January 2004



This is the third "online" issue of the EAG newsletter. It is the result of the arrival of two new Eamons from Frank Kunze, who had converted two of John Nelsonís KnightQuest adventures into conventional Eamons.



Thomas Zuchowski, Editor

7625 Hawkhaven Dr.

Clemmons, NC 27012-9408




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If you would like to add your own Eamon adventure to the EAG list, send it on a disk to the above address.It will be assigned an Adventure number, and tested for bugs and other problems.An informal critique and disk with bug corrections will be returned for your final comment, action and approval before release.




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Eamons are available online. The following sites are known good to me. There are also some ftp links that you will find on


Last but far from least, has links to just about every Apple II site that there is.



Eamon Walk-Through List


††††† ††† 7 The Devilís Tomb††††††† Dec00

††††† 19 Death Trap†††††††† Mar98

††††† 62 The Caverns of Doom††††† Mar97

††††† 74 DharmaQuest†††† Mar00

††††† 77 Temple of the Trolls††††††† Mar99

††††† 107 The Last DragonDec99

††††† 114 Thror's Ring††††††† Dec96

††††† 116 The Iron Prison†† Dec99

††††† 120 Orb of my Life†††† Sep98

††††† 126 Pyramid of AnharosJun98

††††† 127 The Hunt for the Ring††††† Dec98

††††† 129 Return to Moria†† Jun99

††††† 132 Rhadshur Warrior Jun96

††††† 145 Buccaneer!†††††††† Dec97

††††† 147 The Dark Brotherhood††††† Sep96

††††† 150 Walled City of Darkness†† Mar96

††††† 161 Operation Endgame Jun97

††††† 194 Attack of the Kretons†††††† Jun00

††††† 206 Curse of the Hellsblade††† Dec00

††††† 220 Catacombs of Terror Sep00

††††† 239 Idol of the Incas Sep99

††††† SD137 Redemption††† Jun00



Here is a list of Eamons that have been considered but not done in this column because they have solutions either in standalone programs, or "online" as you play. This is not a complete list!


165 Animal Farm

166 Storm Breaker

183 The Boy and the Bard

204 Sanctuary

††††††† 240 Heart of Gold


Always check your Eamons for bonus programs on the disk! Several of the better authors have been known to do this on occasion.


Adventure Reviews


#247 Amateur Alley†††††††††††† by John Nelson


Reviewed by Tom Zuchowski


MAIN PGM Version: 8.0 (Frankís 6.0/7.1 cross)

Extra Commands:PLAY

Deleted Commands:None

Special Features:None

Playing Time:30 minutes

Reviewer Rating:4.0


Description:In a nutshell, a crazy old man tells you there is treasure to be had in "the Alley." You decide to go see.



Comment: This was the "Beginners Cave" of John Nelsonís aborted KnightQuest gaming system. It is very easy and very simple. You just wander around and take everything you can pick up. Combat is easy, too. It appears possible that Frankís conversion to Eamon may have stripped off the secret passages and made them normal passages, but it hardly affected the playability in any way.


It distinguishes itself among the various beginner offerings in that the alley is a very icky place, with garbage and derelicts everywhere you go. Yuck.


Difficulty of (2).



#248 Quest for the Fire Dragon

by John Nelson & Frank Kunze


Reviewed by Tom Zuchowski


MAIN PGM Version: 8.0 (Frankís 6.0/7.1 cross)

Extra Commands:None

Deleted Commands:None

Special Features:None

Playing Time:30 minutes

Reviewer Rating:5.0


Description:A nearby village was attacked by a monster. The monster burned it to the ground and killed most of the inhabitants. From the description, it seemed that the monster must be a fire dragon.


But before you embark on a quest to find and kill the dragon, a stranger convinces you that the dragon is gentle and innocent, and there much be some other explanation.


You convince the local sheriff to give you 24 hours to find evidence of the truth before he declares open season on the fire dragon. You realize that you must have concrete proof, or the gentle dragon is doomed.


Comment: This is another of John Nelsonís aborted KnightQuest games. Like Amateur Alley, it appears possible that Frankís conversion to Eamon may have stripped off the secret passages and made them normal passages, but it still played fine.


As Frank explains in his introduction notes, this adventure was not complete. Frank extrapolated the rest of the data from what was already there, and finished it up.


It plays much like an early John Nelson Eamon and lacks much of the sophistication of his later efforts. But I had a good time.


Hereís a hint: when faced with north/south intersections, try the north one first. You will almost certainly die if you find the hill giant before you find the means to get past him unharmed. The giant lies south, but the help lies north.


Difficulty of (5).