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Eamon on JAVA

Steven E. Huggs wrote an Apple II emulator for JAVA. Thanks to the assistance of  Andrew Gregory, I've been able to add the emulator to this page.

What is Java? In short, Java technology is both a programming language and a platform. Once compiled, a Java program can run on any machine that has Java software.

What do I need? You need to have java installed and enabled. You can download it from sun.

What next? Go to one of the following pages. Wait for the Java Applet to load. Hit reset to begin. The disk image will load at the "standard" speed of an Apple II+. After clicking reset, click on the "screen area" to make sure the applet receives your responses. Otherwise, you may accidentally hit "reset" again when you press the space bar! Once loaded, you can play the adventure.

Note: The disks are write protected. Thus, for the Beginner's Cave and Main Hall, your character will disappear when you close your browser. For best gameplay, download a "regular" emulator and disk image. Adventure's 124 and 246 rely on "Fresh Sam" for gameplay.

Special Problems

The emulator will not work with 80-columns. Do not select an 80-column display!

There is a persistent clicking sound in the background. I'm not quite sure why.

Crashing into a cursor:

If you see this,       then its quite possible that the program has crashed.
  1. If the computer drops into a cursor the very first time you try to type something, make sure you clicked the "screen" area before hitting any keys. This is especially a problem in Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you don't click the cursor, MSIE remembers the last button you were using and when you hit the space bar, it resets the emulator. Type IN#6 to reboot.
  2. If you were actually in the adventure try typing POKE 51,0: GOTO 100.
  3. If that doesn't work, type IN#6 to reboot the emulator or just re-load the page.

The following adventures have been set up to use JAVA:

001 The Beginner's Cave Play now using JAVA
002 The Lair of the Minotaur Play now using JAVA
124 Assault on Dolni Keep Play now using JAVA
246 The Sword of Inari Play now using JAVA

A list of 221 additional adventures is now available at http://www.eamonag.org/joomla/index.php?searchword=java&ordering=category&searchphrase=all&limit=0&option=com_search


This page last updated on 04/03/2011.