twice to the cave.


Continue S and meet a hideous demon thing. TALK DEMON THING. Well, it doesnít seem sociable, so kill it.


Go W. Hmm, weíre blocked by a bronze door. Well, Chichester gave you a bronze key, so OPEN DOOR.


Go W into the Conjuring Room. Free the dog. (Talk to him for another joke.)


Continue W into the torture room, Kill Arba and Dakarba. Get the brass key. Free the bound Sage. Talk to him to get him up to speed on the Kretons.


Continue W. Examine the furniture and discover a brass chestólucky we picked up that brass key, huh. Open the chest and find the Wand of Water and Frost, a bag of kopins and a healing potion. Get it all.


Looks like weíre done here. Return to the fork in the road (E,E,E,N,E,D,D,E,E) and meet Chakaal. Continue E again and meet Manly Max. It turns out that he is a major foe, and he wonít let you past him. Donít try to fight, thereís a better way. FLEE W for now.


Return to the city (S,S,S, then FLEE E) and find yourself at the Sageís place. He says he needs brandy, so go to the bar (E, S) and REQUEST BRANDY from Steel Stan. He wants 75 Kopins for it, so GIVE 75 to him and get the brandy.


Return N then W to the Sageís place. Open the oak door and go N inside. Give the brandy to the Sage, and learn of the god of cheesedip.


Open the catalog and read it. I guess that was personal. Open the leather book, then read it and learn of the Sakainluth, and DHOUD, a password. Get the leather book.


Time to check out these new leads. Return outside the wall, and FLEE S from the Kretons.


Go S into the Forest of Ewing. Go E twice, and kill Taranto and his peasant pillagers. Continue S, then W to the dead end. SAY DHOUD to get the stone slab to move aside.


Go S twice, and kill the death zombies. Continue E to the Altar of Cheesdip and free the bound man. Learn of the Amulet of Ian from his rantings before he dies. Get the map off his body. Read the map and learn of a secret passage in the woods. Return to the fork in the road (W,N,N,E,N,W,W.)


Continue on this path to a dead end (W,S,E), and kill the bear. This is a dead end, and the map said the secret was in the SW corner, so go back W. Examine the oak and find a secret passage W.


Continue W twice and find a hole. Examine the hole and find a box. Open the box, and get the Amulet of Ian. Now return to the intersection in the cheesdip caves (E,E,N,E,E,E,S,W,SAY DHOUD,S,S.)


Proceed W, then N, and kill the high priest. Get the key and La Codex du Cheesdip. Open La Codex and read it to learn how to gain entry to the realm of the cheesdip god.


Go S twice and kill the acolytes. Read the sign. Return N, and open the door. Go W and kill the zombies. Open the jars. Get the kopins, Wand of Castratia and brooms (actually, the brooms are optional.)


Letís go see if the Prince is awake yet. Return to his court (E,E,N,N,E,N,W,W,N,N,FLEE E,E,E,E,N.)


Heís awake now. Request the Orb. He wants this Crystal of Krossos. Well, we figured there would be a price to pay, didnít we?


The Wand of Castratia just might be the ticket to handle an overly many dude. Letís go see Manly Max (S,W,W,W,W,FLEE N,N,N,E.) USE the Wand of Castratia and eliminate him as a threat.


Go E, then N. Go N again and find that the eagles wonít let you pass. SAY THE PASSWORD. Continue N and meet the Wizard of the Unknown. Talk with him and learn that he has the Crystal of Krossos. Request the crystal from him.




Kill the gorilla, then the zombies, then Conan, and receive the crystal for your performance.


Go to the Prince  (S,S,W,W,S,S,S,FLEE E.,E,E,E,N) Give the Crystal of Krossos to the Prince. Get the Orb of Evanyur.


Now weíre ready to rock. SAY IMTU KHOUL, and find yourself on the Plain of Stench. Go S, then E. Ignore the stone statue and go E into the castle. Kill the Grim Reaper.


Go Eówhoops, thatís no good! Return W.


Go S, then E, and kill the Melancholy Reaper.


Continue S, then W, and kill the Jovial Reaper. (Thereís a joke in the pun book.)


Continue S. A death trap! Only seconds to actóUSE the Wand of Water and Frost to save yourself.


Go S and kill Joey.


Continue E and meet Sorrimat. Discover Mr. Roessler, and note his plaid pants. Use the Amulet of Ian. (Mr. Roessler was Nateís high school computer teacher, and, rather to his bemusement, regularly appears as the bad guy in Nateís Eamons.)


Get the paper and read it to learn the way home.


Return to the Room of Odd Proportions ( W,N,N,E.)  Continue E and enter the teleporter room.. SAY CAWTEENAHMOSH.


Have a fine time in Oigres, and go home!

Eamon #206 "Curse of the Hellsblade"
Walkthrough by Tom Zuchowski

NOTE: in doing this walkthrough, I discovered a serious bug in the DOS 3.3 version that prevents a successful completion of play. See the Bug Fixes in this issue for the fix.


I have two hints for those who wish to play it on their own. First, there are several secret passages that can only be found by going in that direction. In each case the room description will say something about the wall being dark or shadowed in that direction. There is no need to try every direction in every room, but be on the lookout for cues in the descriptions.


Second, there is a means of gaining some control over the Hellsblade. Be on the watch for it. But also remember that an unfettered Hellsblade is a very vicious killing machine, probably better than you in a crunch.


Letís get started!


From the start, we have a clear Quest here: get rid of that darned Hellsblade. There are no new commands, which suggests that this is a straightforward version 7 play.


You begin play outside the cave. First, letís take stock of ourselves and do an Inventory. We have the Hellsblade, but our usual personal weapon is the ready weapon. Letís ready the Hellsblade, instead.


Go W and enter the cave. Thereís a torch here on the wall. Get it. Continue W, then go N into the chamber. Get the lamp oil and diary. Read the diary and learn about the Guardian and how to control it. Return S.

Go W, then S. Oops. Light the torch. Go W, and stand by helplessly as the Hellsblade kills the bats. Return E, then go E into the room on the other side. After the Hellsblade kills the slime monster, get the gold watch. Return W.


Continue S twice to a T-intersection. The south wall is covered in shadow. Could there be something there? Go S.


A secret tunnel! Continue S to a large temple. Whereís that music coming from? Examine the altar. Aha, thought so. Go S and find the Holy Gauntlets. Wear them. The Hellsblade whines! Can you control it now?

Return N three times to the intersection.


Head E, then N, and meet a wolf. The Hellsblade does not attack! You can control it now, even though you canít get rid of it yet. Kill the wolf and get the sword. Return S to the tunnel.


Continue E twice to a 4-way intersection. I guess any old direction is as good as another. Letís try N.


Check out that room E, then return W.


Continue N up the tunnel to a dead end. Kill the rattlesnake. Open the sachel, and get all. Return S twice to the 4-way intersection.


Continue S, and turn W into a closet. Thereís nothing here, so return E and check out the S room. Kill the grizzly bear. Again, there is nothing, so return N twice to the 4-way intersection.


Head E, and kill the Zombie. Continue E into a large chamber.


Open the silver box. Get all, and read the letter. Aha! The name of Johnís love is Elizabeth. Return W.


Go S. Kill the dragon. Yes, you do have better control of the Hellsblade! It is only killing your target instead of everyone in sight. Get the treasure chest, then return to the first T-intersection (N,W,W,W,W.)


Continue W twice, then go S into a bedroom. Kill Sodloth, and get all. Return N to the tunnel.


Continue N twice, then turn E. Kill the lime monster . (For your information, this is a tough kill with an ordinary weapon. Ainít this blade something special? Too bad you canít keep it!) Thereís nothing else here, so return W.


Go W twice, then N, and find a skull. Open the skull and get the lump of gold (weird.)


Explore E and find a dead end, so return W.


Continue W into a tunnel. Go N into a study. All that paneling. . . examine panels. Aha. Go W into a secret chamber. Open the crate and get the skeleton key. Return E and S.


Go S into a laboratory. Examine the table Ė another secret passage! Go S twice. Get the parchment and learn that you canít read it.


Whatís this locked door? Open the door and go W. Kill the black demon. (Love this sword!) Return to the tunnel (E,N,N,N.)


Go W three times, and take the N turn at the intersection. Kill the wizard if you must, but he will probably not be an enemy. Get the magic potion, which is a healing potion. There is nothing in the cabinet that you want bad enough to kill the wizard for. If he attacks you, then go ahead and open the cabinet with his key, otherwise itís no big deal. Return S to the tunnel.


Go W to another T-intersection., and again turn N. Go into the W chamber. Open the chest of drawers, and get the gold and comb. Return E.


Continue N into a dining chamber and meet Reshkiv. Return S twice to the last intersection.


Continue S, and check out the E chamber. Kill Puglen and Gimkog, then return W to the tunnel.


Go S, W, then N, and kill Gorgan Toad. Return S.


Continue W and meet a caveman. Itís a dead end, so return E twice. Continue E. Enter the chamber to the S, and kill Gromish.


Hmm, the south wall is concealed in shadow. Go S into a secret tunnel. Go S again and kill Habstash. Open the trunk. Examine the clothing. Get the axe and gold bars. (You may be running out of strength to carry stuff here, and may have to begin picking and choosing what to carry.)


(There is a bug in the DROP ALL command that does not set WT back to zero. If it seems to you that you should be able to carry more, do this: DROP ALL. Halt the program with a control-C. Then type WT=0:POKE51,0:GOTO100.)


Go E and get the gold nuggets. Return to the tunnel (W,N,N,N.)


Go E into a room. Kill the packrat, and get all. Read the paper. It seems to confirm that the Hellsblade has little power against blessed objects. There are your Holy Gauntlets. What else might there be, to bind it?


Return to the skull (W twice, N twice, E five times,) and backtrack to a room you skipped earlier (S,E,E,S,W.) Kill the alligator.


Well, weíve been everywhere but in that pool. But before we dive in, donít forget that the water will soak and ruin the torch. Drop the torch.


Go D into the water. Go D twice more, to the bottom of the pool.  Continue D into the crack. Open the clam, and get the pearl.


The water pressure is getting bad. It could be fatal to dive deeper. But letís check out that overhang to the west Ė go W twice, then go U three times onto a ledge.


Open the chest. Could this be Elizabethís necklace that was mentioned in Johnís letter? Get the necklace and the lantern. Put the oil in the lantern.


Letís look at the room again. That vertical crack looks interesting Ė examine crack. Thought so. Go W through the crack.


The tunnel is blocked by rubble. Is there anything we can do? Examine rubble. If we could move that slab, we could get through that hole. Open slab. Nope. Attack slab. No good either.


Wait a minute; weíve got mining tools! Ready the minerís pick, and attack the slab again. It shatters! Ready the Hellsblade again.


Go W through the hole. Oops. Light the lantern.


Go W. The Guardian! Open the box.  The Guardian pushes you away! Say ELIZABETH. (This is what that bug fix is for.) He stands aside!  But the box wonít open!


Hmm. Letís review by re-reading the diary, letter and paper.  The key is nearby, buried in the demonís resting place. There seemed to be a dark doorway in the last room. Return E. The Guardian is not happy, but lets you go.


Go N into the tomb. But before you open the coffin, letís give this a little thought. The coffin will contain a Prince of Hell, and he will be no pushover. Will your skills be sufficient to destroy him?


You can fight him yourself and hope for the best, or you can turn to desperate measures. The Hellsblade is a far more vicious fighter than you are. You can remove the Holy Gauntlets and give it free rein, but if you do, it will kill everyone in the room.


If you choose this path (and you probably should,) be sure to be in perfect health first, because all of your friends will fight for their lives, and will do their best to kill you. Even then, the risk is great, because you have no control over whom the Hellsblade chooses to slay, and it may leave Barbus alive for too long.


One way to greatly improve your chances is to disarm all of your companions by requesting their weapons before you open the coffin. Itís a dastardly thing to do, but itís more important to protect the world from the Hellsblade.


Open the coffin and meet Barbus, a Prince of Hell. Kill him, or let the Hellsblade do the job.


Done at last, at terrible cost. Get the gold key, and return S, and W to the golden box.


Open the golden box. A Sacred Scabbard! This is surely a safe container for the Hellsblade. Put the Hellsblade in the Sacred Scabbard.


Oops, it wonít go!  Wear the Holy Gauntlets, and try again. This time it goes in, against its will.


Put the Sacred Scabbard in the golden box. Safe now!


But is that enough? You still have the key! Put the gold key in the golden box as well. Now no one will be able to open it.


You Quest is fulfilled. Time to leave. Return to the other side of the pool. (E three times, D three times, E twice, U four times.)


Get the torch, and light it. Then return to the entrance (E,S, E twice, N three times, E four times.)


And now the world is safe from the Curse of the Hellsblade!

Eamon #220 "Catacombs of Terror"
Walkthrough by Tom Zuchowski

First, the hints for those of you who want to solve this on your own. Thereís really only one: read everything very carefully. You will face about a half-dozen puzzles, and they are for the most part very obscure. But if you pay attention, you will see strong hints and even outright solutions as you work your way through the catacombs.  If you catch all of the clues, this is actually a fairly easy foray.


A second, lesser hint is that you must be ready to give up your best treasures or companions at certain points.


One of the potential companions is far more valuable than the others. It was obvious to me which one to choose.


Note the new commands: HIRE, DISMISS, JUMP, SACRIFICE, and throw. POWER is gone.



Letís get started!


If you played this straight, without this walk-through, you would probably miss several key actions and would have to backtrack to do them after you found the proper clue. Here we will do them as we come to them. This could happen, if we were lucky enough to think of all the right things to do as we went.


You start out in a large field. What are those bumps? Examine them and find some diamonds. Get them.


Head W into the shack. Open the cabinet and find a sterling silver cup. Get it, and return E.


Go N twice and find a river of blood! Get some blood. Return S.


Go E to the cave entrance and kill the rock eater. Get the torch. (Remember that this is a version 7 Eamon, and that your spell ability will regenerate, so you might want to top your health off after each battle.)


Go E and kill the Icy Black Hand of Death. Grab the sword if you want it. (From here on I will only mention getting items that you must have. Feel free to grab anything. None of the magical swords are really awesome weapons; most come in around 2D4 to 3D5.)


Go S. Oops, itís dark Ė light the torch.


Go E twice and get the sacrificial knife.


Go N twice and kill the orcs.


Continue N to a large chamber, and find a scroll. Read the scroll and learn of a magic word: ZOOMBA. This word teleports you back to this room. (We wonít be needing this word, but it would be very useful indeed if we needed to temporarily depart from one or more tests to search for the solution.)


You can rouse the statue by freeing him, but be forewarned that he wonít be friendly and is a very strong opponent.


Go W. You will find combat in the rooms to the north and south if you want it. The combat to the south is quite challenging.


Continue W and kill the rats. Youíll find more combat in the rooms to the north and south, if you want it.  A 10-swallow healing potion is in the south room.


Go W, then N, and meet the Overlord and the outlaw. You can only hire one companion at a time, and neither of these two impresses me very much. Letís look around some more. Return S.


Go S and meet Gar and Ryu. A pair of fast talkers, but not much else to recommend them. Letís look a bit more. Return N.


Go W and meet the Sage and Ralkor. If the Sage is talking straight, he would be a great asset. Hire the Sage. Heed his advice!


Return E four times to the large chamber.


Continue E. Go into the north room and get the skull. Return S. Examine the south room if you wish.


Continue E. Examine the north room if you wish.


Go S. Hey; there is something on these walls. Letís see if we can get something here Ė try examining the writing. Aha! Read the writing. Two passages:




(What a lucky break that we already happen to have a silver cup filled with blood!)


Return S, then go E and N. The Sage says that there is a trapdoor down. If you go down, youíll find a Gamemaster who will let you gamble your money, health, or companions. As near I can tell, itís a suckerís game, as the odds appear to me to be stacked 2-1 against you.


Return S, then continue S again. Free the headless skeleton (the skull is the key Ė I donít exactly understand it, either.) Find yourself with a new companion.


Return N. Examine the east room if you wish. Then return W three times to the large chamber.


Go N twice. Enter the west room and open the box. Read the Pamphlet of Destruction and learn how to pass the First Test by using the magic word QUALCAST.

Return E. Examine the east room if you wish.


Go N. The Sage says there is a secret door in the west wall! Open the door, and go W into an ancient library.


Read the Teacherís Book and learn of the first four Tests: magic, then skill, then intelligence, then magic again.


Read the Odd Book. I suspect that this passage refers to the skull.


Return E, then continue E into the other room. Get the granite key. Return W.


Go N to the Gateway. Note the Sageís advice!


Open the gate and go N.


Your First Test! Remember the Pamphlet of Destruction? Say QUALCAST. The monster vanishes!


Your Second Test! The book said that this one is a game of skill. The solution is fairly obscure: throw the diamonds.


Your Third Test! This one is subtle, but we have the clues. We know that it is a test of intelligence, and we remember that the Sage advised us that weíd have to use our brain to succeed. Letís try exactly that. (USE BRAIN.)


Your Fourth Test! At first it seems hard, but then we remember that it was listed in the teacherís book as a test of magic. Blast the crystal.


A glass tower! Now the Sage advises you that you must kill him in the tower. And we remember the writing on the wall that said that a sacrifice must be made at the top of a tower. So be it.


Go U twice. Sacrifice the Sage. Alas, indeed.


There is nothing else to do in the areas you have already seen. Thereís only one thing to do: jump out the window.


Go S and meet the Demon. Use the blood to win him over (USE BLOOD.)


Continue S into the treasure room. (Seems that a treas- ure room should have some treasure in it, doesnít it?)


Go W twice. Youíve won!

Eamon #239 "Idol of the Incas"
Walkthrough by Tom Zuchowski

We are on a Quest to seek out the fabulous legendary Idol of the Incas. Our adventure begins as we approach an Incan temple.


For those who wish to solve it on their own, I only have one good hint: this adventure makes very heavy use of multiply-embedded artifacts. By that term I mean items that are not listed in the room description but only in other artifact descriptions. For example, the room description mentions a table, and the table description mentions a plate, and the plate description mentions a knife, and the knife is a real artifact. Thus we have table, plate, and knife artifacts in the room, but only the table is revealed by the room description. Furthermore, the knife description might mention an inscription that can be examined and read.


Note: this map contains several passages that have parallel destinations. We will ignore unnecessary side trips down redundant and dead-end passages, although these passages do serve well to flesh out the temple and the dangerous Demons of Darkness.


Also, many of the commands will be based on what we learned from the previous move. Be sure to read the game text as we progress, so you will understand where each move came from.


Our first move is to go N to reach the temple. Then go E twice, then N, and discover an entrance to the west. Go W twice, then U. Oops. It looks like there might be something to that legend, after all, and we will need light to progress through the temple.


Go D until you stumble back into a dimly lit passageway. Then go E to exit back onto the outdoor path. Continue N twice, then W to reach the entrance.


What are those tablets to the north? Go N and see. EXAMINE TABLETS. EXAMINE SLATE TABLET. READ GLYPHS.  A "Path of Adventure?" This looks promising! GET SLATE TABLET.


Return S, then go Up the steps and meet Penaca. Try to go W or E, and we find that only one exit is illuminated by a "suntunnel." Hmm.


This art gallery may hold clues. EXAMINE FRESCOES. Aha. The suntunnel is different! EXAMINE PAINTING. READ GLYPHS and learn that  the tablet is the key. This is surely our solution, so let's see what we can do here.


EXAMINE the SLOT in the floor. The painting showed something here--PUT SLATE TABLET IN SLOT like the painting showed. Suntunnels open to east and west!


Go W twice, then S twice into the scribe's room. GET MEDALLION. And there are more tablets strewn about here. EXAMINE TABLETS. EXAMINE BROKEN TABLET. It's inscribed with an Incan "P". EXAMINE SCRATCHED TABLET. It's marked with a "T".

GET BROKEN TABLET. GET SCRATCHED TABLET.  Hmm, all we can manage is just one tablet. That will do for now. Bring the broken tablet along. Go E three times to the library, and kill Teowamba.


A library could be useful-- EXAMINE BOOK. EXAMINE PAGES. EXAMINE MAP. A map! GET ALL.


READ BOOK. Something about a "P" "A" "T" "H". Hey, we've got tablets inscribed with a "P" and a "T".


READ PAGES. They are pretty badly defaced, but we can make out "TABLETS" (reversed) and "PATH OF ADVENTURE." This P-A-T-H thing is looking stronger.


READ MAP. Yes! A map of the temple! And the junctions are marked with P-A-T-H. But it crumbles to dust as we finish reading it! Well, at least we got some good information from it.


This library looked like it might be the "P" room on the map. Let's refresh our impression and do a LOOK. The floor is inscribed with symbols. EXAMINE FLOOR. A missing tile! Let's get creative and PUT the BROKEN TABLET (the one which is inscribed with a "P") in the FLOOR. The suntunnels extend further!


Go S twice into the basket room. EXAMINE PEDESTAL. Something belongs here--an "A" tablet? EXAMINE BASKET. Hey, it looks like it is designed to carry the tablets! GET BASKET.


Let's return to the scribe's room and gather up that tablet. Return N twice, then W three times. PUT SCRATCHED TABLET IN BASKET. Then return E three times to the library.


Continue on E twice more to the mason's room. More tablets! EXAMINE TABLETS. EXAMINE A TABLET. EXAMINE H TABLET. GET A TABLET. PUT H TABLET IN BASKET.


Return to the basket room by going W twice, then S twice. PUT A TABLET ON PEDESTAL. The suntunnel extends, revealing a passage south!




EXAMINE CORNICE. OPEN BASKET. Hey, there were jewels in here! A nice bonus. PUT SCRATCHED TABLET ON CORNICE. The suntunnel extends again! GET ALL.


Go W twice to the tannery. EXAMINE POUCHES. EXAMINE BACKPACK. OPEN BACKPACK. OPEN POUCHES. Hey, what are these glowing rock chips? Is a light source involved here? GET ALL.


Return E twice to the armoury, then continue E twice more to the potter's room. EXAMINE POT. OPEN POT. A key! GET GOLD KEY. Return W twice to the armoury.


Go S twice to the stone cutter's room, then go W twice to the smelter. EXAMINE AMULET. GET AMULET. Note the death grip that Hiram Bingham has on those little boxes. There's something unnatural about that. Return E twice to the stone cutter's room.


Continue E twice more to the Lord of Cepons' tomb. Nothing here-- go S twice. A room full of statues, and they are all holding those little boxes--


EXAMINE BOXES. OPEN DIAMOND BOX. OPEN RUBY BOX. OPEN EMERALD BOX. OPEN RUDIEM BOX. GET ALL. What's this strange cold feeling? DROP BOXES. That's better! We don't want to wind up like these others. Return N twice, then W twice to the armory.


This must be our next tablet room, and the key must be that illuminated spot on the south wall. EXAMINE WALL. EXAMINE NICHE. OPEN BASKET. PUT H TABLET IN NICHE. More suntunnels!


There's more to be found-- let's do a LOOK and refresh our viewpoint. What are those glowing rocks and stones? EXAMINE ROCKS. EXAMINE STONES. GET ROCKS. we can't do it! But they sparked like those rock chips-- PUT ROCKS IN POUCHES. PUT STONES IN POUCHES.


Head S. EXAMINE ARCH. A secret passage down! We'll be back for this soon.


Continue S. EXAMINE SCEPTER. READ GLYPHS. The scepter is a key? GET SCEPTER. It's not there!?! Look around a little. EXAMINE CONE. EXAMINE WEST WALL. EXAMINE EAST WALL. Aha! It's an illusion! GET SCEPTER. Return N.


Go D twice into a snake pit. Kill the serpent. THROW NET to neutralize the cobras. Don't worry about the snakes, they're not a problem.


Go S-- hey, we need more light here. OPEN POUCHES to light the room, and discover a door south. PUT STONES IN POUCHES.


EXAMINE DOOR and find a bronze lock that might match that bronze key we found. OPEN DOOR and go S. OPEN POUCHES to light the room. Continue S, then go Up the steps. We must be getting close now. OPEN CHESTS. Wow! The jackpot! GET ALL.


EXAMINE ALTAR. READ GLYPHS. This crevasse business looks plenty dangerous, but we laugh at danger! EXAMINE WOOD STATUE. EXAMINE HOLE. PUT SCEPTER IN HOLE. OPEN WOOD STATUE. The Idol!!!


Penaca is no doubt right about the great peril here, but this is what we came for! GET IDOL. Uh, oh, earthquake! The place is falling down around us!


Go E through the broken wall, and cross the rope bridge. Continue E four times until we reach the mine entrance. Oh no, we lost all our loot! But we still have the idol. Keep moving!


We need to leave here NOW. (But before we do, this is a real good place to do a SAVE, and there is an option to resume play.) The cart is chocked by that stick. GET STICK. It's rolling! JUMP IN CART.


This ends the text adventure and takes you to the cart ride, an arcade-like experience. You must ride the cart as it careens faster and faster, choosing the safe passages as you go.


The ten-second count is to calibrate the game's speed to your computer. It would be quite impossible on accelerated machines without this feature.


You get three chances to make it. (If you die, you can restart that saved game by simply typing RUN.) Get past 25 junctions, and you win the game, no richer than you started, but no poorer, either. If only that old bridge hadn't collapsed!

SD 137: Redemption
Walkthrough by Sam Ruby 

 (Listed geographically rather than chronologically)



Talk Leather Worker

Talk Horse Trader; offer to help

Ask Clothmaker (for) Cloth

Ask Leather Worker (about) Blog

Ask Brewers (about) Blog

Talk Farm Hands, Buy Lake Map

Give Blog's Horn (to) Horse Trader



Ready Short Sword

Give 1 (to) Ferryman



Market:          Sell treasures, used goods

Store:            Buy Torches, Canoe

Inn:                Talk Bard

                     Ask Bard (about Blog

Tavern:           Talk Patrons

                     Buy Forest Map

Docks:           Talk Pilot

                     Buy River Boat

                     Come here with Caravan

                     Enter Boat



Park:             Say Bard

Palace:          Ask Guards (for) Audience

                     (answer "Midnight Oilers")

Throne:          Ask King (about) Blog

Scribe:           Ask (for) Instructions

                     Give scrolls

Clerk:             Ask (about) Castle Logres



Plaza:            Talk Smiths

                     Buy Shovel, etc.

Tavern:           Talk Workers

                     Buy Hills Map

Construction:  Ask Workers (for) Foreman

                     Talk Foreman

Barracks:       Ask Soldiers (for) Sir Blackstone

Keep:             Ask Blackstone (about) Blog

                     Give Eggshell (to) Blackstone



Shrine City

Black Temple:   Ask Priests (about) Blog

                     Give Talisman (to) Priests

                     Go SW to Hall of Necromancy

                     Ask Demon (about) Blog

White Temple:   Ask Monks (for) Healing

                     Ask Monks (for) Cleric

                     Ask Cleric (for) Blessing



Go NW (or another direction) 2 times

Use Forest Map, Enter Great Tree

Free Ensnared Man

Talk Guardian Druid

Ask Guardian Druid (about) Great Eagle

Go Up

Ask Great Eagle (for) Eggshell



Bring Canoe

Go NE 2 times

Use Lake Map, Enter Island Bay

Use Shovel to unblock door

Open Door

Go Down

Open Chest

Examine Tapestry (embedded artifact)

Get Tapestry

Read Words

Use Key

Talk Spectre

Use blessed weapon to kill Spectre



Go SW two times

Use Hills Map, Enter Mine

Use Mining Tools three times, get Gemstones

Go Up

Examine Altar

Put Crystal (on) Pedestal Staff

Use Lever

Get Scrolls



Go SE twice

Use Swamp Map, Enter Swamp Castle

Put Antidote (on) Cloth, Wear Cloth


Talk Blog, Kill Blog with Elven Blade

Get Horn

Return here with Caravan 


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