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Modern operating systems:

Eamon Deluxe 5.0 is now available for a variety of platforms including Windows (all versions), Mac OS X, and Linux. Eamon Deluxe also features an alternate output mode designed for users with vision impairment.

Eamon AC project - a successful port of Eamon to the ANSI C programming language.  EAC is a hybrid system - functionally, parts of Donald Brown's Classic Eamon and Frank Black Production's Eamon Deluxe have been integrated, but the system itself was written from scratch and contains many new features.

Older OS, emulator images, and other resources:

Playing without an Apple II - Using emulators

Where can I get Apple II .dsk images of Eamon?

The following adventures are not currently available as individual downloads because they authors sold them to Softdisk Publishing and they are copyrighted. However, Softdisk granted Tom Zuchowski permission to make them available on his Eamon CD.  Images of the Apple II disks can be purchased directly from Softdisk through http://store.syndicomm.com/. It is our hope that in the future Softdisk will grant permission to post these adventures on this website.

SD#137 Redemption Sam Ruby
SD#152 Banana Republic Sam Ruby
SD#156 The Curse of Talon Sam Ruby
SD#159 Edgar’s Adventures Frank Deluxe

I don't want to mess with an emulator. What options do I have?

What other Eamon-like gaming systems are available?

What other Eamon resources are available?

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