October 2001


This is the first "online" issue of the EAG newsletter. It is the result of the arrival of two "new" Eamons from Geoffrey Genz, of the "Genz & Braun" Eamon author team. They date from the very early days of Eamon, having come to me numbered in the teens! Even so, they are very good plays. Youíll find them reviewed within this issue.





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If you would like to add your own Eamon adventure to the EAG list, send it on a disk to the above address.It will be assigned an Adventure number, and tested for bugs and other problems.An informal critique and disk with bug corrections will be returned for your final comment, action and approval before release.



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Eamon Walk-Through List


††††† ††† 7 The Devilís Tomb††††††† Dec00

††††† 19 Death Trap†††††††† Mar98

††††† 62 The Caverns of Doom††††† Mar97

††††† 74 DharmaQuest†††† Mar00

††††† 77 Temple of the Trolls††††††† Mar99

††††† 107 The Last DragonDec99

††††† 114 Thror's Ring††††††† Dec96

††††† 116 The Iron Prison†† Dec99

††††† 120 Orb of my Life†††† Sep98

††††† 126 Pyramid of AnharosJun98

††††† 127 The Hunt for the Ring††††† Dec98

††††† 129 Return to Moria†† Jun99

††††† 132 Rhadshur Warrior Jun96

††††† 145 Buccaneer!†††††††† Dec97

††††† 147 The Dark Brotherhood††††† Sep96

††††† 150 Walled City of Darkness†† Mar96

††††† 161 Operation Endgame Jun97

††††† 194 Attack of the Kretons†††††† Jun00

††††† 206 Curse of the Hellsblade††† Dec00

††††† 220 Catacombs of Terror Sep00

††††† 239 Idol of the Incas Sep99

††††† SD137 Redemption††† Jun00



Here is a list of Eamons that have been considered but not done in this column because they have solutions either in standalone programs, or "online" as you play. This is not a complete list!


165 Animal Farm

166 Storm Breaker

183 The Boy and the Bard

204 Sanctuary

††††††† 240 Heart of Gold


Always check your Eamons for bonus programs on the disk! Several of the better authors have been known to do this on occasion.


Adventure Reviews


#244 The Caverns of the Sphinx††† by Geoffrey Genz


Reviewed by Tom Zuchowski


MAIN PGM Version: 4

Extra Commands:USE, OPEN, DRINK, QUIT

Deleted Commands:None

Special Features:unusual save

Playing Time:1-2 hours

Reviewer Rating:6.0


Description: You read a news item: "Archeologist needs great person to retrieve artifacts from the famous Eamon Sphinx.Will pay handsomely, plus other benefits.


"Intrigued, you found an elderly scientist specializing in ancient history.He explained to you the nature of the quest.The Eamon Sphinx, it seems, had been created by a wizard in ancient times.He made it for a museum of all the strange and rare beasts of the time.This wizard was defeated by stronger, evil wizard who had died a few hundred years before.Rumors claim that an acolyte remains.The major obstacle, however, is the variety of strange and magical monsters that abound.The most valuable artifact is the necklace that is rumored to be worn by the Sphinx himself.It is a pure mithril.Many have tried this task, but none have returned with anything of value.Many have not returned at all.


"After telling him you were willing, he wished you luck and told you where the Sphinx was.He also mentioned that there was only one known exit, although more were suspected."


Comment: this Eamon adventure is pretty much a straight "hackíníslash" romp.It is well written and well crafted, and I thoroughly enjoyed my outing.The monsters were not overly difficult, and I didn't use my heal spell at all.There were a couple of puzzles related to the new commands, but they were straightforward and I did not have to think hard to solve them.The map is rather large, with 91 rooms, so the biggest portion of the Eamon play is simply mapping your route.


Several of the monsters are interesting specials in their own right, sometimes coming alive as the result of your actions.There were a few secret passages, but all normal room connections were properly described in the descriptions. I remember seeing one death trap.On the whole I think this Eamon rates a (4) for difficulty.


This Eamon is far older than the standard version 6 SAVE command, and in its place it has the QUIT command.This command exits the adventure in much the same way that the SAVE command does, with one exception.When you restart the game, you have to give your adventurer's name in order to resume the save game.This feature works well and is a worthy substitute for the standard SAVE command.


If you enjoy mapping an Eamon adventure as I do, I think you'll find this a worthwhile play.



#245 Draculaís Chateau†††††††††††††† by Paul Braun


Reviewed by Tom Zuchowski


MAIN PGM Version: 4

Extra Commands:READ, DIG, SHOOT, HOLD,


Deleted Commands:None, no SAVE

Special Features:None

Playing Time:2 hours

Reviewer Rating:6.0


Description: after a rather silly introduction, you find yourself in the basement of Dracula's chateau, and you will be facing many classic movie monsters.Along the way you'll find several artifacts that will help you defend yourself.


Comment: this is a very old Eamon that dates from the early days, but it has many excellent additions and specials.It is very large with 99 rooms, but the mapping is very straightforward except for two locked door puzzles.Because of the large size of the map and low content in spots, it would be an ordinary and even somewhat tedious "killíníloot" scenario except that there are enough specials and cool effects to keep you interested and having fun.If you can keep your map straight, the difficulty is no more than (5).


Some of the puzzles and events here are obscure enough that it surely rates a few hints:


Nearly all of the monsters have random friendliness, and you canít tell friend or foe from the descriptions.Any time you encounter someone new, try going in the direction you just came from before you do anything else.If the stranger is an enemy, you will be prevented from leaving the room because there is unfriendliness about.


Eventually you may run into a bad guy named Belg.You'll quickly find that he is far stronger than you in battle.Do not cheat your way to a win.He is supposed to defeat you.You won't really die, and a special effect will be triggered.


The POWER spell has several additions that mainly have to do with enhancing your personal abilities, but it is not required at any point in the adventure.There is a bug somewhere in the program that "resurrects" Belg if the spell's resurrection routine is triggered.This is pretty much a disaster for you if it occurs in any room but the room you meet Belg in. Therefore, it might be best to leave the POWER spell alone.


Dracula's flaming sword, Goldenwrath, is a very heavy weapon when it is not flaming, but it is weightless when it is aflame.You can relight Goldenwrath by saying FLAME ON.


I'll save you a lot of time and trouble by telling you that there is only one place worth digging, and that is on the beach by the rocks.There is no shovel. When asked if you want to dig with your hands, answer YES.


I didn't have too much trouble killing Dracula with Fresh Sam's Crystal Sword, but if you are finding him too much to deal with, there is an artifact that will make him flee from the room if you hold it up to him.


The glass wall is passable with the right magical help.


There is only one movie monster that can be killed by a silver bullet, and you only have one bullet, so don't waste it.


That pretty well sums it up.Have fun!